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This sometimes funny but uneven film would make a great pre-marital counseling movie!
Amy Adler6 April 2007
Richard (Chris Rock) appears to have it all. He is a successful banking executive in New York City, lives in a posh home in the suburbs, and has the proverbial gorgeous wife and two kids. However, when a beautiful female acquaintance from former years crosses his path again, he begins to wonder if he is indeed missing something. Nikki is lovely beyond words and makes a big play for him, promising a supercharged sexual liaison. Richard toys with the idea, because it's true that his sex life at home has waned, what with the ongoing decisions about the children and the wall sconces for the living room. Should he risk an affair? This is an occasionally funny film with very attractive performers. Rock is a talented actor and he makes the most of the script's humorous situations. Just watch him cave into smoking a weed at a party or have a semi-serious encounter with a Viagra pill and you will be very mirthful. The trouble is, of course, that the film's comic moments are not in overabundance. The rest of the cast is very fine, with Steve Buscemi giving a nice little performance as a scummy colleague of Richard's. The two main female leads are colossally beautiful and arresting individuals, adding greatly to the movie's enjoyment. Costumes, sets, and production values are high. Beware, however, of some strong language from time to time, as the F-bomb is tossed around on occasion. All in all, this movie is not without humor or good messages yet can not be declared an outright winner. Nevertheless, it will do for an evening's entertainment or, more importantly, it would make a great counseling tool for those considering marriage in the near future. It's ultimate stance on marital commitment and the perils of infidelity are admirable indeed.
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A typical middle class man faces a relatable crisis
heartandsoul22 March 2007
I wasn't going to comment until I saw all the negative and I thought unfair comments about this movie. I've always said that movies reviews often show what's going on inside us as much as what's went on on the screen. I for one was at first reluctant to see this movie because I thought Chris Rock's other movie attempts were juvenile. But when I read his announcement that this was his first "adult" movie, I became interested. I appreciated that this was a slice of life movie. I heard a complaint that there was no plot but since when does life present a neatly contrived plot? The movie represented a period out a man's life, a particularly rough patch in his marriage. It was exaggerated where it needed to be for comic effect, which for me, I'm happy to say was very successful, since most attempts at comedy leave me stone faced. In general both my boyfriend and I have discriminating tastes in movies. It's tough to surprise us, please us, make us laugh, while at the same time presenting a realistic life issue that makes one think. This movie did that. It wasn't strictly formula. My suggestion is to not automatically believe the negative reviews. Don't even take my review as gospel. But I think any movie that creates such divergent reactions deserves a look. I would suggest you definitely check it out and decide for yourself.
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Enjoyable Comedy!...Absolutely LOVED It!
kiacheri26 March 2007
This romantic comedy was different. For once, I was not able to predict the outcome of the situation nor the ending. I really enjoyed the movie. The character of Richard Cooper is believable and the issue that is presented is realistic, esp. in America. It deals with the temptation to cheat. And even focuses on the ancient issue of whether or not men and women can have a platonic relationship. As well as the question: Is this marriage going to work or stand the test of time or temptation? It definitely is a movie for adults esp. couples. I laughed the entire time. I give Chris Rock two thumbs WAY UP & mad KUDOS...I Absolutely LOVED It!
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certainly not as revelatory or grounded as Chloe in the Afternoon, but filtering through Rock's sensibilities it's not bad
MisterWhiplash17 March 2007
Chloe in the Afternoon, Eric Rohmer's much acclaimed 1972 film, will remain as a fine little pillar of the old story of a male character in infidelity and morality with living a life with a significant other, long after I Think I Love My Wife sits in the video stores and gets mass replays on TV. Chris Rock's film, as co-writer/director, is never one to really go down the path of dangerous contrivances or of the annoyances with the quirks in characterizations. This is mostly due to it being a comedy, and with Rock's own brand of sensibilities sort of filtering into this otherwise very straightforward examination of truth and desire in marriage, which is also very easy in some ways.

In fact, as one who may pay attention to Rock's stand-up, at least ten to fifteen minutes of material in the film- from the line near the start "married and bored out of my f***ing mind", to the scene where the married couples have finner- can be found in the 2004 stand-up special Never Scared. This isn't a bad thing, though, and there's even a hilarious wink to moments that come unexpected, either from past Rock bits like the table-dance song in the club or the unfortunate, ecstatically tasteless scene in the ambulance van.

