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(I) (2011)

Plot Keywords

getaway garage
mechanic neighbor
stuntman heist
getaway car love
getaway driver escape
mobster neo noir
drowning echo park los angeles
revenge waitress
impalement helicopter
stealing a car pizzeria
chinese takeout critically acclaimed
face slap character's point of view camera shot
silent protagonist swallowing a bullet
cafe shotgun
arm cast gore
suspense blood
one million dollars title appears in song
shot multiple times character repeating someone else's dialogue
character says i love you writing on hand
stomped to death very little dialogue
cell phone tension
los angeles california loner
cold soul stock car
low key car over a cliff
bag of money auto mechanic
arthouse action vengeance
wristwatch man boy relationship
death strangulation
father son relationship beaten to death
city of angels mythical hero
los angeles river knife
husband wife relationship blood on camera lens
topless female nudity noir archetype
hundred dollar bill welcome home party
stolen money robbery
death of husband man with no name
shot through a window love triangle
head stomp extreme violence
bullet head injury
mafia brutality
exsanguination robbery gone awry
overhead shot existentialism
jewish slur car breakdown
raised middle finger movie set
being followed head blown off
concealed weapon beating
accomplice bleeding to death
police car mob enforcer
ocean grocery store
stabbed in the eye dressing room
lens flare shot in the chest
hit with a hammer bandaged hand
hollywood california racial slur
jacket stabbed in the stomach
scene during opening credits gangster
duffel bag open ended
shot in the head release from prison
searchlight jealousy
driving getaway car shooting movie
anti hero reference to coca cola
pawnshop cigarette smoking
sunglasses soft spoken
ex convict racetrack
shot in the neck hitman
claw hammer strip club
news report leg brace
pistol f word
hollywood stunt man stunt driver
news report supermarket
giving a toast ford mustang
car crash wet jeans
driving in reverse stabbed with a fork
interracial relationship car rollover
grocery shopping blood spatter
thief kissing in an elevator
apartment building motel
shot in the back murder
intimidation police chase
restaurant police car rollover
straight razor pump action shotgun
stripper stabbed in the throat
backhand slap film producer
night cityscape mistress
mask watching tv
man with a past cold open
stabbed to death rubber mask
organized crime broken hand
overhead camera shot chevrolet impala
superhero movie trailer
staring contest woman slaps a man
ambiguous ending looking at self in mirror
friendship stabbed in the neck
scorpion mother son relationship
wrist slitting car chase
chinese food slow motion scene
psychopath shadow
one word title breaking hand
shot to death evil businessman
killed in an elevator apartment
money laundering stabbed in the chest
masked man double cross
blood on face covered in blood
driving at night protection money
extortion beach
breaking and entering limp
leather gloves interracial marriage
stunt double cleaning knife
jewish violence
diner moral corruption
spitting blood toothpick
man slaps a woman race car
shot in the arm death of friend
death of father based on novel
title spoken by character

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