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Plot Summary

  • Because of the earlier battle, Daedalus has been severely damaged and life-support is minimal at best, they decide to transport everyone onto the Wraith Hive after they've deployed the Retrovirus and all the Wraith has been converted into Humanoids again. Tayla contacts Cayenne through the gate and briefs Weir of their current status. It appears that a Hive is approaching, which later on appears that it's controlled by Sheppard and Michael. While Weir struggles with the IOA, Richard Woolsey, they've re-deployed the retrovirus on Michael and once again, put the earlier converted Wraith on a planet and monitor their status. Suddenly, a former Wraith gets murdered and the situation escalates further from there on out.

    - Written by Mark Ernst
  • Sheppard and the others are now in control of the one remaining hive ship with most of the Wraith transformed into human form, courtesy of the retrovirus. They do learn something interesting about female Wraiths, however. After they return to Atlantis, the question becomes one of what to do with the Wraiths who are again human, especially Michael who has proved to be quite helpful. Elizabeth Weir meanwhile is surprised to hear that she is to return to Atlantis as the expedition leader. She will be accompanied however by Richard Woolsey who is to review her leadership and make recommendations to the International Oversight Advisory on whether she should be allowed to continue.

    - Written by garykmcd


The Atlantis team must decide the fate of a colony of Wraith they have turned into humans. Dr. Weir must defend her leadership when she is evaluated by the I.O.A.

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