But more than anything it's Rock, as star and filmmaker, an attempt at making a vehicle that knows it's being a little silly at times, and still reaching truths that are worthwhile. The joist of the plot concerns Richard Coopper, Rock, as an investment banker in New York city, married with two kids and quite successful, tempted by the suddenness of Niki Tru (Kerry Washington, almost a 180 of the bland 'good girl' type of woman in Ray), who as Steve Buscemi's character describes to Richard: "she's f***ing you, you just don't know it." At the core of the film there is some momentum in the fact that Richard doesn't go on to cheat, even as one might think this is the 'safe' route.

There is more of a safe turn that happens, which is to be sort of expected, where Richard has a change of mind after letting go of the temptation, and this part loses its credibility in relation to the rest of the picture. But this isn't too much of a hindrance, so much of there being something small, though noticeable, that is even less credible. It reminds one of a similar problem in the Last Kiss, last year's similar romantic-morality tale of tranquility broken by another woman, because on the two sides neither is entirely satisfying. Niki is a cold, tramp kind of girl who actually gets exposition even though, despite Washington's portrayal, is annoying, yet Gina Torres's Brenda, Richard's wife, doesn't get much put into her as a noticeable character, except as a slightly blasé, male portrayal of her being a good mother, yet disengaged in the sexual sense.

Yet there is some good that comes out of Rock's connections to both women that wasn't like the Last Kiss- he's able to garner a successful tone of balance between the drama and comedy, and to the degree that both are neither trying for anything great stay believable up to a point. Buscemi's character is one who's added for a slight change in tone, as at first the straight-laced friend for Richard, but then with his own special idiosyncrasies, really involving Viagra and his own complex with marriage. Meanwhile, Rock goes through his motions of faces in his performance, and it's almost too perfunctory, like his direction. It's definitely amiable and sympathetic, however, so it's not really anything that makes it a bad excursion as a date movie. There's some great songs mixed in, and a fantastic seduction scene towards the end, plus a possible tip of the hat to The 40 Year Old Virgin's end scene.

If you need a good date movie right now, this would surely be one that doesn't offend, and doesn't really make you call everyone you know to see it, but it is smart enough for what it's worth, as opposed to any other lot of romantic comedies where the characters are positively sociopaths. Most you'll find here is a jealous hoodlum who puts a stomping to Richard at one point (which is actually very, very funny, even as a loose end). Not a bad remake, but not one to be put on the same pedestal either.
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Something to ponder about
ichocolat24 August 2007
For those who want to watch a comedy movie, then this is not what you are looking for. Yeah it has Chris Rock as the main actor, but in this movie he is not the stand up comedian, and he doesn't wish to make you laugh out silly like he usually does in his TV shows.

The story is about a man, who has been married for seven years, and has become a sex-deprived man because he has not make love for a long time. Things got messier when he met his old flame and he suddenly got attracted to her. She was supposed to be a temptress but I think she looked more like a prostitute looking for customers in broad daylight. But heck, he was still attracted to her, mainly because she offered to give him the thing that his wife wouldn't want to give him anymore. Catch my drift? So the story goes that he began to lose focus in his life, particularly with his family and his job in a bank. All because of the temptress and his stupidity to fall for her charm (and partly due to his other head too).

This story addresses the problem faced by many married couple and I think this movie did a good job in portraying the problem. Sometimes it is hard to understand why many married couple choose to end their marriage, and this movie certainly shed some idea on the problem. Without doubt, a good watch.
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Life Is Made of Choices
Claudio Carvalho17 January 2008
The suburban middle class investment banker and family man Richard Cooper (Chris Rock) has been married for eight years with his wife Brenda (Gina Torres) and they have two children. Their marriage is in crisis due to the lack of sex, and Richard is feeling completely bored and dreaming on having sex everywhere with other women. When his sexy single friend Nikki Tru (Kerry Washington) that he has not seen since he was single stumbles in his office in Manhattan asking for a recommendation letter for a job, Chris has lots of fun with her, but he omits her visit to Brenda. Nikki visits Richard on the next afternoons, jeopardizing his position and making Richard rethink about his choices in life.

