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Average, but entertaining
bclaver118 February 2013
I took my 9yo and 7yo to see it while a friend of mine with a 5yo did not want to expose her child to a PG movie. Honestly, Tom & Jerry, Road Runner, and Popeye cartoons are 10x more violent than this. It easily could have been G rated. The violence was very mild. The movie was pretty good with some funny parts but many references will go over most kids heads while parents will laugh (do any children under 10yo know what "Area 51" refers to??) I would recommend saving yourself money by staying away from the 3D version of this movie. The first comment from my 7yo after the movie was, "there wasn't much 3D" and she was absolutely right. There were some, but by the middle of the movie, you don't notice it. Movie has a pretty good story line. Not a great movie, but not bad either. Good movie to see on a rainy weekend or day off of school.
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Escape from Planet Earth — Colorful animation and aliens for kids or simple entertainment
Avid Climber14 March 2013
Escape from Planet Earth is a good movie for kids. It's funny, and colorful. However, do not think that it's bringing anything new to the table. It's nice entertainment, without any real disappointment, but it's a light meal.

It's real and only strength lies in the slick and extremely colorful graphics. they have their own style and there's not denying the appeal or the design of the alien home world.

The rest is merely acceptable. The story is linear, the scenario unimaginative, and the dialogs simple.

I liked it because it was fun, but don't expect much out of it and you won't be disappointed.
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Enjoyable, but nothing spectacular
Ghostninja22 June 2013
Good story, if a little bit uninspired. Some good moral points and impressive twists. As far as animations go, quality is right up there and an interesting ideas on how extra terrestrials could look. great variety in shape and sizes as well as a believable planet network. enjoyable graphics and great voice acting with a few celebs Took me forever to figure out who one of the characters were! but got there in the end. Nothing extra ordinary about it, some good takes on human way of life for the adults to chuckle at. All in all an enjoyable movie, and while its not up with the best animations i've ever seen i certainly enjoyed it and will recommend it to any kid/kid at heart who likes scifi!
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Excellent cartoon!
DEBI BROWN18 February 2013
We took our ten year old, and as always, enjoyed a movie made for kids with enough entertainment thrown in for adults. It appears that kids and parents go through the same things, regardless of the planet. Found myself laughing most of the way through, especially when my boyfriend leaned over and said 'you know this is a movie for kids, right?' I guess I'm a kid at heart and this movie was very enjoyable. Loved seeing who played which characters at the end. I only recognized one during the film, but was pleasantly surprised by the rest! Maybe it was the holiday, but our theater was packed, and everyone seemed to walk away having enjoyed the show.
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Good animation, but the humor overdoes itself.
DarkVulcan2920 February 2013
Blue alien named Scorch(Brendan Fraser) is quite the thrill seeker, every time he goes on a mission. With his brother Gary(Rob Corddry) who is behind the controls guiding him on the missions, Gary is not a thrill seeker like his brother, they are from the planet BAAB. Scorch gets a new mission, to go the forbidden planet AKA Earth. Gary refuses to go along with it. Cause he is tired of being in his brothers shadow. When Scorch gets captured when he does arrive on earth, it's up to Gary to rescue him, but will he?

