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  • When a man (Taz), sells his soul to the devil to become the cities biggest drug boss, he obtains all the money, women and power the game has to offer. But when the devil comes to collect, in a clever and mischievous plan that only Beelzebub's mind could dredge up, Taz is forced to try to outwit the most evil force known to God and man. Satan increases the stakes by bringing forth a demon in the image of Taz's late father.

  • A young drug dealer sells his soul to the devil in order to become the #1 seller on the block.


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  • King of The Avenue is suspense thriller about a young All-American blue eyed drug lord named Taz, struggling with his dual personality and life of being a father in the suburbs with a so called 9-5 job that is believed by his wife Amanda and eight year old son Lil Norman , and his life with the up-scale leaders in the drug world that he can never leave behind. Taz was adopted by a black father, the almighty King of the Avenue back in the 70s and since then has struggled to live up to his fathers stature during his assent to power in the underworld crime syndicate. Tazs childhood friend Dunnie Jr., whose father was killed by Tazs father, grew up and soon took over the drug business and created a new chain of links with the Mexican Cartel. All of Tazs life he tried to prove that he can live up to his father reputation but has always failed until he is approached by the Devil to makes him a deal that would give him all he has ever dreamed ofwomen, money and most importantly complete power. The Devil wants shift Taz into a position that allows him to be a service to lost souls stuck in the addiction. This will make him into the largest dealer Miami has seen since his fathers passing. In return for this favor, all Taz has to do is keep doing what he has done, the devils own intentions are to change the stereo-type of your everyday Drug Lord to your all American Business Man who can step into any room and receive undeniable and instant respect. The film takes an unexpected twist as his wife Amanda comes face to face with the man behind King of The Avenue.

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