Fallen (TV Movie 2006) Poster

(2006 TV Movie)


Zeke: Uh, the Powers are looking for you and I had to uh, well, tell 'em where you live. So...

Aaron Corbett: You sent killer angels to my house? What about my family?

Zeke: Well, that's a good point, that's a good point. Now, if you're lucky, Verchiel will spend time questioning and... killing them. Nicely, I'm sure, and, uh, then you'll have time to escape.

Aaron Corbett: What?

Zeke: Yes! Well, they're not your family anyway.

Aaron Corbett: I love them.

Zeke: Oh, that's sweet. I'm sure they appreciate it, but you better run right now.

Aaron Corbett: I'm not gonna run. I'm not a coward like you.

Zeke: Courage is vastly overrated.

Aaron Corbett: Why are you doing this? I am not your precious Redeemer.

Zeke: I'm doing this to help you out. Now just run.

Aaron Corbett: You disgust me. I'd rather love and die than live and hate myself. If it's me they want, then it's me they'll get. I'm not gonna let them hurt my family.

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