The animation is almost up there with Wreck It Ralph. The jokes seem run themselves into the ground. Most of the time instead of trying to have a story, I feel it was going more for satire. Not that it was terrible, but not has good as Monters Vs Aliens(2009). Brendan Fraser and Rob Corddry are alright in voice casting.
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Enjoyable Movie
jezza2489 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
well we will start off on one negative. the voices for some of the characters just didn't fit. George Lopez's character and Jane lynch's characters just annoyed me, i reckon George Lopez would be good if he was playing a more, tough and bulky character, unlike the alien he played named "Thurman". and to be honest Jane lynch should just stick to glee. her voice is just incredibly annoying when it comes to her character "Lo". but all of the other character's voices fitted perfectly and delivered solid performances. although the movie is enjoyable, it has it's flaws. as entered the second half of this movie, i began to lose interest. but what kept me going was a hilarious performance by Craig Robinson, as a Small and what he thinks, heroic mouse. I did like the fact, that it shows issues between the two brothers Scorch Supernova and Gary Supernova, and in the end how they fix those issues, and realize how much they need each other. in the end it was a enjoyable family movie that kids will love. I would give this movie a 6.4, if IMDb would let me for the review.
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If it's the worst animated film I'll see this year, I'll be quietly content; if it's the best I'll be concerned.
Steve Pulaski24 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Escape from Planet Earth is the theatrical debut from a little studio called Rainmaker Entertainment, and shows a tad more promise than the wealth of uninspired animated sequels such as Ice Age: Continental Drift that families have been forced to sit through this past summer. It concerns a place called Planet Baab, where a pair of brothers named Gary and Scorch Supernova (voiced by Rob Corddry and Brendan Fraser, respectively) work for a space program. Gary is the head of mission control, frequently pressing buttons and maintaining different technical jobs, while Scorch has the luxury of experiencing everything firsthand given his role as the astronaut. One day, Gary gets tired of Scorch's carelessness for assignments and his run-of-the-mill planning thanks to his ego, and Scorch is tired of Gary's sophistication and smothering seriousness. To show gumption, bravery, and self-reliance, Scorch decides to venture to a place called "the dark planet" (Earth), where, not long after, he is kidnapped by a group of humans and locked in Area 51. It's up to his brother Gary, who leaves behind his wife and kids, to save his brother's backside, yet again.

Just within the first half of Escape from Planet Earth, we see how this film came to fruition. When Scorch lands on Earth, he noticed a waving balloon in front of a store and mistakes it for another lifeform. The waving balloon is a door-greeter for a 7/11 perfectly adjacent to Area 51. Inside the 7/11, where Gary stops upon his arrival to Earth, two geeky employees try to get him to drink a gorgeous blue Slurpee, shoving more product placement in our faces. Escape from Planet Earth doesn't have the budget of many CGI features (and I highly doubt it will make anywhere near the money they are known for either), so much of the profit and spending money was likely built because of unnecessary, unsubtle advertising.

Aside from that fact, this animated feature isn't half bad. It's first half is slow, methodical, and a tad too chaotic, where its second and third half are a delightful mix of humor and colors. At least for me. The rows in front of me which were occupied with about fourteen kids rarely chuckled or even so much as laughed. I fear that kids are reaching a phase where they've "seen it all," what with being bombarded by constant new animated programs and films, and because of that, this film inevitably feels like a genial, yet uninspired rehash of material. This I can agree with; my chuckles never stemmed past that nor were my smiles held for very long. There was no gripping attachment to these characters unlike what I've seen in Disney, Dreamworks, or Pixar films, and because of that, this falls flat in the impact and character departments.

Yet I still can't neglect the high level of imagination this film possesses and the overall smoothness of its production. Rainmaker Entertainment has long produced direct-to-DVD features that have been met with mixed public reception. Scrolling through titles like Scary Godmother, Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild, and a never-ending onslaught of Barbie-trademarked films gives the impression to an unfamiliar consumer that they specialize in digital babysitters rather than impacting adventures. However, if there's one thing they seemed to hit home with here, it's the level of surprise, style, and motion that was put into picture. This doesn't quite look like a direct-to-DVD movie, and its adventure translates nicely to the big screen. Even the animation doesn't seem like it would blend in with other medium-budget CGI features often found on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. It's a surprisingly very tasteful endeavor.

As far as the storyline, which seems reminiscent of a film called Planet 51, unseen by me, there's not enough interest to make you analyze every possible outcome the characters could end up in, but there's not enough distance to where you absolutely don't care either. By the final act of the film, I wasn't deep into the mindset of loathe and actually found myself giggling at plot-points and certain details. Take for example the justification for imprisonment one of the aliens makes when Gary is thrown into Area 51 while trying to rescue his brother; he states that it was aliens who created revolutionary technology like the smartphone, the computer, the search engine, and even animated films. The reason we weren't told that was the evil-head of Area 51 named Shanker (William Shatner) imprisoned the aliens and gave credit to men like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and John Lasseter. "C'mon, man, do you really think a human could've made all that stuff?" one alien asks.

