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Class of the Titans (2006)
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Arachne, a woman long ago turned into a giant spider by Athena, strikes a deal with Chronus. She will deliver the seven mortal children that have been causing him so trouble and in return, Chronus will make her human again. Meanwhile, Atlanta is panicking over the exams that are to commence the next day while everyone else decides to watch a movie. It turns out that the exam isn't the usual pen-and-paper kind but a test, a test that requires catching a Harpy! Atlanta manages to lay out the creature but Ares says "She was just lucky." Annoyed and angry at Ares, Atlanta storms out and goes for a run to blow off some steam. At the park, a mugger tries to take Atlanta's mp3 player, but she lays him out. Arachne then appears and befriends Atlanta, telling her the story of why she is no longer human - with a twist. The next day is the second part of the exam; archery. Atlanta is late and Jay asks Archie where she might be. Archie says "What? It's not like I keep tabs on her all the time, '...

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