"I Think I Love My Wife" is an entertaining movie about a universal situation – the change of the sexual life between couples after years of marriage. Kerry Washington is extremely sexy and is perfect in the role of the smart single girl that uses her friendship seeking for fun. It is very pleasant to see the scenes with this gorgeous actress. Chris Rock plays a silly suburban character that fights for not cheating his wife. However the situations are inconsistent since Richard does not have sex with his wife and has daydreams with women; and when he meets a woman like Nikki he does not have sex with her? Brenda, performed by Gina Torres, is an unpleasant character with her denial of having sex. The moralist conclusion, with Richard and Brenda singing, is simply awful. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Acho Que Amo Minha Mulher" ("I Think I Love My Wife")
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Pootie Tang aspires for more.
Maximillian Hope15 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
As Pootie Tang meets the marital comedy of Louis C.K.'s HBO show, I Think I Love My Wife, turns out to be slightly funnier than it looks. Although Chris Rock delivers lines in his films the same way he does in stand-up, making his performances less than mediocre, he turns out to be a more than competent director. Unfortunately that is where praise for this conventional, formulaic, and proclaimed remake of Chloe in the Afternoon stops. Rock vents much of his hostility towards women, married women in particular, in an attempt to excuse male chauvinism and infidelity. It seems the only message Rocks wants to get across is that life ends once a man is married, and the only way to reinvigorate this pre-marital excitement is to find a younger, crazy, attractive women to obsess over you. Rock plays an investment banker living in suburbia, working in the city as he narrates all the downsides of being married and domesticated, like one of his old sketches on SNL.

Rock's second chance behind the camera finds him directing a script filled with some chuckles, but plagued with undeniably bitter misogyny. His direction does feel clumsy and misguided, especially in many of the higher budget crane shots and slow motion tracking shots. The rest of the movie is hovered by whether or not Rock will cheat on his wife, while progressively straying away from his comfortable life at home.

And all of this conflict, and soul searching stems from his wife's refusal to have sex. Why she won't have sex with him is all explained in a short montage of rejections for unexplained and ridiculous reasons, ("My head hurts.") Steve Buscemi manages to bring some flair to film, despite the lighter fair of material he has to work with. Ultimately Rock has shelled out a falsely inspired comedy that will surely please fans of the venerated comedian.
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I think I'd like my money back
Kristine31 August 2007
I was really looking forward to I Think I Love My Wife, I saw the commercial advertisement for the DVD and this movie looked like so much fun. So I finally got the rental and watched it this morning and I have to say that I was a bit disappointed with it. You know what lost the major points with me? Now, I know Chris Rock's humor, I know he likes to joke about the white man, but this movie just seemed to keep mentioning the white race which I wasn't impressed with. Just because if it were the other way around with a certain line like "Is your wife white?", now if it was a white woman saying "is your wife black?", most people would have been insulted. I'm just sick of the humor, it's getting old and we need to grow up. The story is just the typical man with a mid life crisis with a typical marriage, at the least the horror version.

Richard Cooper is a married man with two beautiful children, awesome job with good pay, a big house, sounds like the perfect life, right? Well, wrong! Him and his wife do not have sex any more and his life has become a bit predictable, that is until he meets and old crush, Nikki and temptation is knocking down the door. Richard plays naive at first acting completely oblivious to her moves, yet when he realizes what she's after, he just keeps hanging out with her risking his job that she visits constantly and family. But Richard tries to remain tough while living a life that he's already over since he's been married.

Over all, I Think I Love My Wife isn't a bad film, it just wasn't what I expected. The acting was fine, it was just the story that seemed unbalanced and not to mention the racial lines that were just unnecessary. So if you're looking to watch this film, I would say to give it a look, I think me taking those lines seriously is a bit much, but I'm just sick of that "humor", I think we need to grow past it if we want a better future, you know? But judge for yourself, other than what I mentioned, it's just an average mid life crisis movie, nothing more.

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Well composed drama
Gordon-1117 September 2007
This film is about a man having to make choices between his wife and kids, and a beautiful woman who suddenly appears in his life.

I thought this film was a comedy, but it was not. It was a drama about a man in an less than satisfactory marriage. I think the negative comments about this film stems from the fact that people expected this to be a comedy, hence they got disappointed by what they see. Richard Cooper's confusion is well portrayed, and I am sure a lot of people can relate to the situation. If the film had a title that sounded less like a comedy, so that people knew what to expect, I am sure it would have enjoyed a better word of mouth.
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Boring married life ... and then Temptation
vram223 June 2008
... And, it's Chris Rock at center. The movie was amusing to watch. There are some good laugh-out-loud moments, but it was mostly interesting because of his edgy narration throughout the movie. We hear his inner thoughts and clever wit - and we wait to see if he (a married man) will eventually give in to the endless temptation of a female friend.

