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(I) (2011)

Plot Keywords

hall of mirrors palace of versailles
mont saint michel france la scala italy
notre dame cathedral versailles
great pyramids of giza cairo egypt
sao paulo brazil panmunjom south korea
kyoto japan yellowstone national park wyoming
kilauea volcano istanbul turkey
bangkok bethlehem
paris france jerusalem
epupa falls angola angola
wyoming utah
louisiana california
arizona dubai
africa united states
united arab emirates turkey
thailand south korea
saudi arabia philippines
namibia myanmar
mali jordan
japan israel
indonesia india
hawaii ghana
france ethiopia
egypt denmark
china brazil
eyes closed mecca
wailing wall jerusalem hasidic jew
german shepherd guard dog
guard tower security wall
chinese type 99 tank parade
disfigured military dress uniform
ak 47 straw hut
arsenal assembling gun
cemetery themed casket
carrying load on head open air market
rock sulfur volcano
scavanging in a dump garbage dump
locked in a cell prison dance
shantytown tear on cheek
geisha sex doll
portrait woman wearing a thong bikini
warehouse store cow
piglet live chicken
recycling clothes iron
work uniform bare chested male
facial piercing subway
concert hall burka
the palm dubai indoor skiing
ski lift exercycle
driving range highway interchange
office cubicle shanghai
hong kong night cityscape
facial tattoo full body tattoo
bare breasts nursing
delicate arch face paint
precipice glacier
reflection in water ruin
baptism chandelier
monk destruction
trophy microscope
abandoned house sand dune
sand painting red robe
horn still photograph
animal cruelty worker
tradition teenage boy
teenage girl adolescent
children field
countryside non narrative
eating fast food
industrialization waste
avant garde pollution
ancient modern life
technology ambient music
crowd architecture
stained glass painting
musician singing
art sculpture
no dialogue ocean
lake mountain
trash bulldozer
vehicle street
highway castle
cathedral landfill
bullet gun
aggression marching
military transgendered
sex worker environment
fast motion scene toxin
death river
factory farming factory
skyline opulence
poverty prayer
non verbal synagogue
mosque church
judaism christianity
islam hinduism
buddhism 70mm film
consumption mass production
culture sky photography
night sky stars
moonset moonrise
sunset sunrise
night traffic
city clouds
wind desert
dance violence
sustainability abstract
balance humanity
nature volcanic eruption
assembly line religious ritual
religion aerial photography
time lapse photography one word title
independent film

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