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4 Feb. 2008
Je-Rome Wasn't Built in a Day
Melanie cautiously agrees to go on a date with a new guy name Jerome at the sky box for the Sabers game. Meanwhile, Kelly and Tasha compete to get an endorsement deal for Jason and Malik.
23 Mar. 2008
Take These Vows and Shove 'Em!
Kelly takes Brittany and leaves Jason when he refuses to stop taking steroids; Derwin tries to impress a pretty woman, but she sees through his facade.
30 Mar. 2008
The List Episode
Malik is set up on a date with a mean tennis pro (Serena Williams). While Malik tries to control her, Tasha attempts to sign her as a client.
6 Apr. 2008
White Men Can't Jump, But They're Definitely Packing
Tasha goes out drinking with her new coworkers and is insulted when one of the managers flashes her. Kelly and Jason see a marriage counselor, but the therapist is a huge fan of Jason's, who uses his charm to make the therapist see things his way.
13 Apr. 2008
The Commitments
Melanie pulls back when her relationship with Jerome starts to heat up, but she changes her mind when she discovers that Derwin's new girlfriend has moved in with him. Elsewhere, Jason learns he is going to benched for the next game.
20 Apr. 2008
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
Derwin injures himself during a game, and Jason has to fill in for him during The Superbowl, but Jason has second thoughts on his position. Meanwhile, Melanie is torn between Derwin and Jerome.
27 Apr. 2008
Before the Parade Passes By
Melanie tries to convince Derwin to attend a victory parade for the Sabers. Meanwhile, Jason is upset that he hasn't received a contract. Gabrielle Dennis Hosea Sanchez, Wendy Raquel Robinson and Brittany Daniel also star.
4 May 2008
The Lord Givens and the Lord Taketh Away
Malike goes out with Robin Givens and enjoys her freewheeling approach to life. Meanwhile, Jason sees a therapist when post-championship blues set in.
11 May 2008
I Got 99 Problems and My Chick Is One
Melanie plans a romantic weekend with Jerome, but their intimate time is interrupted when Derwin and the Sabers party at the same hotel. Meanwhile, Malik sulks over breaking up with Robin Givens.
18 May 2008
Baby Come Back
Derwin and Jerome get into a fight over Melanie. Elsewhere, Malik tells Robin Givens he loves her and wants the two of them to commit to a relationship.
3 Oct. 2008
Baby on Board
Derwin tells Melanie that Janay is pregnant with his child. Meanwhile, Kelly gets her parents' help to keep Jason out of her life, and Malik tries to hide his marriage to Robin Givens from his mom.
10 Oct. 2008
Melanie confronts Janay to discover if she is actually pregnant with Derwin's baby; Kelly plans a girls' night out in an attempt to deal with her separation from Jason; and Malik tells his mom about his marriage.
17 Oct. 2008
Just When I Thought I Was Out, She Pulls Me Back In
While Rick is ready to make their relationship public, Tasha refuses to do so and goes out of her way to keep it a secret from their co-workers. Meanwhile, Malik begins to realize that his marriage may not work out since Robin seems to be in it just for publicity. Finally, Melanie and Derwin's sex life begins to become practically non-existent because Derwin is too worried about becoming a father.
24 Oct. 2008
Just the Three of Us
Melanie feels jealous after Derwin goes with Janay to her first pregnancy appointment. Meanwhile, Kelly decides that it's time for her and Jason to talk to Brittany about their separation. Jason, however, refuses to do so, leaving Kelly confused about what to do next regarding the issue.
31 Oct. 2008
A Delectable Basket of Treats
Hoping to get more publicity for their celebrity marriage, Robin Givens and Malik plan a belated wedding reception, but Tasha decides to boycott the party since she believes their marriage is a sham and won't support it. At the reception, Derwin and Melanie must face the reality of their complicated relationship after many people mistakenly congratulate Melanie on her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Rick Fox reluctantly introduces Tasha to his overly protective mother causing fireworks to ensue between the two headstrong women.
7 Nov. 2008
The Platski Thickens
Kelly plans a fun evening out with the girls in an attempt to move forward with her life after splitting with Jason; Jason goes to one of Malik's parties, but he finds he has more to regret in the morning than just having too much to drink.
14 Nov. 2008
White Coats and White Lies
Melanie reluctantly turns to her parents for financial help when she learns that her grant money to cover for her tuition has been revoked and she has been placed on academic probation, Meanwhile, Derwin learns bad news from Irv (Guest star: PJ Byrne) about his contract negotiations. Malik and Tasha are freaked out to learn that Robin Givens (Guest star as Herself) and Rick Fox (Guest star as Himself) shared a past together. Kelly goes on her first date since her split with Jason.
21 Nov. 2008
The Side-Part, Under Episode
Melanie meets her very own Dr. McHottie (Guest star Jason Olive) at the hospital where she is a first year resident.
28 Nov. 2008
Oh, What a Night
Believing her future with Rick Fox is over, Tasha begins dating other men. Melanie is trying to deal with dating two guys at once. Jason hopes to mend the relationship between himself and his daughter, who she blames for the separation of herself and her mom.

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