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this unfairly maligned sci-fi comedy testifies that Eddie Murphy still has the gift of surprise.
Aside from some unnecessarily crude stereotypes, Eddie Murphy's least-painful comedy in years has a certain peculiar charm.
Meet Dave isn't great, but it's good enough. And it proves once again that Murphy can do anything - even a PG comedy in which he isn't a donkey.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Actually, as Eddie Murphy PG comedies go, Meet Dave isn't bad. In fact, it's kind of sweet, innocent almost - kid-friendly in the best sense.
Isn't likely to win Murphy another Oscar nomination, but it allows him to do what he does best - loads of physical comedy.
The "Star Trek" gibes feel especially lazy, since the movie ought to be "Men in Black" kicky, not sketch-comedy dusty.
The Hollywood Reporter
Eddie Murphy's amusingly out of this world in this otherwise tired vehicle.
Chicago Tribune
The heartbreaking thing about Meet Dave...is its occasional funniness amid a sea of pablum. If it were completely rank, it'd be less frustrating.
Dumbfoundingly erratic, for the most part, but smart and funny from time to time.
If only the movie had heeded its own advice and tried to be different from the standard formula.
Murphy, teaming again with his "Norbit" director Brian Robbins, is assuming we'll all line up for lazyass toilet jokes and pay for the privilege. Prove him wrong, people, please.

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