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"The Simpsons" Lisa on Ice (1994)

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Bart has to give a report, but Skinner calls all the students down for an assembly. He passes out "Academic Alerts" that tell the students if they are failing. To Lisa's horror, she is failing gym. She has to join a "Pee Wee Team" to pass. After trying out for a few teams, Lisa fails miserably and worries about her grades.

The family all go to see Bart play hockey on Chief Wiggum's team and Homer is one of those hyper-competitive dads. Lisa is resentful of him as a result and when she tried to be nice about it for Marge's sake, Bart took it the wrong way by using a hockey stick and hitting her with trash. However, Apu is the coach of the opposing team, The Gougers, notices that Lisa has a similar talent to Bart, after she blocked a puck coming her way. He makes her, his goalie and benches Milhouse as a result. After that switch, she is very good as she develops the "eye of the tiger" and the "mouth of a teamster," and she soon makes her team a winner.

At home, Homer is very impressed with Lisa's turn-around that he does a lot of father-daughter quality time with her. This instantly makes Bart jealous of her that he's forced to bond with Marge while, Homer and Lisa goes out for gelato(Italian Ice Cream). Now that she's a popular jock, he finds himself in competion with his own sister. He tries to become a teacher's pet in school to get her jealous. However, all his efforts is in vain as Mrs.Krabbapel doesn't believe he has the right answers. Soon after, he's forced into deal with Nelson and his gang of bullies as they beat him up for wasting their teacher's valuable time. When Lisa sees this, she comes to Bart's rescue by getting into a brawl with her teammates. Instead of being grateful to her for helping him out, he resents Lisa.

They get into a physical confrontation and they soon have to play each other on the ice. It is a huge game and everyone is there. As the game ends, they decide to stop trying to compete with each other, after Bart recalls all the times that he and Lisa bonded with each other while growing up(ex. giving up his extra scoop of ice cream when her fell on the ground). When the game ends in a tie, everyone riots and destroys the stadium. They each throw aside their equipment and embrace in a hug. Even though, Marge admits she is proud of them for ending their sibiling rivalry, Homer clearly shows how upset he is about the outcome. Instantly, he declares them both losers and turns his attention towards Maggie.


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