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The filmmakers capture a battle for the soul of a state and country; we're all damned, no matter our choice of red or blue, unless things change sooner than later, says a movie that will divide like nothing since Michael Moore took the nation's temperature.
The title alone should alert auds that The Big Buy: Tom DeLay's Stolen Congress is a hatchet job on the controversial politico known as "The Hammer."
The Hollywood Reporter
This less than subtly titled documentary by Mark Birnbaum and Jim Schermbeck will undoubtedly find few viewers.
The New York Times
As much fun as that is for the choir being preached to, it would have been even more persuasive with a little less hammering and a little more historical perspective.
New York Post
The hero is the Texas prosecutor who won a questionable indictment of DeLay, Ronnie Earle. But he sounds more extreme the more he talks.

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