Escape from Planet Earth isn't really the most ideal viewing for children, especially considering even at eighty-nine minutes it treads the fine-line of being much of a muchness. But there's a good heart, a somewhat interesting story, solid visual flair, tolerable characters, a recognizable and capable cast of voices, and the generic but welcomed warmth animated films so innocently bare. If it's the worst animated film I'll see this year, I'll be quietly content; if it's the best I'll be concerned.

And do I even need to conclude with a statement about the inert and mediocre nature of the 3D?

NOTE: Escape from Planet Earth marks the first film of the year that I will do a companion-video review for on Youtube,

Voiced by: Rob Corddry, Brendan Fraser, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Alba, William Shatner, Craig Robinson, George Lopez, Jane Lynch, Sofía Vergara, Jonathan Morgan Heit, Ricky Gervais, Steve Zahn, and Gregg Binkley. Directed by: Cal Brunker.
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Chix Chat on Film Review: Great Sci-fi animation; not very engaging.
Emma Dinkins19 February 2013
As a fan of animated features, I figured that this was a good opportunity to start the year off with some fun and fancy. Escape from Planet Earth looked from the trailer as if it was a story of captured aliens farmed out to work for free, inventing all the convenient gadgets that mere Earthlings could never have conceived. That concept was taken directly from Men in Black but that didn't dismay me I still expected a pretty good story to unfold. It turned out that this was one of the best looking worst written stories that I have had an opportunity to view lately. The animation was first rate, and I thought that would translate into a first rate film. It was sometimes hard to stay in the moment, my thoughts strayed numerous times. The first half hour was just a series of animated physical comedy that was not particularly funny, stepping on a broom and being popped in the face is just plain unoriginal and old. I believe that the issue with this story was that it was trying so hard to be good by adding in all the elements that make for a good movie that it somehow missed the mark. There was at the very foundation of the story the sibling rivalry between Gary Supernova (Rob Corddry) and his younger bigger brother Scorch Supernova (Brendan Frazier) and with them the brain versus brawn was at the core of their contention. There was some tongue in cheek Area 51, trailer park behavior, and a number of other hijinks that should have been fun or funny but just weren't. I suppose I expect a story to make sense and the opening scene with Scorch saving babies who happen to be in an unmanned crashed spacecraft was just ridiculous, so the rest just seemed like fodder. I did like the fact that Sofia Vergara (Gabby) was not just there for her sex appeal. As I mentioned before even without seeing the film in 3D which I didn't it looked great, the animation with all the pretty colors would be appealing to a small child, and they may find the broom in the face funny once or twice, but thrice! I don't think so. This is definitely a good rental to keep the little ones entertained in the comfort of your own home, but you can't leave them unattended since there is that PG rating. I give this film a red light.
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The whole Area 51 monster movie send-up is fun but that's about it.
Hellmant13 June 2013
'ESCAPE FROM PLANET EARTH': Two and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

An animated sci-fi adventure film about a popular astronaut hero from another planet who becomes trapped on Earth and has to be rescued by his computer nerd brother. The all-star voice cast includes Brendan Fraser, Rob Corddry, Ricky Gervais, William Shatner, Jessica Alba, Sofia Vergara, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jane Lynch, Craig Robinson, George Lopez, Steve Zahn and Chris Parnell. It's directed by first time feature film director, and former storyboard artist, Carl Brunker and written by Brunker, Bob Barlen, Tony Leech and Cory Edwards. The animation is colorful and fun to look at and the cast is impressive as well but the story and scene content is pretty simplistic. I liked the monster movie sci-fi send-up though.

Scorch Supernova (Fraser) is a popular astronaut superhero, of sorts, on his home planet Baab. He's looked up to by many there but his brother, Gary (Corddry), is the brains behind their team and he always guides the dimwitted Scorch through his missions, from the BASA base where they work. Gary never gets any of the credit though and even his own son Kip (Jonathan Morgan Heit) idolizes Scorch. When their boss, Lena (Alba), orders Scorch to travel to the 'Dark Planet' (Earth), in response to an SOS there, Gary knows it's a bad idea (due to the fact that no other alien life form has ever returned from there). He advises Scorch not to go on the mission but Scorch ignores him and the two get in a huge fight when Gary quits. Scorch goes on the mission without his brother's help, for the first time, and is captured and imprisoned at Area 51. It's of course up to Gary to save him.