Here's the setup: Rock plays a banker who has an effectively empty marriage ... his wife is focused on raising their two kids and is at the point of shunning any kind of physical intimacy. Out of the blue, a female friend from his past shows up and is pretty much everything his wife is not ... he can never say 'no' to meeting her, but where is it leading? Watching Chris kind of narrate his thoughts and feelings was fun to watch. All the other characters are kind of 1-dimensional, but they are so well acted, they are interesting to watch.

Whether or not you're a Chris Rock fan, this movie is pretty good based on its own merits: it's funny and insightful.
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I Think I Like Chris' 'Wife'
jazni19 March 2007
Though I was apprehensive about venturing into the theater for this one, I found myself laughing out loud and genuinely enjoying the story of Richard Cooper (Chris Rock), a man going through the motions of an unfulfilling marriage. For Chris Rock fans who've been waiting for the comic to finally find his on screen mojo, this one's a real treat.

Rock turns in a subtle but effective performance while Kerry Washington and Gina Torres are great as his dual love interests. Steve Buscemi is perfectly cast as Rock's philandering co-worker and steps in frequently for literal comic relief.

'Wife's' a decent movie with a good message and unlike several films I've seen this year, I can actually watch this one again.
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One of the better of the genre...'pretty good'.
Panterken12 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
It may not be the funniest movie ever but it scores well on a great number of other points. You can count the good romantic comedies on one hand, and I'm glad to say this is one of the better ones. It's not brilliant, but it's certainly enjoyable. The phrase 'pretty good' goes through my mind every time I watch a Chris Rock movie and so it was in this case too. A bit cliché at times, but never over-the-edge. Buscemi has a great character, the completely amoral SOB who's still a good guy deep inside. He pulls it off, though I don't know if he should do this kind of movies too often. He works better in black comedies IMO. Chris Rock is not the greatest actor of all time, in fact he seems to play pretty much the same character every time. The humor is (almost) never too low-brow, and for that the movie deserves praise. Not the best of movies, but one of the better of the genre, I Think I Love My Wife deserves a watch.
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I think it is a very good movie.
jacel073113 October 2007
I think this is a great movie. Maybe even enlightening for some married couples or couples who are close to marriage. I thought it was very good. Funny and to tell you the truth the ending was a little surprise to me I know I wouldn't have been like Chris Rocks character.

Don't miss this one its entertaining maybe put it on the middle of your list of movies to watch when u got nothing else to do. Who knows it might even help a marriage or couple that is experiencing issues or at least enlighten someone to the root of the problem. I know I know I used Chris Rock and Enlightening together and that is almost illegal but I sincerely believe it is pretty good.
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Terrible Film -- A Man needs to be a man and not a "pussywhip"
Mannypl669 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The only message I think this film really project is that the woman dominates the relationship and not the man. Chris Rock's role was portrayed as this wishy washy nice guy who gets constantly ordered and bullied around by his wife (shown in several scenes) while being taken advantage of by another woman. The whole movie was not about him lacking sex but the fact of the matter is that he was not a real man. A real man is suppose to take charge and authority and suppose to be the dominant part of the relationship and not take crap or let his wife bully him around but she should respect his authority but nowadays if a man shows himself too much of a pussy and not aggressive he is easily taken advantage of as you see in this film. Had he been aggressive and dominant as a real man should be the whole sex thing would not have been an issue. Chris Rock's character was weak and pitiful, A man needs to be a man and he needs to exercise his dominance and authority especially in a marriage. It's just sad that a lot of men are "Pussywhip".
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Too little, too late
sylvar20 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Chris Rock is known for insightful and uproarious social commentary. In this picture, he makes one hackneyed observation -- married people don't have much sex -- and can contribute little else of merit.

I asked MY wife to wake me up when the movie got funny or interesting, and if it had not been for a singularly unfunny scene in an ambulance, I might have gotten a decent nap.

