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This show can be so much better

Author: Mark Mardoyan from United States
13 April 2006

Let me start with, What is wrong with you people, have you forgotten the basics of making TV? When I first heard of The American Inventor, I said to my self, wow, what a great idea, just couldn't wait till it got on the air. Well, it deputed and what an disappointment. How can a group of producers and show creators take such a great show idea and just trash it. My guess, Some one at ABC said, we need drama, look at Extreme home make over , look at all the tears, it brings in ratings, that's what we want you to do. Wrong. That's the wrong direction for this show. I have been producing TV shows for the past 20+ years, I'm giving you my advise for free, use it.

You have a great concept, keep it light, keep it positive, and make it funny, not dramatic. It's more interesting for the audience at home for you to show one stupid invention after another rather then showing people crying and teary eyes. This show has a great potential for a great laughter, use it to your advantage, it will do wonders to your ratings. People have enough drama in their day to day lives, they can use a great comedy relief..

The show structure that you are using, no thanks to some idiot from ABC, is the wrong one for your show.

The rest of the problems are minor, poor art directions, the set is just poor, the show identity is just not up to par, lighting, just poor, this is one of the worst lit shows I've seen in a long time. Just toooo much drama, this show just doesn't need it.

Best of luck to you. Hopefully next time you will listen to your heart, not to someone from ABC that just doesn't have enough creativity, nor experience.

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Like Dragon's Den, but for retards

Author: Steve Easton from United Kingdom
9 February 2011

So in this age of reality TV, someone thought it'd be a good idea to cross Dragon's Den with American Idol.

Dragon's Den is a British TV programme where business men and women pitch their ideas to a panel of multi-millionaires in the hope of getting investment/help. Their advice is constructive (if often rude), and the program is mainly about the ideas themselves and why they will/won't work.

American Inventor is more about the people pitching the ideas than the ideas themselves. The point seems to be to show just how stupid many of the applicants are, and to publicly humiliate them. Those who are successful are shown weeping and hugging each other. It's all enough to make me vomit.

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The American Humbug ! (About The First Season)

Author: ahmed elshikh ( from Egypt
20 February 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The reality TV ! Hmmmm. After trash like (Big Brother – 2000), then a hit of the age of cheating, manipulating and materialism (Survivor - 2000), to a bigger hit (American Idol – 2002) where the search for a singer is continuous (like we don't have enough !), I felt all the optimism in the world when I heard about (The American Inventor).

It's not about how to be a dancer (So You Think You Can Dance), a cook (Hell's Kitchen), a businessman (The Apprentice), a barber (Shear Genius), or a thin (The Biggest Loser) ! It's FINALLY about the brain, the scientific creativity, and the way to produce what's globally important and humanly needed on a big scale.

But oh dear, I was wrong ! According to the lousy, dreadfully idiot, first season, the optimistic feeling turned into frustration. Look at the shown inventions, some of them were seriously required to go ahead than others, but dumbly the honorable judges refused. To prefer trivial stuff over simply great ones, like for instance the manual snowplow, is absolutely provocative.

And let's save the worst for last. The genius bicycle with a seat in the front.. HA HAA HAAAAA ! That's the winner ?? How for god's sakes ?! And among really brilliant, more useful, inventions ?! I don't know the deal here, but to see such a great innovations fall easily and without logical reasons while other fatuous "thing" hit the million lastly (?!) is not disappointing inasmuch as a disappointment out of the whole program itself.

I remember seeing in my country, years before the show, a bicycle as the same "creative" as the one which has won eventually, does that make its miserable maker The American Inventor ?! Actually, despite some kind of fair end that tried to award some of the real meritorious brains, this was nothing but a TV, a thrilling TV work, without the value that I yearned for long.

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why the attitude

Author: Gihad Galal from Egypt
10 April 2008

Idea is great, spoiled big time by the judges.

Why make fun of people? if what the inventors say is true, and as most of them say, they spent their life saving on the invention, the minimum is to reject the idea without making fun out of the people.

also, it shows when they want to accept an idea by the crier that they added to the judges.

The only one i respect out of the judges is the one who always sits on the right of the table, he is a respectable person

of course the English snob who claims to be a business man, wearing a suite doesn't make you one pal

last but not least, the big guy who sits between the English and the crier. wake up man, the is no job called and inventor for you to call yourself one. an inventor is an attribute not a job man.

i think they wanted to add someone like Simon from the American idol, they thought it worked there, it can work here as well. the context is different and the idea is totally different.

it is a good idea and they could have done a good show out of it if they just change the judges and remove their act and attitude.

just stop making fun of the people.

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The show has went off on a tangent... In the immortal word of Mr. Trump "your fired"

Author: hewerr from New Zealand
8 June 2006

The concept is excellent. The execution typifies the overall quality of the ABC network.

Apart from Peter Jones it appears that the rest of the panel consist of marketing execs. rather than real entrepreneurs.

When I realised that Peter Jones was getting together with Simon Cowell my initial thoughts were wow he's gonna take America by the balls. But it appears that ABC have come along and destroyed the concept.

I was an absolute addict of the Dragons Den in the U.K. and was interested to see that Peter Jones had manipulated the concept that originated in Japan and developed his own show for the States. The result is neither inspiring nor informative.

If you lack drama in your life you have a choice now… Jerry Springer or the American Inventor To sum it up: a struggling musician selling out to a media mogul.

Idea: get me! And I'll produce a show worthy of the title

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Everything Is Going To Be Alright (SOME SPOILERS)

Author: I_Am_The_Taylrus from Minnesota
11 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


(Comment for first season only.)

I was very excited when this reality show first came on. I thought it was a brilliant idea and very fresh. When I saw the first episode I could not feel but just a tad disappointed by the series premiere. Still, I enjoyed it and had a great time! I know they should make it fun and not dramatic, but really, if you can get past that it is enjoyable.

Here is the basis. There are 4 judges. Somebody shows their invention to them. If they enjoy it, they'll move you on to the next round. If they don't, well, you are out of there. In the next round you pitch your invention to the judges again. If you make it through you are given $50,000 to improve your invention. You pitch it to a judge. They'll move you on. There are only 4 left then. In the final episode it is decided who will be the next great inventor.

Overall, this is not the best reality show, but let me tell you this, it is certainly not the worst. Just enjoy it and do not complain.

Everything is going to be all right about this show.


Recommended Shows: American Idol.

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Really makes you admire others' drive and creativity--I love it!

Author: FilmNutgm from Texas, USA
24 March 2006

This show has been described as sort of a cross between "American Idol" and Thomas Edison. A lot of really intense and dedicated tinkerers explain why their invention should be "the the next big thing" to a panel of four judges--one Brit, one woman, one quintessential New York ad-man type, and one bespectacled male inventor with a penchant for harsh criticism and tacky Hawaiian shirts.

Sometimes I feel for those who poured all their time and resources into an interesting product only to have their hopes dashed by two "NO" votes; sometimes I wonder why no one who truly cared about the would-be inventor didn't just clue him/her in that their product/idea was seriously messed up. Yes, guy who invented a cape/covering so people could urinate in public, I'm talking about you! It's especially difficult to see children's ideas shot down. I really feel for the contestants who poured money that they obviously couldn't spare into an idea that only they can see the value of. I also would like more time spent on the viable contraptions and less time spent showing disappointed contestants crying, but any show that makes the point that not all Americans are just sitting mindlessly in front of their televisions or passively buying whatever products that are out there. Creativity and innovation are alive and well--and often weird!

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