The animation is beautiful to look at and has a lot of character to it, unfortunately the story doesn't. It's about as simplistic and by the numbers as you can get. I like a lot of the actors in this cast (especially Corddry, Gervais and Vergara) but their talents are wasted here. Fraser is perfectly cast as the dimwitted hero, once again, but he's the only star that really adds anything special to his role (which is funny because he's arguably the least talented). Like I said the whole Area 51 monster movie send-up is fun but that's about it. It should please kids but other than some great looking animation and a decent score (including a cool song by Owl City) the film has little else to offer adults.

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Simply Entertaining
cultfilmfreaksdotcom16 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
As the people of planet Earth, we see ourselves as being either too polluting and therefore doomed, or else Fallen and thus, damned. So if we don't have that bright an outlook, it's no surprise other solar systems view us as the most backward/de-evolved globe in the cosmos, or as one alien calls it, The Dark Planet. (Or maybe Hollywood's doing their usual self effacing thing but in a much wider scope.)

Why one particular alien/astronaut named Scorch Supernova, the big brave Buzz Lightyear of a techie planet known as Baab, whose brother, Gary, is a passive yet brilliant mission control leader, decides to visit the infamous Earth is never quite clear. But he does, immediately crash landing in Roswell, New Mexico, and quickly taken captive by evil General Shanker, who has collected – inside his Area 51 containment center – an assortment of alien prisoners while planning to build something stronger than an Atomic bomb.

Shanker's world domination plot aside, for a kids movie it's never too intense, and there are enough action sequences for adults to keep interest. The characters are likable and the settings minimal: Once our blue alien heroes leave their own planet, we have only the prison to escape from, a few white trash trailers outside and one 7/11.

