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Well worth watching with the kids !!!!
lucillemiles-123 February 2007
I don't normally take part in such practices, however I felt compelled to have my say. I have a five year old son who if given his way will watch cartoon all day everyday . The few ours I allow him to watch television it's normally some over animated overly active television program. There is almost no such thing as family programming anymore, but this show is . my family sits down every Friday night, and watch Class of 3000. We find ourselves having a good time and the songs are even catchy. WE didn't have expectations going in but I have always respected Andres work and I can say the same about Class of 3000.Is it the best cartoon I've ever seen, no ,but it is a well thought out and even a well planned wholesome show. Way too often these cartoons, and their characters go right over children's head with all of the extra mature content. My favorite character is Lil D I think he represents a lot of kids in Atlanta (the one born and raised there). I hope it last ,it's nice for African American kids to see themselves in a cartoon.

There is a way to look at the past. Don't hide from it. It will not catch you if you don't repeat it
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super_gurl8464 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
this show is named class of 3000 after Andre 3000. and its not just a bunch of crap. the music is good and the music is supposed to be jazz.

i like that they don't use just one type of person/race through out the show, its mixed, which is always good. also that they teach mini lessons in 'subliminal messages' (the devil and li'l d.--the devil was a record company and they made all of the profits of li'l d's "music video" which was actually portrayed as a commercial for the ham company. therefore they are saying that some music companies you cant trust because that's all they are trying to do*watch some rap music videos and you will see what i mean*) the point is that this show is really good for kids and any adults who still enjoy their healthy helping of younger age shows.
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Adults vs Children
baddotcom12 January 2008
I was reading some of the previous comments and had to chuckle out loud at the adults reviewing a show for kids. Some of you are having a hard time trying to figure out why you do not understand the show. One guy cannot figure out the title (Class of 3000:Andre 3000 creator of the show) and so forth. Basically the show is not meant for you. It's meant for the kids and if you children like that all that matters? The show got great ratings and is coming back for another season because kids love the show.

I personally found the show to be creative, colorful and entertaining. There is not too much hidden adult humor like most children's shows that I have watched with my kids. Nice lessons throughout the show and great interaction between the various ethnic backgrounds....something that the young Americans need to see. Great examples of how we can all get along being from "Different Strokes" As long the show continues to display a positive message to my children and give them interest in music (which is has for mine and millions of other children) then I am all for it. I look forward to another season of a great show! Don't read too much into the super detailed negative reviews from the adults. They are trying to be overly analytical of a show designed for children. Watch it with your kids, form your own view and if they like the show and you see it fitting for them to view. Please let them be entertained.
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Not bad could be better.
aleenamokoia22 November 2006
This story is about a school of the arts that does not have a music teacher. So One of the characters goes out to try and find on. He then comes across Sunny who at frist seems annoyed at the boy. Soon Sunny ends up teaching the kids.

Personally I like the animation though it was a bit too obstract, the music however was amazing and the voice acting is very well done. This show only has about 4 episodes out at this point and so far the show isn't bad. I think that if you enjoy music and seeing how it can influence kids then this is a must see.

In my opion if you need something to watch ,but nothing else seems to interesting give the show a try. all in all the show is very well thought out, even if it is a bit bland at times it can be surprisingly hummorous.
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Overlooked Genius
breslin-38 December 2006
I don't like Outkast music. I don't like the music in this show. I don't know how anyone could find music in that flurry of post-production. The characters aren't very original, nor are the situations. And the way Andre 3000's character is portrayed seems very egotistical.

All this considered, I was going to hate this show. Before I saw it, I couldn't imagine how I'd like it. And I was wrong.

The redeeming factor here is the creativity, a sort of creativity that nearly every modern cartoon is lacking. There's creativity in the writing, in the animation, in everything. And it all flows seamlessly. The story-boarding is better than anything else on the station. My favorite part I've seen is when the kids each play their instruments, bringing Sonny the world of their music. The transitions between the kids are seamless and clever, while also managing to make me crack a smile.

It's one of those cases where a bad story is told well enough to be redeemable. There are some very talented people behind this one, and their work makes the complaints of this review seem minor. I find myself enjoying it very much.
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Class of 3000
miss_fluffysama4 February 2007
This show is actually pretty good. The music is great. Sometimes a few interruptions but still great. I actually love watching show a lot. I'm loving all of the music video. I have them on my Ipod. But seriously, it has great humor.

Mostly just because Mr. Andre 3000 took his time and made a show like this makes me understand he cares. Its actually great. Since its based in his home town. Most kids love this show. Many just don't because there in to all of this rap. But the oh so original beats. This show is also one of Cartoon Networks top shows.

I give this show a 10 out of 10 stars.
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great series and music
jon21 October 2007
I, my wife and my children LOVE this series! It's a throwback to the Jackson 5ive series of old...corny jokes and visual puns great music, and a lot of fun. The series has a particular look--abstract, vibrant, very jazzy--it may not be for your average cartoon fan. It's got an arsty feel.

