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amazing, keeps you on the edge of your seat
weedymuff10 May 2006
I've been hooked on prison break since the beginning and every single episode is amazing and makes you want to see the next. But when i knew the next one was the one for there escape i couldn't wait, and when it came i was blown off my seat. Basic story line for this episode is that Michael tapes up pope into a wardrobe making him call off the search for belic, they all meet in his cell and go into the pipes, belic nearly gets found because he scraps off the tape round his mouth and starts shouting for help. But the crew get there just in time to stop him from being found and carry on to the drain pipe. They all put on their white suits as Michael dressed as belic goes into the phyc ward and sets of the fire alarm, when all the phyc's come out, the crew come out of the drain pipe and blend in with the phyc's. Michael jabs the phyc ward guard with some shot that knocks him out, they all then leave through the phyc ward to the medic room. They take out the window with a hose pipe tied to the bars, and the other end to the lift which they send down to pull the bars off. They all get over the wire except db cooper who can't and stays behind, and the fat guy snaps the wire and gets caught because the secretary finds the pope who sounds the alarms. That is just a brief over run of the episode. Hope you found it helpful. I recommend prison break to ANYONE. Best drama ever! Can't wait for the final episode.
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The Escape
Claudio Carvalho8 October 2008
Michael forces the Warden Pope to transfer Lincoln to the infirmary. Then he gags Pope, ties him to a chair, locks him in a wardrobe and tells his secretary that Pope is calling the Minister of Justice for a long conversation. Michael dresses the jacket and hat of Bellick and activates the fire alarm; his crew reaches the asylum in the confusion. Dr. Sara Tancredi is disturbed and emotionally unbalanced after the revelation of Michael. She wanders in Chicago and decides to return to Fox River and leaves the door of the infirmary open. Nick abducts Veronica and tells her that he is protecting his father; however, he releases her and asks her to travel to Montana. When Nick meets his father in his apartment, one gangster of Abruzzi is waiting for him. The senior management of the Company decides to get rid off Caroline and support another candidate; they ask the assessment of Caroline to Samantha and she tells that the Vice-President is a dangerous person. DB is seriously wounded and he tells Michael where the money is in Utah. Further, he tells that the real amount is US$ 5,000,000.00 and asks Michael to visit his daughter Anna. Haywire surprisingly joins the group in the infirmary.

"Go" is probably the tensest episode of this wonderful First season. I felt sorry for the fate of DB Cooper and Nick, but the condition of Sara is heartbreaking. The betrayal of Michel to Warden Pope is also a sad moment of the show. I foresee that the despicable Vice-President will be eliminated sooner. I am curious with the fate of the scum John Abruzzi, but the revelation of DB will certainly arise the greed of the runaways. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "A Noite da Fuga" ("The Night of Escaping")
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Extremely Intense
RbDeraj9 March 2015
The time comes for the conspirators to finally go ahead with their plan. It is what this entire first season has been building up to; the escape. Another member is added as one falls, most everything goes according to plan except at the end and we are once again left at a cliff hanger, literally hanging in suspense. The action was incredibly gripping, tense, and had viewers on edge the whole time. It was probably the most exciting episode thus far. With a few new introduced plot twists involving Veronica and Nick, the tension that arises when Charles Westmoreland revels how much cash he actually has hidden, and with our convicts at the brink of freedom, the desire to see the next episode is unbearable.
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