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Food Fight!

Author: Bolesroor from New York, NY USA
3 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A sparring Paris and Neelix get stranded on Planet Hell while trying to harvest food and nurse a bird-like creature back to health.

So it's the middle of Season Two and the writers still haven't decided on Kes... Is she a naive child? A husky-voiced sexpot? Nurse to the holo-doc? Neelix's wife? If the producers don't know, how can we be expected to? It took me a good five episodes to figure out that the pointy-eared imp was supposed to be Neelix's spouse and NOT his daughter, but by then I was suitably- and permanently- confused.

If the two ARE a couple we have never seen any sign of physical affection... and since she treats Neelix like her slightly duddy Dad then he may as well be. Instead we are treated to bizarre moments of jealousy and an implied relationship that has yet to convince anyone or show the slightest sign of chemistry. These two make Keiko & O'Brien look like Brad and Angelina. So who better to break up the blissful fake-marriage than Tom Paris, AKA Lt. Groin, and to make his first move by groping Little Blondie in a holodeck shuttle craft drill? My parents met the same way.

A green-with-envy Neelix and fully-erect Paris eventually fight over the Ocampa's affections by throwing spaghetti at one another, which naturally leads to the two of them being chosen at random to partner up for a dangerous mission gathering food on an inhospitable planet. After the shuttlecraft crash lands and the phasers and transporters stop working for the sake of the plot, Tom and the Talaxian hide in a cave and witness the birth of a baby vulture-person, a strange creature who immediately begins to die so that he can immediately be saved. By Tom & Neelix. Working together. Starting to get it?

"Next Generation" may have gotten away with this episode, but by the time Voyager started this kind of plot was so stale it was crumbling. What a coincidence that the two suddenly-enemies are forced to work together and that by doing so they're able to resolve their personal differences? Who could have seen that coming? (Put your hand down.) And what exactly is the resolution here anyway? That it's okay to bang another guy's wife because you helped him give mouth-to-mouth to a chicken-monster?

This is corny and predictable Trek and Voyager should be much better.


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Despite Neelix's annoying jealousy, this is a pretty good episode.

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
12 February 2015

When the show begins, Neelix is doing what he usually does on the show during season 2--he's VERY jealous and very much like an overly controlling boyfriend. However, this is the first time that he actually might be right--after accusing Paris of horning in on his girl in the past, Paris is starting to have some feelings towards her. But, he's too honorable to act on these feelings. However, Neelix is the jealous idiot type and begins a physical fight with Paris in the mess hall. Naturally, that means that the Captain will soon ask the two of them to go on a mission!

The mission involves the pair going to a nasty planet to see if there is any food. Unfortunately, the mismatched pair are stuck there--and an alien ship attacks Voyager. What's next is pretty clever and cute-- and it makes the show worth seeing.

This isn't exactly a brilliant episode but it is not stuck on the ship and there is an alien--things you just didn't see enough of in the series. Worth seeing.

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Enjoyable even though it features Paris

Author: Paularoc from United States
8 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I just don't don't care much for the Tom Paris character. I suppose he's suppose to be a lovable cad. Oh, well. I do like the Neelix character although his proneness to jealousy is not particularly attractive although in fact understandable. I was glad that by this episode's end he was able to lay that particular demon to rest. Paris realizes he "loves" Kes and Neelix is jealous because he sees Kes laughing with Paris. Paris whines to Kim about how unfair life is. When Kim and Paris go to the dining room they deliberately avoid sitting with Kes which hurts her feelings and off she goes. Neelix and Paris soon get into a food fight but this fight is broken off when they are summoned by the Captain. It seems they are near a planet that appears to have abundant food sources; however, they cannot use their transporters so Neelix and Paris (the person who knows the most about edible plants and the best pilot) are sent on a shuttle craft to investigate. Alas, things go wrong and one more Voyager shuttle craft bites the dust. The planet is covered by noxious vapors so Neelix and Paris take refuge in a cave and seal it off to keep the vapors out. They find a just hatched alien who soon has difficulties breathing. They realize that the noxious vapors are actually what the alien needs to breathe so out they go, thus saving the baby alien. When they return to the Voyager, Kes is both surprised and pleased to see Neelix and Paris joking and laughing and being best buddies. There are only so many plots and I don't mind that they are recycled. I happen to like the "enemies who become best buddies through a shared adventure" plot.

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Neelix is Jealous again

Author: Tweekums from United Kingdom
6 July 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Over the last few episodes Neelix has been getting more and more jealous as Tom is seeing quite a lot of Kes. Things come to a head and the two end up covered in food after a brawl in the mess. As they are rolling around on the floor they find themselves summoned to see Captain Janeway and ordered to go on an away mission which needs Tom's flying skills and Neelix's knowledge of Delta Quadrant flora to help restock the ship's dwindling food supplies. When they crash land they find themselves trapped on a planet with a hostile environment. Seeking shelter they seal themselves in a cave where they find alien eggs. One of them hatches and they must take it back into the hostile atmosphere if it is to survive. Back on Voyager Kes is feeling bad that two people she cares about are fighting over her and as they are missing on the planet she might not see them again. The crew work to find a way to get in to a position where they may be able to beam the away team from but this isn't made easy when an alien ship turns up and opens fire on them.

I was pleased that the story concerning Neelix's jealousy finally came to a head and appeared to be resolved. While Tom and Neelix were the main characters I think the best acting came from Jennifer Lien in the scene where Kes is talking to the Doctor about her concerns about Tom and Neelix. I liked how Tom and Neelix worked together to save the alien hatchling and ended up talking their problems over even if the alien didn't look very believable.

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