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Author: onlyme_412 from United Kingdom
13 June 2006

This episode was amazing, especially the opening, usually it's just a sort of backing song and telling you what has happened so far, and it's usually the same with a little bit added on from the previous week, but his had music loads of brilliant clips and in ran for about 5 to 10 minutes, and the episode over all was just really exiting, and we had a line brought back from the beginning, well good, anyway, well done boys, you've done a brilliant job yet again. "clapping", all of the episodes so far have been great but I have to say this has been one of my favourite ones, it was just so good, and I can't wait till next week to see the finale, I know it sounds sad but, I will really miss the show after next week, I just hope the cliffhanger isn't to exiting, I don't know how I'll wait till next season.

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Salvation Was Created For Sinners

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
25 December 2006

After killing two close friends of John Winchester, Meg calls him and proposes to exchange the colt manufactured in 1835 by Samuel Colt per the lives of his other friends. John travels to Lincoln to meet her with a fake revolver, while Dean and Sam stays in Salvation to protect a family threatened by the demon that killed Mary and Jessica. John is trapped by Meg and a demon in human shape while his sons battle against the evil fiend.

This episode is to be continued and is very tense and intense. Meg is really very evil and wicked and I am anxious to know what happened with John. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Salvação" ("Salvation")

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Carry on, Wayward Son

Author: katierose295 from United States
19 March 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Can you believe I'd never even hear the song "Carry On, Wayward Son" by Kansas before this episode. I must've been living in a cave. Seriously, the opening of this episode, with clips recapping what's happened over the season, is just incredibly. It cements the song forever in my mind as the show unofficial theme. "Salvation" is the first part of the season finale. This is an important episode for the show. It establishes, once and for all, that the Demon who killed Mary & Jessica is still after the Winchesters. (It also shows us his gleaming yellow eyes for the first time, giving him the name he'll be know by all next season, "The Yellow Eyed Demon" or YED.) "Salvation" also sets up the moral quandary of sacrifice that will follow the Winchesters through out the series. When it it too much to give? How do you protect your family from themselves? It's pretty complicated stuff. Finally, this episode reintroduces Meg, who's always a fun addition to the show. All in all, you need to see this episode.

This episode revolves around the Winchesters' plan to kill the Yellow Eyed Demon. Electrical storms and dead cattle are popping up around a town called Salvation. These are the same sort of omens that happened in Lawrence before Mary was killed. John and the boys begin investigating possible targets for the demon, babies turning 6 months old, since those are the YED's victims of choice. Unfortunately, Meg knows that they have the Colt and is trying to flush them out before they can stop the Demon. She's going after all of their old friends. She calls John and says that she'll arrange a trade. She'll stop murdering all the Winchester's allies, if he hands over the Colt.

John isn't willing to make that deal, but he decides to bluff. He buys a fake Colt to trade and gives the real one to the boys. Sending them after the YED, he goes to confront Meg. In the meantime, Sammy has had another vision. He sees the YED attacking a family. Sam & Dean break into the family's house and save them. But when Sam shoots at the YED, he misses and it gets away, starting a fire. Sam tries to rush back into the house as it burns, but Dean won't let him. Meanwhile, Meg and her brother, another demon, discover that the Colt is a fake. they take John prisoner and call the boys.

There are some good parts to this episode. I like that's it's Dean who carries the baby to safety, since it matches up with Dean carrying Sam out of the Lawrence fire. And I like Sam trying to say good-bye to Dean before the big show down. Dean doesn't want to hear it. Still, Sam's speech about how much Dean means to him and how he knows that even when he has no one else to guard his back, he'll always have Dean, is sweet. And I like John and the boys arguing about him ignoring their calls all year. John is angry that Dean didn't tell him that Sam's been having visions. (Which is also interesting because he automatically thinks that Dean should be the one keeping him informed about Sammy, instead of Sam himself.) Anyway, Dean's response that he had a better chance of "winning the lottery" than getting John on the phone makes me laugh. I also like the special effects in this episode. From the lights flickering in the house, to the YED dissolving into a black cloud thing... It's all really cool.

Like I said, a lot of this episode is about the Winchesters different takes on sacrifice. John sees killing the YED as the most important thing in their lives. Taking it down kamikaze style suits him fine, just so it winds up dead. Sam is wiling to run back into the building to kill the YED, claiming he doesn't care if he dies in the process or not. He's willing to sacrifice himself for their vendetta. Dean is the one who has to hold him back. Of all the Winchesters, Dean is the one who can see beyond to the quest to kill the YED and focus on the survival of the family. John and Sam are "all he has" and he won't sacrifice them for anything, even if they get angry at him for the choice he makes to keep them safe. Yet, each Winchester changes their position next season, at least a little bit. John will still sacrifice himself for the mission, but also for his sons. (see "In My Time of Dying.") Dean will still argue against sacrifice, but he's capable of making incredible sacrifices for his family. (see "All Hell Breaks Loose.") And Sam will come to see that maybe there are more important things than killing the YED, but will still sacrifice pieces of him moral code for vengeance against the Winchesters' enemies. (see "All Hell Breaks Loose.")

