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What's your angle?
kosmasp3 April 2012
I know I shouldn't have liked or enjoyed it. Especially because I'm not really a big fan of Anna Faris (as an actress that is). But you can't fault her in this one. She really gets the most of many scenes (as stupid as they seem and feel like). And while this isn't really something that should be accounted for (as a positive), it really is nice, that it does not pull any punches (talking about the R-rating, although there is a longer cut to be released later on).

Of course you know where this is heading and while the ending again might fall short of all the swagger that has come up to that point it still feels like a nice comedy. Or should I say "raunchy" instead of nice? But both words fit the bill here. Both lead actors are obviously having fun and it translates and really transcends to the viewer. Not comedy gold, but entertaining enough
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The Best Movie Katherine Heigl Never Made
Brent Trafton2 October 2011
"What's Your Number?" follows the standard Rom-Com formula as all the other Katherine Heigl or Jennifer Aniston movies that came before it. The only difference is this one is actually funny and has a bunch of laugh out loud jokes.

The reason this film is so much better than the other R-rated Rom-Com's is that Anna Faris is a true comedienne and is not afraid to show a little butt-cheek to get a laugh. She is essentially the whole reason to see this film.

Chris Evans, Blythe Danner, and Ed Begley Jr. make up the fine supporting cast. The jokes are mostly foul, crude, and unsophisticated but the audience at my showing was laughing throughout most of the film. The ending gets saccharine and sentimental at the end, but most of these types of films do that.

If you have felt cheated by the films of Jennifer Aniston and Katherine Heigl, you should check out "What's Your Number?"
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pleasantly surprised
susiequeue1121 September 2011
a friend invited me to a screening of What's Your Number the other night and i went, but thought it was going to be lame. It wasn't! the trailer is so bad - why is it so bad? but the movie is funny! i swear, there are parts that are still making me chuckle days later.

Anna Faris is darling. Chris Evans not as boring as you think he's going to be - he's actually quite charming. (and his body is sick, but that's beside the point.) They have good chemistry and the banter between them is hysterical. they say the things that you think and would never dare to say out loud, which made me laugh and laugh. some people might find that offensive, like my mom, but i'm not recommending this movie to her.

i am recommending it to my girlfriends though. i see a lot of movies and this is waaay better than that No Strings Attached or horrible Justin Timberlake rom-com. this one is cute and has some really funny lines.

also - it's a fun shopping movie. i covet her apartment, i want to go to Boston in springtime, and it made me want to dig up some of my 80's music. is it winning an Oscar? no, but it's cute. i don't think you'll be disappointed.
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Eye Candy
gradyharp12 February 2012
WHAT'S YOU NUMBER? is a flimsy bit of fluff based on the novel '20 Times A Lady' by Karen Bosnak and transformed for the screen by Gabrielle Allan and Jennifer Crittenden. It is a very light comedy that has some observations about today's dating/quasi-relationship scene, but those impressions are a bit too true to be funny, so it is best to just concentrate on the film as a diversion of the kick back, put feet up, and giggle along with it genre.

Ally Darling (!) (Anna Faris) has a history of having many ex-boy connections who turned out to be losers. Reading an article that offers number amounts for judging sexual encounters (Ally has exceeded the norm) she freaks and believes that she can't find THE good guy. Deciding to reevaluate her ex-encounters searching for Mr Right, she decides to look up all of her exs to see if any of them have changed for the better. Finding this task daunting she turns to her apartment neighbor Colin Shea (Chris Evans), a would-be musician who sleeps with women every night and sneaks out the morning after to avoid relating to them, to act as her detective. The rest is a contrived series of ups and downs of the manhunt that has few qualified candidates. And the end is predictable.

