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Martial arts,human body and physics
silversurfer_umit19 November 2006
If you like martial arts and anatomy of the human body also physics, you cannot take your eyes from this documentary film. This documentary combines art and science like an action movie. You can learn how much damage a kung-fu master, boxer, taekwando world champion, mui thai warrior or a ninjitsu master cause to a dummy human model. You can also learn the speed of their hits.

In the second part of the documentary, we get information about the weapons of martial arts ; Katanas, nunchakus , shrikes , bows and etc. They use jel models also used in ballistics to show the harm they get from a weapon.

I really enjoyed and learned when I watch this one.
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The ultimate fighter is a trained warrior - no ordinary human!
baPhatz16 March 2009
WOW!! If you dig this stuff this inside look goes deeper than I have ever seen before. I love Mixed Martial Arts but never realized the physiological make up of these master athletes is nothing short of superhuman. These skilled MMA masters have not only perfectly conditioned there bodies but they also keep there mind sharp for strategy that goes far beyond other sports of physical combat. MMA is a hybrid complex sport that optimizes techniques from boxing, karate, Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Wresting, jujitsu. They alter there very muscles bones and nerves and condition there minds to withstand physical conditions a normal human body could never stand. They not only have to land blows but withstand impacts that would crush other humans. Are MMA the most all around physically disciplined athletes? It seems hard to refute. maybe one heavyweight boxer has a heavier blow but in the all around we include the kick too. Measured on a crash test dummy you would fair better in car crash than one of these blows. Not only does this fascinating National geographic series dig into the techniques but they drop a superhuman into an ice bath and measure the bodies reactions. long after a normal human should have been dead they add more ice and show what the mind is doing to alter the muscle and blood flow to protect the core. Even if you have never watched the Ultimate Fighting Championships this high quality study of human physiology uses CGI to illustrate inner organ and muscle reactions and will certainly spark your interest in the peek conditioning the body is capable of and it will introduce you to the sport! The ultimate fighter is a trained warrior. A combination of genetic advantage and rigorous training! This is no ordinary human. If you are a fan of the sport and the science behind it this is a must see! Hope this is Helpful!
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Well worth a watch
Tammi6 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Fight Science provided not only a lot of really neat footage, but gave valuable scientific insight to the world of martial arts. Fight Science had not only astounding evidence, but managed to disprove a few myths, and prove a few more true. It managed to compare a variety of styles, and pinpointed the various strengths and weaknesses of them all at some point or another.

The weapons portion was also quite interesting, a build up of the different weapons, how they are used, their advantages, disadvantages, and ultimately, the best weapon to use in a scientific approach.

I would also like to add that Fight Science isn't just an interesting show for the male population - I vastly enjoyed this documentary, and I am not male.
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All the myths of martial arts finally put to the test.
deavenger21 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Finally, a short science show that shows that puts the various martial arts to the test. Some of the test includes the one hit knockout, that a martial artist can hit as fast as a snake.

James Lew and a team of scientists test various masters of martial arts like Rickson Gracie for Jiu-Jitsu (UFC). Besides showing different styles of martial arts, they also show different weapons like the katana and the three section staff.

I have been a martial artist for at least three years and I found this highly accurate. It showed how ninjas have perfect balance which is reveled and how they came up with certain weapons and how you could get a knockout punch or kick. This is a must see.
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My Opinion of Fight Science
zemus7711 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Of all the documentaries I've seen this past year, fight science was by far the most interesting. Combining multiple techniques of martial arts with cutting edge science, the show proved all of my assumptions about martial arts wrong. What I thought was mere fiction shown in the movies turned out to be inerrant fact. Anybody who likes martial arts will appreciate this documentary.

The only thing I can think of that would've made the film better would've been sparring between the different styles, comparing the strengths and weaknesses. Overall, however, the program was definitely worth watching (for guys at least).
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