Everyone has a bad day every now and then; the ending certainly brought a quarter's worth of shine to a table's worth of gloom. But a quarter would be a fair price for a ticket to I Think I Love My Wife. Those who download this movie illegally will have only themselves to blame for wasting bandwidth.
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Some hilarious and touching moments can't overcome uneven mix of heart and humor
Christopher Smith19 March 2007
Perhaps my expectations were to high. Perhaps I was expecting a different kind of film, or perhaps it just wasn't very good. For whatever reason, I Think I Love My Wife, Chris Rock's second feature as director, comes as a massive disappointment. Written by Rock and Louis CK, the absolute two funniest men alive, I Think I Love My Wife seemed to be a sure fire hit from the two Emmy winning writers. Unfortunately, the two men opted to make more of a dramedy than edgy comedy like they are known for. There isn't much new ground here. Infidelity has been the topic of a number comedy/drama pictures in the past so the story of a married father (Rock) tempted by an old flame (Kerry Washington) doesn't get many points for originality. Had Rock and Louis CK tried to approach the material with the R-rating in front of their minds instead of making essentially a PG-13 comedy with some F-words thrown in, they might have had more success. However, with the focus on drama, the proceedings often fall flat. Part of the problem is with Rock's directing. Rock is still a new director who has yet to find his style and footing. This seems more like a debut than that of a second time director. Louis CK could have done a better job at the helm as he has proved to have a much firmer grasp on film-making with his prior directing work. Rock behind the camera is inadequate. He does shine in a few brief moments (the Viagra scene, the fantasy sequences) and he does surprisingly well with some of the emotional scenes towards the finale, though for the most part, he leaves much to be desired. Fans of Rock and Louis CK may want to check this out, but I can't imagine anyone else being terribly interested. 4/10
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Chris Rock just can't seem to make a good movie
MLDinTN30 March 2008
Chris Rock, whom made his living as a comedian, tries to go dramatic, and as one would expect, it just doesn't work. He doesn't seem to be able to star in a hit film. Perhaps he should just stick to TV work where he was great on SNL. Rock plays Richard, a middle aged family man whom has become bored with his wife, whom just isn't interested in sex any more. One day an old friend stops by his office. Nikki still looks great and seems to be having fun stringing Richard along even though she has a boyfriend. She begins inviting him out to lunch and to just go places. And Richard, just seems not able to say no. He doesn't really want to cheat on his wife, yet he wants to bring some excitement to his life. And Nikki seems safe since she has a man. But, Nikki breaks up with her guy and wants to spend even more time with Richard. Richard starts the lies with his wife, but still manages not to get caught. And I guess if you want to say there is a big dramatic scene, it is whether or not Richard will cheat.

As I've said, Rock is a comedian and not a dramatic actor. He doesn't bring a lot to this role. And this movie is not some romance comedy.

FINAL VERDICT: It's OK, but the story is nothing great and Rock is miscast. It's not worth renting.
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Poor script helped by a by the numbers script sink a remake of a near classic
dbborroughs2 September 2007
Chris Rock remakes Chloe in the Afternoon. Man who's wife ignores him is put to the test by a free spirit ex-girlfriend.

If you can get past the competent but clichéd way the film is put together (clearly some one was following the numbers) you'll have to deal with a completely miscast cast who come off as abrasive rather than charming. Even the reliable Steve Buscemi grates on your nerves. The real problem and the thing that sinks this film is the script written by Rock and Lewis CK. I'm guessing it might have worked in better hands but here the gentle sex farce of the original is just smutty and vulgar.

An example of how not to put a movie together.
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Potential infidelity
IrockGswift17 March 2007
This movie shows how a man is not completely satisfied with being married. Of course this is because his sexual needs is not being fulfilled due to his wife's lack of interest in it. Thus only leading to a more tempted way of being promiscuous or misogyny. I have to say family life can be wonderful but when becomes routined there's a need for change or someone outside the family will appreciate the husband or wife and they will become delusional. In this movie that's What happen to Chris Rock,he becomes depress by the everyday family life and is not getting physical intimacy. There's a lot of husbands that could relate to what Chris Rock is going through and sadly there's men that would fall to temptation. That's when willpower and taking control of a situation comes into play. The movie was OK and not one of Chris Rocks funniest but the movie is about how strongly you do love your wife.
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A great and highly under rated film, definitely worth watching.
whatsatruffle19 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Richard Cooper (Chris Rock) an upper middle class American has a seemingly beautiful family, a beautiful wife Brenda (Gina Torres) and a boring ass life. He is a reliable, responsible and loyal man. Out of the blue, an old friend Nikki (Kerry Washington) shows up and they spend some time together. Richard unknowingly flirts with danger in regards to Nikki, continually telling his co workers that they are just friends, but who is he trying to convince? Some of the jokes fall flat, almost because we can tell Rock is gearing up for it. Good comedy comes out of left field, you don't expect it. But with Rock, you're just waiting to laugh, and that is where the audience fails to recognise a very solid drama. this film is not a comedy. it's just that the situations are humorous but because of some mistimed pacing the punchline stares you glaringly in the face making you think, "Why should i laugh at that?".