For once Anna Faris has snagged a role that shows her talent (and fingernails-on-the- blackboard voice) and she looks terrific. But the biggest treat in the film is Chris Evans appearing in the buff often enough to keep the movie on: not only does he enjoy his Adonis body but he seems happy allowing it to buff up an otherwise routine comedy part. There is another attraction in the wings - Oliver Jackson-Cohen - who seems to have a future in film. Tuck in the always reliable Blythe Danner and Ed Begley, Jr and this is a cast worth an evening's outing. But the treat on top of the confection is the eye candy generously shared by Chris Evans.

Grady Harp
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Finally a romantic comedy for all
AaronAshton21 September 2011
My girlfriend got invited to a screening of this movie and though I tried to wiggle my way out of it, I was trapped into going. Walking into the theater with the worst possible predisposition, I have to admit I left smiling.

Men will immediately sympathize with the Chris Evans character: Slacker/musician/womanizer. Not the classic perfect catch man of these type of movies, which is breath of fresh air. I am not particularly fond of Farris, but she was another pleasant surprise. She makes her character very likable and though pursuing a completely ridiculous task she is absolutely relatable. Excellent character development by both, we see them grow and change and their on screen chemistry is just right. The reason I think the movie is perfect for all is that it has the right amount of romantic elements, mixed with a fair amount of raunchy and naked butts to keep everyone laughing. Not once during this movie did I feel it was falling into a sappy whole, and trust me I am the first one to stick two fingers down his throat when that happens (sorry for the image).

This movie definitely brakes the mold of Romantic Comedy, hopefully this is the direction they will take in the future. Let's make one thing clear: If you go see "What's your number?" be ready to laugh, be entertained and have a fun time. Don't expect "The Godfather", cause it ain't.

I'm not much of a review writer but there's something bugging me and I want to get it out. As a person who works in the film industry, I am particularly offended by the comment left below. You can like or dislike a movie for many reasons, obviously nobody has the definite truth. However, these folks create, develop, and put their names out there just to entertain you. You chose to stay behind your computer screen and criticize their work (poorly, I might add). Guess who's the coward?
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Got Anna Faris' Number!
pturner101026 September 2011
Do you looooooove Rom-Coms? Do you looooooove Anna Faris? If the answer is yes to either, then you can add at least another star or two to this rating.

For me, rom-coms are just too damn predictable and therefore never going to get above a six rating (unless you're talking unconventional genre spasms like 500 Days of Summer).

However taking into account I don't like rom-coms, this is the highest rating one of these films will get from me. Anna Faris is extremely likable as ever and Chris Evans is very funny and probably a perfect specimen of man in the eyes of many an audience member.

Watch the trailer and you'll know how it ends but the journey provides the kind of rude laughs and romantic moments in iconic locations that are becoming ever more familiar in the modern rom-com.

Like the recent Friends With Benefits (not bad) and the hilarious Bridesmaids, What's Your Number? is ruder and funnier than many older rom-coms with hand-job jokes, potty-mouthed dialogue and a female character who is liberated, crude and played by a star who is definitely not too shy or vain to embarrass herself.

As Faris' character searches for the perfect man among her twenty ex-lovers, cameos from Martin Freeman and Andy Samberg maintain interest but it's Faris and Evans that provide the real laughs and chemistry.

Nothing new if you're not a rom-com fan but ticks all the boxes for the target audience and keeps the genre headed in a dirtier direction.
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469th Review: Solid Rom-Com - liked it a lot
intelearts22 December 2011
What's Your Number simply is better than most rom-coms. It's a lot of fun, and puts some sizzle into the shizzle by giving it a little bit more sexyback than most. It's saved by two cute lead performances, a solid script, and a nod to the world that life ain't the 1950s anymore.

We really enjoyed this - it has a lot of heart, some genuine laughs, nothing too crude, it's sassy, even sexy, without being anything dangerous, and it's main plot device - what if you could go back and meet all your Exes - is one that has to ring true with a wide swathe of people.

