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A tragic turn of events
Tweekums9 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
As the series approaches its conclusion it looks as if one plot line is about to be resolved; Sloane had been blackmailed into helping Prophet Five in return for a cure for his daughter's illness and now he has it. There is a catch though; before the cure can be administered Nadia must be dead for thirty seconds! Understandable he is wary about doing this but when he learns that the cure comes from Rambaldi he administers it and she makes a remarkable recovery. APO meanwhile learns that Anna is working for Peyton and they have recruited somebody in Barcelona to decode the message hidden in Page Forty Seven. As he is a contact of Renée they use her to help capture him in an attempt to capture Anna; unfortunately the mission goes tragically wrong with fatal consequences for one of the team. That isn't the only death; the second is more tragic still and will lead Sloane back to his obsession with Rambaldi and into the arms of Prophet Five.

This was a good episode with the sort of action one has come to expect from Alias; it also featured something quite unexpected namely the shocking deaths of two characters; both of which were surprisingly bloody. It is a pity that we are unlikely to see Mía Maestro and Élodie Bouchez again as they contributed well to the series with good characters... although you never know with Alias (unless you've seen the final episodes), people have returned from the dead before! I wasn't surprised at how Sloane reacted at the end of the episode although I thought it was a shame; I like the character and was hoping he'd find redemption in the end.
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Shocking! Positively shocking!
gridoon201715 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Sloane gives Nadia the cure he got from Prophet Five (which involves stopping her heart for 30 seconds, then reviving her). She wakes up from her coma and everything seems to be alright, but Jack is suspicious and begins investigating Sloane's recent activities. Meanwhile, the APO team is tracking Anna Espinosa to her meeting with a man who has been hired by Prophet Five to decode the hidden message of Page 47....the problem is, the page they have is a very well done fake - and guess who has the authentic one! For pure shock value, few "Alias" episodes can surpass "30 Seconds". Two cast members get (rather graphically) killed, and Sloane takes a major dark turn in his journey. The episode is chillingly well-done, but at the same time disappointing, because the lovely & sweet Mia Maestro finally returns to the series with a speaking role only to....and Sloane's turn just about throws nearly three seasons' worth of redemption into the dumpster. I still like the series on a technical level, but I have reservations about some of the latest plot developments. *** out of 4.
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