Despite the overall simplicity, ESCAPE FROM PLANET EARTH never drags and doesn't try to be more than a basic escape flick and best yet, actors Brendan Frasier (Scorch), Rob Corddry (Gary) and General Shanker (William Shatner) don't sound like lazy celebrities providing their own recognizable voices while letting the animators do all the work. Now that's something to admire.
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Alien Smurfs or 7-11 Commercial?
cricket crockett26 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This cartoon starts out pretty lame and toddler-like (I'm talking BARNEY and TELETUBBIES) and then gets better. Though it treads ground plowed over many times recently (MARS NEEDS MOMS, PLANET 51, SPACE CHIMPS, and that one about flies in space, to name four), and the blue aliens from Planet Baab (pronounced "Bob") look a lot like THE SMURFS, the plot and language level smarten up a little after 20 minutes or so. Then the viewer may forget a little bit about how much this is ripping off not only other recent animated features such as the ones named above, but also the general concept of MONSTERS, INC. and the live action series MEN IN BLACK, not to mention ESCAPE FROM WITCH MOUNTAIN and PAUL. But what the hey, at least they play the two main songs from the soundtrack all the way through during the closing credits (after using just the first two or three bars of the tunes during the movie itself). So if your child is maybe 5 years old to 8, they MIGHT enjoy this. WARNING: there is a live action montage of U.S. Civil War and WWII battles early on, with the character Gary's voice-over stating that in Earth Wars, the winners decline and the losers prosper (which is NOT news to us in Texas, where all your Union blue state tax dollars support our military bases and all the nukes you bought are stored in the Confederacy--good luck in winning the next Civil War, while all your auto company jobs have been transferred to the "Remember Pearl Harbor" Japanese factories in the Rebel states, ha-ha!).
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Featherweight children's entertainment
Neddy Merrill4 March 2013
Much like the, certainly better, "A Cat in Paris", the generically titled "Escape from Planet Earth" inhabits the lower bounds of what can be considered a theatrical release. Essentially, the movie is Sesame Street's Earnie and Burt were aliens from the planet Bob (spelled "BAAB") held captive on "the Dark Planet" (earth) by "Dr. Stangelove's..." General Turgidson (voiced by the incomparable William Shatner) with predictable outcomes. Dissimilar from similar recent children's cartoon fair ("Monsters vs. Aliens", "Hotel Transylvania", etc.) the film does not contain referential humor and smart asides aimed at the supervising adults or the brighter little nippers. The film does contain all of the color and motion you would expect from bringing to the kids to see the "Madgascar" series and the soundtrack here is actually slightly superior as it relies less on 1990's dance tunes (yes, there is the requisite dance number at the end that all the animated characters - whether they survived or not - participate in). In short, wait for this short, empty calorie trifle to make it to pay-per-view on your cable box for a fraction of the cost.
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A refreshingly simple family flick.
Troy_Campbell16 April 2013
Along with bird flick Adventures of Zambezia, this animated alien escapade has been stuck in the large shadow cast by Dreamworks' The Croods this school holiday period. Which, frankly, is completely expected, yet also a bit of a shame. Escape never soars to great heights, in fact it's happy to just coast along in second gear for the most part, but there's a simplicity and lack of self-knowingness to it which is uncommon for family outings these days, making it somewhat refreshing. There are very few pop culture winks and nods, and even less gags for adults, with the focus predominantly on crafting a fun, and funny, film for the kiddies. The animation is noticeably cut-price, the story is unoriginal and the voice cast is a who's who of of C-grade talent - Brendan Fraser as the dimwitted hero, Rob Corrdry as his brainy brother, William Shatner as the nefarious human villain, plus Sarah Jessica Parker, Steve Zahn, Jane Lynch and Craig Robinson to boot - however the tempo is quick, the jokes are frequent and the action sequences are full of gusto; everything a little critter wants from a trip to the cinema.
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Not bad being blue
wilson trivino27 February 2013
This animation is a fun story. Two brothers work make a team that captures the imagination, national hero of the blue aliens Scorch Supernova always comes in to save the day, with a perfect chin and teeth he is the hero to all. However, he depends on his nerdy brother Gary Supernova who is the brains behind the operation as head of BASA and seems to always be there when he comes a bit short In order to keep his legacy alive, Scorch decides to take a trip to the dark planet, Earth. He does so against his brother's wishes and discovers that it is tough being a hero solo. On earth the super hero falls into the hands of the evil military complex and gets caught up in a web of aliens and the technological slave trade. Directed by Cal Brunker, Escape from Planet Earth captures true, justices, and the toughest force of the universe, brotherly love. Lots of sly references to other space movies for example a Star Trek (1966) reference when in the 7-11, one of the clerks uses the Vulcan salute while hiding under the counter. There also is a scene going through some canyons that remind of the Star Wars seen on the death star. Another need reference is whenever two last names are said in succession, they match up with the names of famous directors, e.g. a Hazmat says: "Peter! Jackson! Detain him!" or "James! Cameron! Don't let him get away!
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Funny, Original, and Exciting
jaredsemingson19 August 2013
Animated films are usually a hit or miss. Well, this one hit it right on target. Made for the young, old, whoever. Just an all around good film. The whole time we root for these characters. I was entertained from beginning to end. There was never a dull moment and the music really sets the tone for every scene. Each character is so different and their rapport is refreshing. The animation is top-notch. I don't usually go out of my way to see an animated film unless it's Finding Dory. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed this one so I had to let the readers know. FUNNY, EXCITING, INTERESTING, HEART-FELT. I have to admit I got a little teary eyed in a couple scenes, over an animated film? "Come on man you're better than that." Nobody saw, it's all good. Everything you hope to find in this movie is there. Happy summer at the movies.
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Surprisingly Good
madalitso202010 September 2013
This is my first movie review on IMDb so bear with me. I had my doubts at first about watching this movie considering it's not done by the main animation power houses ( Disney and Dream Works) but to my surprise it's right up there with the big boys.

The animation is exceptional,the character designs are great,the storyline isn't half bad,the characters compliment each other well.In my opinion it's way better than the Croods or Rise of the guardians.

