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The scene where Sheldon and Leonard observe Penny through her open apartment door would be repeated as an homage in the series' 100th episode. The characters would even be dressed similarly, right down to Penny wearing the exact same blue top that she wears here.
Sheldon has the first line in the series.
Leonard states that the combined IQ of Sheldon and himself is 360. In a later episode of season 1 Sheldon states his IQ as 187 meaning that Leonard's IQ is 173.
While Penny has a pleasant outgoing personality, Katie from the unaired pilot opening was meaner and mocked them. Penny does have a temper and some of this personality came over from the first pilot when she's really mad.
Sheldon and Leonard are seen drinking bottled orange sodas, which sparked controversy over whether it was beer or not, due to Sheldon's incredibly low alcohol tolerance.
This is the only show where Raj was seen with a hat.
Darth Vader Shampoo and Luke Skywalker Shampoo actually exist, but there isn't a conditioner.
The experiment discussed by Sheldon at the very beginning of the episode is a quantum version of the well-known "double-slit experiment."
Penny says she's from Omaha, Nebraska.
Leonard and Sheldon buy lunch from House of Tandoori, which is a real restaurant in Pasadena.
The name Hofstader was used before by Chuck Lorre, in episode 21 of season 2 of "Dharma & Greg", where Kitty Montgomery receives the "Hofstader award".
The song that Howard sings in the car at the end is "Baby, Don't Get Hooked on Me" originally recorded by Mac Davis.
When the guys first notice Penny, her boom-box is playing the song Smile by Lily Allen.
The moment where Sheldon (Jim Parsons) tells Penny (Kaley Cuoco) what they were planning to do for fun was cut when put into syndication.
There is a copy of the Clone Wars video game (X-Box version) on top of Sheldon and Leonard's television.
It is later established that Raj can't talk with Penny in the room. Here he speaks out loud but only when she's not near him.
The sign on the wall at the sperm bank reads "Donations Assistance Materials Available."
Sheldon reveals that the former transvestite neighbor's name was Louie/Louise.
Sheldon reveals that he has 212 friends on Myspace.

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