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2/10, i really tried to like this game
optimusprimo345 February 2007
In E3 2006 we saw the first trailer for this game. the graphics looked fantastic and the game looked fun. now we get to November 2006, and we've all been fooled. Sure, the graphics are still top-notch(especially on the 360) but the gameplay is horrendous. The only thing that stopped me from giving this game a 1 was the flight controls. Flying is the best part of this game, but is terribly overshadowed by awful gameplay and a story thats all over the place, hardly dealing with the events of the movie. It's a shame, too. This game had so much potential to be a great game, and I thought the delay would give the developers longer to make the game even better. The game still feels like it was pieced together in 2 months. The voice acting was also horrible. Brandon Routh sounded bored in just about every line. The only light in the voice acting was Kevin Spacey, reprising his role as Lex Luthor. To wrap up this review, I'll say that Superman Returns The Video game was the biggest disappointment of 2006. Save your money, or play Spider-Man 2
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the worst game ever
mac_with_chesse23 February 2007
oh god this game is the worst game ever don't buy into that s hit on the back of the case its the same thing over and over again. The bosses are pointless cause you cant die and their is no story so there is no spoilers all you do is fly around and fight dragons and stuff buy spider man 2 for 1/2 the price. there is some story but not much don't buy the marketing at all avoid this game at all costs even the graphics are dated. flying around a city is crap the city is lifeless and if you throw a car superman the man of steel gets on his knees and cries. there are way to many bad glitches and when you fly up as high as you can it doesn't feel like your high up like in spider man 2 your just higher and if you want to fly around 100s of robots attacking the city will destract you. as soon as you fly away the robots come back to life. save your money and scream the next time you look at this trash!
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Better than the Nintendo 64 game, but a bitter disappointment nonetheless.
Aaron13752 May 2012
Superman Returns is a game based off the movie of the same name. The movie was a disappointment so I am not sure why I expected the game to be good, but I had high hopes for the game. I know that while they may not have the villains in the film, they always generally add some cool villains into the game. To make it longer and to add more excitement, I mean you are not exactly going to have a blast playing a game based off returns are you? If it followed the movie exactly you would only get two action scenes and then you would have to stalk Louis Lane for an extended period of time. This game has Superman getting sidetracked on his way back to Earth and it was somewhat interesting, the controls were not great, but much better than the 64 version (which is not saying much at all by the way). You make it to Earth and you get to fly around Metropolis, however while it has a sandbox look to it, it does not play like a Grand Theft Auto, as you cannot do what you want. You are constantly having to battle villains, usually in the form of robots. You get to be Bizarro at times, but I did not really care for it as the controls become obviously more flawed within the city. Usually in a game of this type you get to collect things, here you only get to collect kitty cats. By collecting these kitty cats you gain more life, which means when you continuously keep battling those robots and other challenges you are essentially getting nothing! Seriously, make it so you gain experience and get more powerful! Though you are supposed to be Superman, I believe you should be more powerful than everything else anyway. Suffice to say it is a game I quickly lost interest in. The city itself is a bore, better than the 64 texture less nightmare, but it still is not busy enough and exciting enough. It should be fun simply flying through the place, instead the only excitement is when the city is assailed by robots! And that quickly wears thin. Maybe one day they will make a Superman game that is indeed super.
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Superman needs to return again...
Star Killer28 January 2011
Here's a simple breakdown if you're interested in buying/renting/or just curious about Superman Returns: 1. Not as good good as the Spiderman trilogy, but almost a copy in every way (other than the fact that you can fly and special powers) 2. Voice acting is ridiculous (the only exception being Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) 3. Musical score is great!! 4. Superman's flying ability is, by far, the best part of the game....and, in all honesty, that's not saying much... 5. In disagreement with previous posts, the vast majority of the graphics are dated even for xbox original standards. 6. Repetitive gameplay 7. Even the limited cheat codes are a waste.

Unless you're getting this game on clearance, for $1.50 (like I did), or are getting it for free, do not waste your money on this game.
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Just awful
www-vas659022 June 2007
I had such high expectations for this game when it came out.When i got it and started playing it wow it totally sucked.Stupid and pointless missions every 2 minutes,fighting robots the entire game was not what i wanted to do.So i thought when i beat the game i can just fly around the city and have a little fun, but no! The gay missions still pop up every 2 minutes and if u ignore them the city gets destroyed.Don't waste your money on this peace of crap,and if u wanna play a superhero game just buy spider-man.This game could of been one of the best superhero games ever but it turned out one of the worst.So far the only good superhero games are the hulk and spider-man.
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This game isn't that bad, just repetitive
fullenw12 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The average ratings of this game is around 4 or 5 on various websites. Following the movie is 1 thing but being fun to play is the most important thing right? The game play gets very repetitive. You'll fight the same enemies countless times consisting of robots, multiplying men, dragon like creatures and an alien. You'll also fight Metallo and Bizzarro a couple of times. They arnt that hard once you know how to beat them.

Eventually they'll be some cut scenes here and there, not as many as I expected. Best of all, this is the 1st superman game that got it right: Metropolis has a health bar instead of you. Plus your powers arnt as limited. Thats how it should be, I mean its Superman!!! The control stick movement can be awkward at times but compared to Superman on N64 its a BIG improvement. What is disappointing is that there's no Clark Kent or undercover type missions. No going inside the daily planet. No interacting with popular characters. But like I said the game play is very limited.

This is a good game for a Superman fan or a fan of action games. There weren't many good Superman games anyway. After you beat it, you can free roam with the "Metropolis Health" cheat. I got the cheats to work after I beat the Giant Metallo.
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