All in all,It's a fun movie to watch.The only thing I didn't like was the voice casting of Brendan Fraser as Scorch Supernova.He just didn't do it for the character.But on the other hand Sarah Jessica Parker did a great job voicing Kira Supernova.As for first time feature film directer Carl Brunker he did a wonderful job directing this one.
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Entertaining animated movie, aliens invade Area 51.
TxMike27 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
We saw this on DVD from our public library. As with virtually all animated movies, it is just an extended cartoon just for fun. There are many sight gags and slapstick, plus a few funny lines.

The main character has Brendan Fraser voicing Scorch Supernova, who looks and sounds a bit like Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story movies. But where Buzz was a toy, Scorch is an actual blue alien living on a world many light years away from Earth. He gets the emergency call and heads to Earth for a rescue.

It is funny the way these aliens describe Earth, calling it the "dark planet" because aliens who go there never escape, like they get sucked into a black hole. The aliens use old films to show some Earth facts, and in their interpretation it is the only planet where evolution happened in reverse. It started with intelligent dinosaurs and now is inhabited by an inferior species, humans.

In a stroke of irony Scorch ends up at the 7-11 store near Area 51, that region famous for alien sightings. It turns out the US government has a secret fortress where various aliens are imprisoned and studied. In fact most of the new technology, cell phones, the internet, etc were results of technology stolen from those captured aliens. So Scorch with the help of his geeky brother has to free everyone and escape Earth.

Other great voice actors include Rob Corddry , Ricky Gervais, Jessica Alba, Sofía Vergara, and Sarah Jessica, plus a number of lesser-known talents.
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My son I loved this movie
Veronica Gray8 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
After seeing the reviews, I was a bit hesitant to watch the movie, but this movie is actually better than I expected. It starts off kind of slow, but it isn't so bad you can't sit through and watch it or appreciate some of the humor. The movie starts to gain momentum once they get to planet earth and the end was so great! I think the supporting characters help to hold this movie together very well.

It's not on Hotel Transylvania or Despicable Me level but it holds it's own in it's own way and it is not dry.

If you are not a parent with kids or a kid at heart, I don't think you should rate this movie. Your going to be too dry to appreciate it.
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Neil Welch14 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Scorch Supernova is a big dumb musclebound hero, and his older brother Gary is a nerdy stay-at-home who masterminds things from mission control (both are blue aliens, by the way). But when Scorch is captured during a mission to Earth, Gary reluctantly has to try to be the hero.

This is a colourful CGI sci-fi movie for kids, but with enough in the script to keep parents entertained (some well-tooled gags for grown-ups who like their sci-fi pop up throughout the movie's lengths). It goes without saying that animation, design, and voice characterisation are all first rate. It is a reflection on how far CGI features have come since Shrek that a film like this can be regarded as simply OK, par for the course: even as recently as 15 years ago it would have been a knockout.
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Waste of Money and Time
Lisa McKinley19 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I took my kids to see this and they yawned they whole way through!

The animation was below average AT BEST, the score seemed to be wedged into the movie at randomly selected places. The humor went over their heads and they were bored almost from the get to.... furthermore they told me they wanted to leave mid way through.

I thought maybe there would be something in it for me and my husband, but it was mind numbingly boring. I am sure that I have seen the same plot somewhere before in another one of the DVDs we have at home.....

I would have expected something a little more imagination from a cast/studio like this one. You sometimes wonder if they actually watch the finished article and wish they never took part!

I certainly wish I could get those couple of hours of my life back... and my money!
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Escape From Planet Rehash
Stephen Bourne18 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Escape From Planet Earth (2013) USA/Canada, 89 minutes, Rated PG (ON) G (QC) Reviewed 02/13, © Stephen Bourne

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay and Warm Bodies supporting cast member Rob Corddry lends his voice to Vancouver-based Rainmaker Entertainment's first big screen CG-animated Sci-Fi feature. Corddry stars as Gary, unappreciated Head of Space Agency Mission Control on his home planet Baab, launched 50 light years through space to the perilous Dark Planet (aka Earth) when his daring younger brother, astronaut Scorch Supernova (voiced by Brendan Fraser,) is imprisoned as part of the diabolical scheme of Area 51's General Shanker (William Shatner).