The best things come out of left field and that is what makes this film a great one to watch. While the audience is recognising the joke setups, the writers have craftily set up other poignant moments that hit you like a ton of bricks (i.e the tie). we make the same realisations as Richard Cooper does, because this isn't just a straight plot, but a character driven film, and we gasp in disbelief just as Richard Cooper does in the extreme situations he encounters.

The movie primarily deals with Richards and his desire of chasing a fantasy. Everything that happens with Nikki almost feels surreal, too good to be true and in in the end that is the same lesson Richard learns. She is to good to be true, it is just a fantasy.

Comparing that to Richard's home life, we can see how even a responsible man could be lured into disloyalty to his family. Richard is an emotional man, as his coworker George (Steve Buscemi) points out. As we see him walking the streets with his ipod listening to tunes, we can understand what goes through his mind. a bored man starved of sex, great music, a beautiful woman who's not his wife, well... who could blame the man for wanting the fantasy? During couples counseling, the doc notes that Richard may be delusional, although Richards undermines her abilities earlier in the film, the viewer can't help but be reminded that Richard is indeed a dreamer and that what he and Nikki have or might have is a fantasy. we've been distracted with such sexually charged scenes between Nikki and Richard that we start the find his home life boring too, but towards the end of the film, everything pays off, you just realise how stupid Richards was being, and that everything he could ever want was already in front of him, he was just fantasizing way too much to notice.

have i said too much? enjoy the film.
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only singles and maybe girlfriends or wives could give this one a thumbs down
tingiemang29 July 2007
I saw the original and IMHO Chris Rock did a great job in making me really wish I'd not brought my wife around to see this movie.

i could totally relate to this Richard Cooper persona and my wife was all into Brenda.

Needless to say we got into lots and lots of arguments because of this movie, which to me just proves that its a real gem. I've warned all of my married friends not to watch it together with their wives, at least not until they have their defenses or excuses up.

Enjoy this movie, if you haven't already, and if needed do as i did and have a heart to heart with the spouse afterwards to clear the air.
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Surprisingly good
fanmanslo20 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not that much of a Chris Rock fan and his movies. I only watched his stand up comedy shows, which were funny. This movie was a total surprise. I never intended to watch it, but having nothing else to see one night, i did. It's about a man, middle aged, having a life crisis - no action in bed with his wife, bored. Along comes an old time friend, sweetheart and makes his life complicated. He questions himself (fidelity) and his marriage. It shows the common problems couples have with a comedic spin. Life is long and choices we make haunt us till the end. The acting is good and entertaining. It deserves a higher rate! Rock directed this flick and did quite well. The movie flew by for me.
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Worst Move Ever
evella478 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I was truly disappointed in Chris Rock and in this movie. It is full of curse words and bad language. There was nothing good about it. It is a waste of time to view. There is no plot and the whole movie is about SEX and a lack of it. The "f" word is their favorite word to use as if there is no other way to make your point. It was degrading. The girlfriend is portrayed like a black whore and has the mouth to match. Even as the other woman it was deplorable.

Maybe my expectations were too high. I think Chris Rock can be funny and I have enjoyed him in other pictures, so I thought that is what I would have look forward to in this movie. He was portrayed as a successful business man but unfortunately, still making the same stupid mistakes they all make ~~ never satisfied.

This is not a movie for the kids.

