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As uneven as I Think I Love My Wife often is, it still has an emotional resonance lacking in most films about relationships. By dealing with temptation in even a quasi-realistic way, it affirms that, like comedy, monogamy is hard.
What is missing in depth and philosophical intent is compensated for with humor and humanization.
For each joke that is fresh, there are at least three that fall thuddingly flat. Rock suffers a problem common to comedians moving from sketches to features; he hasn't quite been able to get his performance level above caricature. To his credit, he's made more of this than you'd expect from the lame premise.
Chicago Tribune
The results fall short of the grown-up comedy about seven-year itches it could've been, asking the Hamlet-like question: to scratch or not to scratch?
Chris Rock's I Think I Love My Wife is less interesting, and less successful, as a remake of a much-bruited '70s art film than it is as a compendium of Rockian observations on the current state of the African-American bourgeoisie.
I Think I Love My Wife has got to be the unlikeliest French New Wave classic ever to be retrofitted by a famous African-American stand-up comedian best known for his stinging social commentary -- at least until Dave Chappelle remakes Jean-Luc Godard's "Breathless" as a hip-hop caper.
Mixing Rock with ooh-la-la turns out to be as appetizing as chalk and cheese.
The movie, full of wan gags and tedious situations, is directed blandly by Rock.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A movie that provokes as many rueful sighs as it does bruising laughs.
Miami Herald
It's unimaginative, crude and so derivative it hurts.
The Hollywood Reporter
In I Think I Love My Wife, Chris Rock does something entirely unexpected. He isn't funny.

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