On the down side, it probably would have been more emotional for me if we'd actually seen Caleb or Pastor Jim on screen before they died. They'd been mentioned, but if we'd actually gotten to know them, their deaths would be all the more tragic. Also, did Meg's brother shoot her thinking that was the real Colt? Or did he know it was a fake? Because -Wow- That's kinna a cold way to test the Colt, even for a demon.

My favorite part of the episode: John's frustrated speech to the Sam, that goes something like, "You think I don't want you go to college? You think I don't know that Dean needs a home?" It's just an interesting way to show that he is aware of the boys needs and how he's partially responsible for keeping them from normal life. Plus, I like the phrasing of "Dean needs a home," like Dean's a lost puppy or something. It's cute.

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Just Mindblowing

Author: anir_1986 from India
16 October 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What we can say about this series. When the series started it was looking like those old movie ghost buster concept but during its end I became fan of Dean n Sam. Me and my friend saw this episode of salvation at night 2:00 a.m. And truly speaking after 45 minutes of this episode we went for grand finale i.e. devil's trap at 2:45 a.m. We both looked each other and went for finale. This final 2 episodes is so awesome that you will surely see the season finale of supernatural at that time only. i mean u can't wait for tomorrow. And after seeing grand finale (oh my god) i didn't sleep that night thinking what will be next. So if u r thinking to watch this series,then buddy go for it.

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Carry on my Wayward son

Author: zombiehigh18 from Egypt
1 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Kansas song "Carry on my Wayward son" seemed that it was specially meant for "Supernatural". It's considered throughout the series to be its unofficial soundtrack. The recap takes us through the highlights of the past 20 episodes in great harmony with the magnificent track.

After the Winchesters get their grip on the daemon killing Colt, Meg murders Caleb and Pastor Jim (the Winchesters strongest allies, and probably the most stable characters the boys had known growing up) and she threatens John that she will keep on killing all their acquaintances if they don't hand her the gun.

Meanwhile John shares the information he gathered the past year with the boys. He is able to find a pattern of omens that take place before THE Daemon attacks. John reveals that THE Daemon goes after families with six month old infants just like Sam was when THE Daemon attacked their family. Sam is devastated to know that his mother's and Jessica's death was all because of him, only for Dean to comfort him saying that he can't think that it was his fault. According to John THE Daemon is attacking a town called "Salvation" next, so they have to gather information about all the families with six month infants. However, Sam gets another premonition and is able to locate the family. When they get Meg's threatening call, John decides to hand her a fake colt to buy time for the boys to use the real one on THE Daemon. But Meg and her escort find out that the Colt John gave to them is a fake and John ends up being captured by them. At the same time, Sam misses the shot trying to kill THE Daemon, but they arrive just in time to save the family with Dean carrying the baby out of the fire just like he did 22 years ago with Sam.

There are some important parts in this episode:

1- It was nice to see Sam respecting John's grieve over Pastor Jim and quietly following his orders.

2- When John was angry at Dean for not telling him about Sam's nightmares, Dean gets furious at John, expressing his anger that John continued to ignore their calls. Which is interesting, John's reaction to Sam's defying attitude is very different from his attitude towards Dean's same action. Dean has never defied John before but now John can see that his sons are adults now and that Dean proved to be very reliable for the past year more than he ever expected, so as surprised as he towards Dean's new challenging nature, he is more willing to confess being wrong.

3- When Sam was trying to give Dean a farewell speech just in case anything goes wrong, He tells Dean how much he means to him and that he could always count on him no matter what. But Dean refuses to listen to that saying that nobody is going to die except THE Daemon.

4- When Sam tries to go into the burning house to kill THE Daemon, Dean stops him from getting himself killed. Dean is more concerned about the safety of Sam than just getting revenge. He is more willing to let THE Daemon go than let his brother sacrifice himself. He is the one that could make the right decision to keep his family safe especially when John and Sam are caught in their vengeful dilemma.

"Salvation" is a solid episode which leaves the viewer carving for the finale.

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Brothers against Evil: Demonic Reunion

Author: Coventry from the Draconian Swamp of Unholy Souls
30 August 2009

Personally, I prefer the "Supernatural" episodes that revolve on random malignant encounters rather than those dealing with the Winchester horrendous family history, but this is the season's finale and thus the end-fight with the demon that killed the boys' mother is long- anticipated and inevitable. The previous episode "Dead Man's Blood" illustrated how Dean and Sam convinced their father John to fight the demon together and how they recovered the only weapon in the world capable of destroying it. "Salvation" further builds up towards the confrontation, as father and sons discover where and where the demon will strike next. But the demon's sexy sidekick Meg is still in the picture as well and she continues to slaughter John's old friends in order to recover the Colt handgun. "Salvation" is a rather mundane and unmemorable entry in the brilliant first season of "Supernatural" and it too often feels as if it was only filmed to assure continuity and properly conclude the Winchester family background introduced in the pilot episode. This episode doesn't really contain any truly memorable parts or gimmicks and, given the serious toned subject matter, there aren't even blackly comical moments or any references towards classic horror. The best part about "Salvation" is the character of Meg, who gradually – in four episodes time – became a deadly sexy villain character who sadistically enjoys boycotting the boys' mission and killing off their entourage. She's definitely a lot cooler than the demon Sam and Dean have been searching for throughout 20 episodes. His/its appearance was a bit of a letdown thus far, I hope it'll be more worthwhile in the next and actually last episode of season 1.

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