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  • Twenty-somethings Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper are friends, roommates and physics geniuses working at Cal Tech. As such, they are self-professed geeks. Their social companions are Howard Wolowitz and Raj Koothrappali (who does not speak to women), fellow geniuses at Cal Tech. Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, beautiful Penny, a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory and an aspiring screenwriter and actress, moves in next door to them in their apartment building. On their initial social interaction - an impromptu lunch in the guys' apartment - the guys learn that Penny has a different mentality than them. This difference however does not stop Leonard from being attracted to her. They also learn that Penny is heartbroken from the end of a four year relationship. Just because she asked, Leonard agrees to pick up her television from her ex-boyfriend, with who she is having a dispute about the ownership of said television. Getting the television may be more difficult than Leonard anticipated, but he will do almost anything to accomplish this favor for his attractive new neighbor.

  • Two physicists, Leonard and Sheldon come home to find that a pretty blonde, named Penny has moved in across the hall. Wanting to impress her, Leonard invites her over for lunch. During the meal, she reveals that she just broke up with her boyfriend, and that he took her TV. Nervously, she asks him to go and retrieve it for her. Arriving at the man's house, he and Sheldon find that her boyfriend is a hulking brute who steals their pants (and keeps the TV) so they go home in their underwear. Despite the set-back, Leonard vows to win her heart.

  • A pair of socially awkward theoretical physicists meet their new neighbor Penny, who is their polar opposite.


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  • I'll give a Penny for your thoughts. (Good one) Kaley Cuoco plays at her best in this TV show.

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