All in all, if you like rom-coms then this is going to be exactly what you like; it makes you feel romantic, like true love is possible, and does so without being either prissy or crude; and it scores points for pointing out what really matters in life.... all in all a fun outing that both the heart and the mind can enjoy.
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We enjoyed this probably more than we should have. Anna Faris has our number!
TxMike29 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
When you make an inconsequential movie, and make no mistake "What's Your Number" is the epitome of an inconsequential movie, it succeeds or fails on the shoulders of the lead or leads.

This one succeeds because of Anna Faris, in my opinion a modern comedic actress genius. I have become a big fan of hers, and she can even play more serious roles as she did in 'Brokeback Mountain' and 'Lost in Translation." Here she is Ally Darling whose younger sister is getting married, but Ally is just getting fired from her job. On the subway home she reads an article that for women that have had more than 20 sexual partners, they have a 96+% chance of NEVER finding a relationship that will last.

So right away the somewhat ditzy Ally starts to make a list of her former partners, she needs to see how many she actually had. When she is finally done and counts them up she has had 19. Then after a night of drunken partying she wakes up with her former boss, the one who likes to stick his fingers in his pants then smell them. She is disgusted, but now she is at 20 and about to panic.

The other character that works out well and makes the movie interesting is Chris Evans (of Capt America) as Colin Shea , the across-the-hall neighbor who always seems to have a different girl over for the night, and the next morning he decides to hide out with Ally until the girl is gone.

We the audience recognize right away that Ally and Colin are probably soul mates, but it takes Ally a much longer time to figure that out. While she hasn't yet she decided that maybe some of her old partners might have changed for the better over the years and one of them might be ideal and she has Colin help her locate them. That idea doesn't work very well.

As Ally and Colin spend more time together, like shooting baskets in a game of strip horse at Boston Garden, or on the spur of the moment getting naked and jumping into the bay, they gradually form a bond. Ally's mother wants her to marry the "perfect" guy, who has the looks and wealth and wants to take her to Paris. But the moral of this story, if there is one, follow your heart and be with someone that you can "be yourself with", that is the route to happiness.

Fun movie, and Anna Faris is just great!
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What's your number? Probably higher than the score for this film…
bennington133 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I'll be honest. This was the least challenging movie showing at the cinema that didn't involve 3D sharks, hence its appeal. In a nutshell, Anna Faris vows not to sleep with anyone else unless he's 'The One' after learning (via the ever reliable medium of the woman's mag) that 96% of women with more than 20 ex-partners are unable to find husbands - I don't deny that it's cinematic candy floss. Unfortunately, even with expectations thus lowered, What's Your Number? still isn't premier league viewing. It's a shame really - Anna Faris and Chris Evans are a likable (and immensely buff) central couple, which makes them easy to root for/drool over. However, the film itself is merely a sequence of plot devices, some of which work, more of which don't. It's a terrible waste - few actresses have as much comic potential and willingness to make an ass of themselves as Faris. Even the open comedy goal of Faris re-visiting her exes is wasted - despite some promisingly perverse material, numerous cameos (including Martin Freeman, and a finger sniffing Joel McHale) are fluffed or wasted. The only positive is that the unmemorable male characters leave Blythe Danner clutching the best supporting actor role (as Faris' demonically elegant mother) by default. As for Evans, while he is effectively rehashing previous roles, most notably The Human Torch, as a cocky but lovable man ho', he (and his magnificent abs) are still worth the price of entry. Plus the basketball scene is probably the sexiest thing involving one ball that you'll see in a cineplex this year. Unfortunately, despite a plausible premise (rare is the woman that hasn't questioned everything about her existence after reading an article in a lifestyle magazine), the film sags. I wasn't expecting an exhaustive treatise on feminism, but What's Your Number? doesn't even acknowledge the irony of a woman 'taking control' of her life on the basis of a single spurious statistic in a Marie Claire article, or the flagrant double standard at play as Faris' character freaks out about her number - a number easily surpassed by her male neighbour. Such omissions push the film beyond light and fluffy, and into outright vacuous territory instead. Sub plots come and go without arousing much interest, the insurmountable obstacle and various declarations of love are extremely contrived (yes, even for a rom com), and then there's the perennial question of how two penniless people can afford such magnificent apartments (I rent a hovel at vast expense, so naturally it bothers me). In short, there were better rom coms released in 2011 and unless you've already seen them, you should probably save this one for a rainy Sunday evening.
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RomCom with heart & soul
cinemaniac20025 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This film turned out to be much more than I thought it would be. The story line is really something that any modern-day woman can relate to. After the sexual revolution of the 60s, it seems like women are still characterized as whores if they have more than a handful of partners, while men can screw hundreds of women and never be chastised. As a result, progressive women are left with either hiding their conquests or risk being branded a whore - for life. Hard to believe that in this day and age, there is still such a double standard.

