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Great, it continues to get better with each episode. And Torrey DeVitto is so pretty and cute!
Danny Blankenship7 April 2006
"Beautiful People" continues with each episode to get better and better! The scripts and stories are getting more interesting, it's so nice to see the love and relationships of three beautiful ladies working well no matter how hard it appears. This past Mondays episode "Black Diamonds, White Lies" so far has been one of the best. Lynn seems finally independent and happy to be single, but still continues to look out and be overprotective of her two daughters. Sophie went on a ski trip, and the big question is what will happen with her relationship of the boy she shared a night on a couch with? The most interesting is Karen's love life with her so-called prince Dalton, who has Lynn worried because he is a womanizer, I myself hope that Karen sees the light and listens to her mother before she gets hurt, she deserves better. Lynn had the guts to finance her own fashion line, now way to go! I hope that Karen soon gets her own independence. I must say the love scene in bed that Karen had with Dalton was cool and sexy, because it was nice to once again see Torrey DeVitto in a sexy colored bra! this time her choice of color was in my view a maroon-purple. I simply can't get enough of Torrey I want to see more and more of her, she's so cute! "Beautiful People" is getting better and better I'm surprised one of the major networks like FOX, NBC, CBS, or regular ABC didn't pick this up, I hope ABC Family makes as many episodes and seasons as possible! This series is just so enjoyable watching three beautiful ladies enjoy family life and love relationships this is a winner!
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