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Real Characters, Not so real story

Author: allybug89 from United States
2 May 2008

For some odd reason, I have never neglected to watch a season of Laguna Beach or The Hills. I never plan on it, but somehow I sit down at the right time of a rerun and end up catching every episode of each season. I would call them all a guilty pleasure, but I always felt there was something lacking in the show, something that made me not truly enjoy what I was watching or make me coming back for more. Somehow I missed the season of 8th and Ocean. I heard about it from my friends, but I never sat down at the right time to catch an episode. So I rented it out of curiosity and discovered the thing that was so lacking from it's MTV siblings. This show has heart. A show about ten models and I find more substance in their day to day encounters than any fight between Heidi and Lauren. Sure there are fights. Sure there are shallow people. Sure the stories may be partly fabricated. But you really get a sense that these people truly care about each other, you see them struggle through morals, and confidence issues, and not always succeeding. They actually build each other up instead of spending most of their time tearing each other down, or trying to steal each other's boyfriends. Don't watch this show because you want to see something mentally enriching, but also don't judge this show until you see the heart I'm talking about.

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Great show

Author: havic366 from United States
17 May 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay first off let me say the only reason this show doesn't get a 10 out of 10 is because they mostly edited out all the ethnic people. When I first saw the show's trailer and t.v. spots they showed Brianna and Sean and Tracie. I didn't even know the contacts twins were gonna be on the show. I just wished they had more episodes especially of Sean, Tracie, and Talesha modeling and Vinci on a photo shoot. See on the trailer, in magazines, and etc they show that stuff but it's like man where is it? 8th and Ocean needs to have some extended episodes or never before seen episodes. I'm definitely waiting for season 2 (same cast and BRING BACK TRACIE,CAUSE I KEEP SEEING HER ON COMMERCIALS NOW) or a DVD with all the extras and interviews and and at least 30 minutes of never aired stuff.

I would have loved to see more Brianna.

There was Way too much footage for them to cut the season so SHORT. A lot of scenes were cut out like who was Talesha cursing out? she said you can be a little b, well I can be a really big b to somebody and Sean was waving his hand in the air on a runway where was that from! I'm sorry i got mad that all I saw of SEan was him commenting or asking the models about their day!!!! MADE ME MAD. i would also like to see clips of that guy that Heidi was dancing with he's cute.

Okay now the review, basically the show follows 10 models on their adventures of modeling. The first couple of episodes did that and then it just looked like drama was being instigated and blown out of proportion especially with the bookers starting drama. Everyone looks good. I wish they would have shown them working more than worrying about who Teddy was with and why Brit couldn't wear this and that and why the twins were too much drama.

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How Many Dimwits Does it Take to Electrify a Reality Show?

Author: Hemin-ha from United States
19 March 2006

Is it just me, or has MTV finally jumped the shark with "8th & Ocean"?

Here's yet one more reality show about beautiful people living in glamorous locations. And get this, this time it's about models. Wow, we've only seen this on MTV about a hundred times before. No reason not to see it yet again.

The critics have universally panned this show, and with good reason. In "8th and Ocean" we're treated to a bunch of twenty-something model wannabees living in Miami, FL, all hoping to make it in the world of fashion modeling. It's big egos and immaturity at its best. These people have absolutely no skills, except maybe how to best show off the beauty they were fortunate to have been born with. The stories are clearly aimed at the middle school crowd; no self-respecting person over the age of 13 would dare watch this tripe. All in all 8th & Ocean is simply an excuse to televise a bunch of good looking, well-built young bodies.

The show is a poor reflection on MTV's executives. How about just once MTV making a show about something we haven't seen before? How about MTV making a show that reflects its audience, which by the way is not made up of those few people in the world who are lucky enough to live the glam life? How about just once MTV making a show that doesn't assume it's audience has no brains? That's the least one can expect from a channel that's supposed to be cutting edge, yet is now nothing more than a paltry shadow of its former self.

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More Real

Author: LSkiies from United States
16 March 2006

8th and Ocean seems more real than Laguna Beach If you think about it there's not all drama and stuff like the Laguna Beach kids seem more richer than the 8th and Ocean kids but I think the 8th and Ocean kids are hotter than them. But From right now there's all like 2 episodes of this show but it seems more real than all that drama in and like fighting over guys, you the yelling, screaming things and stuff seems more scripted but when you see models on here its like taking pictures it seems more real and Laguna Beach Vs 8th and Ocean when you look at it which seems more real 8th and ocean or Laguna Beach? But to me it seems more real

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