I want my money back.
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It'd be more appropriate for Mr. Rock to re-title his film from I Think I Love My Wife to I Think I Overestimated Myself
samseescinema18 March 2007
I Think I Love My Wife reviewed by Samuel Osborn

Chris Rock is an abrasive guy; his voice especially. When he gets all worked up, his eyes wide, toothy smile yanked up into his cheeks, his voice sounds like a poodle's bark put through a cheese grater. Rock's comic timing has more to do with decibel levels than it does with pauses. So fancy my surprise when I learned that his next project would put him in the role of Richard Cooper: upper-middle class father, husband, and all-around suburbanite; the type of guy who's embarrassed to raise his voice in public. And with him also in the director's chair, adapting what's known to be a respectable French drama (Chloe in the Afternoon), I Think I Love My Wife could be a serious turning point in Chris Rock's career. The final product, however, doesn't manage to make that turn. In fact, it'd be more appropriate for Mr. Rock to re-title his film from I Think I Love My Wife to I Think I Overestimated Myself.

The film takes on the dilemma of fidelity in a bored, routine marriage. Mr. Rock manages to distill the dilemma down to a question of sex, asking "If I'm not getting sex at home, why can't I get sex elsewhere?" His wife, Brenda (Gina Torres), is a modern black mother, working as a teacher, a wife, and a mom in a Westchester neighborhood populated by white people. Rock has toned down the race-card bits here, trading in shock factor for some smart comments on the assimilation of black and white cultures.

His character, Richard Cooper, is wealthy and typically successful, constantly narrating with the sort of internal monologue Mr. Rock brought to his semi-autobiographical TV show, "Everybody Hates Chris." His thoughts wander mostly to the Manhattan women he passes by on the train to work, Rock's camera creeping always closer to the more tasty bits of the female physique. The whole of his imagination culminates into his old high school friend, Nikki Tru (Kerry Washington), dressed to kill and leaning seductively onto his office desk one afternoon. She visits unannounced, in town looking for a job recommendation from Richard. They meet for lunch and hit it off like back in the day. He's married and known to be safe and she's the party girl from high school that forgot to grow up. The meetings continue in secret, raising questions at home from Brenda and raising eyebrows from secretaries at Richard's office. The dilemma eventually mounts to the sexual caliber, where the real drama settles in.

For a product built from scratch by Chris Rock, ironically working as a pure film auteur here (a term used mostly for, ahm, good directors), I Think I Love My Wife is fairly innocuous. It probably could have even eeked out a PG-13 rating if Rock didn't have such a fascination with the F-word. And he does well by the narration, sometimes bringing an insightful honesty to the married man's dilemma and the middle-aged tragedy.

The problem lies sadly in his own performance. He isn't a good actor. His directing feels amateurish, with bizarre camera choices and a crappy comic timing that decapitates most of the jokes. The writing, paired this time with Louis C.K. ("Lucky Louie," the HBO series), deals clumsily with dialogue and stretches and scrunches up the story into an awkward timeline (for instance, it's unclear whether the last half hour is an act or an epilogue). And, the main problem, his wife character, Brenda, is so boring, so nagging and so motherly that we don't ever find the sympathy to root for her. I wanted Richard to leave her and, I'll admit, I rooted more for Nikki. We're supposed to feel sympathy for the neglected wife in this sort of film. We're supposed to come to despise the morally strained husband and love each of the women equally. That way it's a moral dilemma for both the husband and the audience. Match Point conducted this dilemma masterfully. Each member of Woody Allen's audience reacted differently to the dilemma, depending on morals of their own. Rock's picture is lopsided in this way, and it comes together like a tolerable song on the radio: just catchy enough to not turn off.

Samuel Osborn
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Buscemi sighting
DJJOEINC7 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I Think I Love My Wife - I know I love Chris Rock when he is on his A-game.His show on HBO was a must watch- and 2 of his comedy CDs are personal faves.But he has yet to translate his energy to a full length film that really captures his raw hilarious standup- I mean I enjoyed his cameo in I'm Gonna Get You Sucka and love CB4-but that was 10 years back and stuff like Down to Earth and Head of State are disposable but charming enough to endure once.This time Rock has adapted a 60s French film into a romantic comedy for guys- except that Rock manages to make this potentially ruanchy R-rated movie feel like a family film-fine that is where Rock's head is- OK.The basic premise is that Rock is happily married- until the sex stops- then he starts getting a wandering eye- and then an old friend- a drop dead gorgeous female starts trying to tempt him and proceeds to almost mess up his life-the movie has some funny moments and welcome stints from 2 folks from the Wire- but it is nothing I would revisit.The DVD has outtakes,making of featurette,commentary and deleted scenes.Better than most of the "comedies" that have been released this year- but not a laugh riot or even a giggle parade- but enough chuckles to pass the time. C+
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