I love the musicality of the tracks--definitely more than cheesy kids songs but not ridiculous pop drivel. We've bought the soundtrack and the kids will go bananas when they hear it--lots of energy!

I'd say the older kids may not dig it as much, but for my younger kids ( 2 5 and 8) and grown ups who are familiar with Andre's's good stuff.
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Best anime
johnmitchell-5527723 October 2016
I saw this when I was a kid and it was pretty neat. I revisited it and it is just as good as I remember it, if not better. The main animation is grandiose with a style that really makes it stand out, and the addition of other animators coming in for the music videos is just Willy Wonka levels of eye candy. I like that its main characters are of varying races. Plus, I like to think that Sunny's somewhere in the list most powerful characters in fiction given what he's capable of. It's a shame this show went out so early. I guess a lawsuit doesn't look good on your resumé. Oh, and to the guy to said this is worse than Cow and Chicken, I must know if you're trolling. I not, then I have several questions.
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I knew it was a mistake from the start.
Ithorianjedimaster213 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Class of 3000 was made for the soul reason of 'redefining' the way kids look at music. It tries so hard to do this, but the music produced by the show is either boring or annoying or both. The show is about Sunny Bridges, a world-famous singer that suddenly gives up his musical career since he is getting annoyed by fame's 'pleasures'. This alerts a music class that is made up of the most over-used, predictable and mostly just seem like rip-offs of Rugrat's All Grown Up. You have the 'leader' who sometimes makes bad decisions and that is what drives most of the episodes. You have the hyperactive Alabama girl who just won't shut up, especially with her high-pitched voice and annoying lines. There's the twins that don't get along at all *cough* Phil and Lil *cough cough*. You have the geek who has the predictable glasses, red curly hair, and talks a lot about technology. Then finally, there is the big, bully-like girl who has an admirer who takes the form of a rich boy, a rip-off of Richie Rich.

The music class isn't the only clichés found with Class of 3000. On the first episode, the show tries to make fun of musical groups, like the back-up singers always saying whatever Sunny says (which was used plenty of times in other, better, shows) and the Yes-man, the guy that says yes to everything (again, over-used, but used better in most shows).

If clichés don't throw you off, the crappy jokes and gags will. The first episode was ripe with jokes that couldn't even produce a chuckle. Sure, the show tries, but you may just let out a generosity chuckle, just to make you and the show feel better. These bad jokes are taken in the form of chickens singing, a dog with a ship and large plasma TV, and two government generals that don't know a thing about the military. We've seen a better version of these generals, which was produced by "Courage the Cowardly Dog" where the generals would decide what to do in a situation, while blasting, burning, shooting, breaking, and overall, wrecking havoc on each other in the process. Class of 3000 seemed to try and mimic this, but they forgot the fighting and even if they fought, they would have sucked as bad as the show.

I heard that many people thought this would be about the future, since it is called Class of 3000. When someone says, "Class of ..." after the "of" is usually the year so everyone thought it was 3000 AD in the show, but the show was named about the creator's nickname, which is 3000. This is done by poor planning, stupid thinking, and probably laziness.

As I mentioned before, the music in the show is pathetic. There are songs called "Throwing Down", "Go Away, Blob", and "Kim Kam Jam". There are numerous other songs, but I really don't care about them. In every 'music video' of these songs, they mess up the artwork to fit the song, such as Throwing Down is more bright and more energetic, Go Away Blob has more of a military/monster movie feel, and Kim Kam Jam revolves around the twin characters and what music they play. This would have been an OK idea, if the songs were good.

It seems impossible to place any of the songs into the music genres. They sure as hell ain't rock-and-roll, no rap (Thank god), and the genre that fits the songs, but still fails to identify is Techno. If Class of 3000 was trying to make a new genre or something, why don't they call it "Pathetic".

'Redefine the way we look at music', I agree with that, because after you hear the tunes of Class of 3000, all the music you have with you seem like an holy escape from this crappy, cliché-filled, and overall, just plain annoying cartoon.
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nalem2923 December 2006
To the previous commenter, it's called "Class of 3000" because the VA for Sunny is Andre Benjamin, AKA ANDRE 3000. Sunny's sort of like the leader of the kids, so that makes sense.

But I must agree. This cartoon's absolutely terrible. I'm really sick of musician cartoons and cartoons about school. The plots are very uninteresting and there's no sense of any... point of it all. Why didn't cartoon companies learn to stop making cartoons about musicians after the Beatles? But no, they had to make this just like they made Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi and Hammerman. They just continue to spawn and I think it's unfair to the viewers.

What makes it worse is that people actually enjoy this show. The songs are horrible the humor is idiotic, and every single character is uninteresting and bland.

Hopefully Cartoon Network comes to their senses and pulls it from the air. They've produced enough stupid shows.
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