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Angels, Devils & Men is a provocative satire about the afterlife and the greatest mystery of all - show business! In his final cinematic opus, director Lindsay Shonteff checks out with a humorous look at heaven, God and the theater of life. God is cast in the role of the Almighty Producer as he directs his headstrong angels. Representing unruly earthlings, the flamboyant angel Mark exasperates the Almighty with his endless nagging. Mark is duly dispatched to Earth to keep a vigil over aging director Louis Johnson. To Mark's surprise the old B-movie auteur gets one more shot behind the camera. Spotting bad talent at its best, Mark cannot fathom God's plans to revitalize Louis' career. Working double duty at the gates of heaven, Mark must match wits with newly deceased Carl; a good hearted yet stubborn atheist who refuses to accept his fate. Not to be outdone by Carl, Louis, or God, a cross dressing devil pops in to create merry mayhem for all involved!


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