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Simply put, Samsara tells the story of our world, but onscreen, it is so much more than that.
Boxoffice Magazine
A darker and more ambitious meditation on impermanence, Samsara relies on blunt force and unforgettable imagery, overcoming the hazy logic of Fricke's editing to earn your awe.
A spool of arresting, beautifully composed shots without narration or dialogue, Samsara is an invitation to watch closely and to suspend interpretation (another notion Sontag might have approved).
It demands to be experienced on its own terms or not at all, which creates a significant level of resistance in the contemporary media marketplace – but may also be a source of counterintuitive appeal.
Slant Magazine
Ron Fricke's film is a brightly hued bauble, fit for rapturous contemplation.
The drawbacks to this often rhapsodically beautiful film lie not in the journey itself, but in the preachy detours taken along the way.
The images wash over you - lush, gorgeous, impeccably framed - just as they did in Ron Fricke's wordless meditation "Baraka" (1992).
Jaw-dropping in colour and splendour, but if the constant awe gets a bit tiring, at its best you can genuinely feel some great wheel turning.
Oddly, there isn't as much originality as you'd expect from a global search for meaning.
Village Voice
The film's imagery is epic and trance-inducing. It's the "guided" part where Samsara stumbles.

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