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Chicago Tribune
Mainly it's a very solid dance picture, which is the point.
Rutina Wesley glowers with just the right touch of sweetness as a brainy student (and stellar after-school stepper).
Charlotte Observer
Choreographer Hi Hat and director Ian Iqbal Rashid kick the film into high gear every so often with dance sequences, climaxing with a dance-off in Detroit that seems too short.
How She Move has two key assets: powerful dance sequences and an emphasis on education.
When the cast starts clomping atop a car, their synchronized bodies joining with the booming cross-rhythms, we're sold.
The atmosphere is convincing - there is an "Eight Mile" desperation to Raya's plight - but nothing makes sense.
Formulaic but well-acted variation on the theme of pursuing your dreams through dance.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Dialogue isn't Morais's strength, and it's only when the actors stop trading “Just give me a chance” chestnuts that the film really takes off. The deftly shot dance sequences are entirely satisfying, thrillingly choreographed by Hihat (most famous for her work with Missy Elliott) to music by the likes of Lil Mama and Toronto's Tha Smugglaz.
The Hollywood Reporter
How She Move doesn't exactly break any new ground. But the terrific dance numbers on display should please its teenage target audience.
Gets it right in every dance sequence, but stumbles badly whenever the characters step offstage.
Movie cliches are supposed to be bad things because they make the movie too predictable. But you know, there are times when they actually work in a film's favor.

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