Once Ally Darling (played brilliantly by Anna Faris) finds out that she has doubled the average number of partners that a woman has had - she is desperate to ensure that her next sexual partner turns out to be her husband. That desire, in and of itself is sad. She shouldn't have to think this way and is responding to a status quo ... yet, people can relate to the fact that she longs for real love. It's just that she shouldn't be under that kind of pressure. Yet, this is what happens when women compare themselves to other women in our society -- they often take drastic measures in an effort to conform.

What do men do? Their noncomformity is celebrated, so they needn't be bothered to even attempt to change it. Got no job? No problem! There's a woman out there who will look right past that, happy to carry all of the weight. Sleep around and cheat? Again, usually not a problem - as long as you don't get caught. And, even if you do, there is a strong chance that your woman will take you back. In fact, there are entire websites built to help you continue your wicked ways. This is not to say that women are not equally as guilty of being lazy, stupid or cheating. Just that women seem to be held more accountable for being those things.

To make matters worse for Ally, she gets sacked from a marketing job that she hates. So, really, that's a good thing. She just doesn't know it yet. This is actually one of the best things about this film - if nothing else, realize that when one door closes, the right door may open - if you give it a chance. This movie is full of that kinda stuff, which made it even more endearing.

Immediately after vowing to connect meaningfully with her next partner, she gets drunk and winds up screwing her old boss. The morning after scene is hilarious... and Joel McHale plays a great douchebag.

Her neighbor, whom she seems to be the female version of, saves her by the bell as he tries to get away from his own coyote ugly episode.

Ally realizes she needs to change her life around and comes up with the seemingly brilliant idea of checking on all the guys she's slept with from her past because -- gee! They may have been the one! Except that as most of us know -- that is not the case. Some people just need to stay in your past, as she will soon learn.

Hilarity ensues as we see what has been happening with all of these guys. Of course, her lofty neighbor has been helping her track the guys down. That is, until he realizes he likes her for himself. But her friends caution her that he is just another douchebag and not good enough for her. Certainly not boyfriend material. Of course, the truth is quite different - as we will see as the story plays out.

I disagree that this film does not compare to other raunchy romcoms -- in fact, I think it is better than many of them. There are really great messages buried beneath the surface of this movie that are really worth watching.

The chemistry between the actors as really great, too. As with other films of this type, there are some over the top hard to suspend disbelief moments, but that is to be expected. Truth is, they're still funny, even if hard to fathom.

Some of the lines in this film had me howling -- for the sheer truth behind them. The writing was absolutely superb when it came to that. The main thing about this film is remember that it is, in fact, a romcom. It is not a Merchant Ivory film. Realizing that -- for what it is -- it's a great film and I'm really glad I took the time to watch it because I was totally entertained -- all the way through. Also -- the messages that love means being yourself - not feeling bad about who you are and chasing your dreams - weren't lost on me and if people can get those too, then it's really worthwhile to see this movie. Especially at a time when society is still hung up on certain old school values that modern and evolved people could never live up to.
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