Escape From Planet Earth is definitely made for kids. That makes sense, considering its source. Canadians might remember Mainframe Entertainment's wildly successful computer animated TV series ReBoot (1994-2001). ReBoot was clearly made for teens. Rainmaker is the latest incarnation of Mainframe. That pretty much ends the notable fun facts, other than this flick also features the voices of Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker, George Lopez, Sofía Vergara, Ricky Gervais, and Steve Zahn. Who do they play? It doesn't matter.

This movie is surprisingly mediocre and unimaginative. It's presented as a comedy for children, but the jokes consistently fall flat for kids and their accompanying adults. There's also a 3D version playing, so things do jab and jerk around a lot, all 3D-like, for no reason. Everything is bright-eyed and colourful, too. And, ooh, there's a food fight scene. Yawn. Director Cal Brunker and Bob Barlen's screenplay certainly sets the ground work for a potentially amazing aliens-on-Earth adventure, but so much of what transpires here feels lazily derivative of Monsters vs. Aliens (2009), Planet 51 (2009), Transformers (2007), Men in Black (1997), and even Independence Day (1996) that I couldn't help wonder how Escape From Planet Earth avoided being fast tracked to the wasteland of video-on-demand. This is a small screen effort. Too small for most tots.

Checking out the official website at serves up the usual synopsis, scene stills, trailer page and social media links, plus a basic roster of the main characters. You'll also find the simple Escape From Planet Earth Area 51 maze and Gnarlach Rescue jumping games. Its Alien Welcome Kit features An Alien's Brief History of Planet Earth, where we learn Area 51 opened its door to alien visitors of every shape, colour and smell in 1947. The site's Alien Activities Funzone offers three printable puzzle pages that are also included in the six-page For Educators and Parents downloadable activities PDF from Young Minds Inspired. The website is more cleverly thought out than the movie itself.

For a $40 million film project that's reportedly been in the works since 2007, Escape From Planet Earth is forgettable at best. If you have small kids who love anything Sci-Fi, save yourself the box office aggravation by pointing them at the comparably clever website while waiting a couple of seconds for this boring blockbuster rehash to air on the Cartoon Channel. Reviewed 02/13, © Stephen Bourne.
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Very healthy comedy, nicely tailored for children.
Seyed Alireza Meraji15 February 2013
Tons of funny moments and very interesting story line that hypnotizes every kid and awakes adults childhood dreams!

"By: Peter Howell/Movie Critic

Animated sci-fi comedy featuring the voices of Brendan Fraser, William Shatner, Ricky Gervais, Rob Corddry, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Alba. Directed by Cal Brunker. 89 minutes. Opens Feb. 15 at major theatres. PG Imagine if curious aliens came to Earth and reverse-engineered all of our animated movies about them, trying to figure out what we were up to. The result might be something like Escape From Planet Earth, a sci-fi chuckler that somehow manages to elude tedium, despite being a revisionist rip of rival 'toons, from Pixar on down. It's got a lead character much like Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, who gets into all kinds of intergalactic mischief with beasties and humanoids resembling the inhabitants of Monsters vs. Aliens, Monsters, Inc., The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and many other similar entertainments. Photos View gallery

The central premise of aliens being trapped on Earth isn't terribly new, either, with everyone from E.T. to TV's Alf and Mork & Mindy having already gone down this interstellar path. But no matter whether you call Escape from Planet Earth sincere homage or cynical thievery, it goes down well in its brisk 89 minutes. Featuring the directing debut of Despicable Me storyboard artist Cal Brunker, scripted by committee and brought to you in UP3D (Utterly Pointless 3D), it gets by thanks to adventurous casting. Brendan Fraser may not be much of a stretch as steroidal astronaut Scorch Supernova, egotistical hero to all the blue-skinned residents of distant planet Baab. Fraser did do George of the Jungle, after all. But the usually cocky Rob Corddry makes for an out-there choice as Scorch's timid older brother Gary, an egghead who has to break out of his shell and command a rescue mission when his reckless sibling is captured by scheming Earthlings. The main villain of Earth? None other than Star Trek's noble William Shatner, who boldly goes to top-secret Area 51 for nefarious reasons — and loves every hammy moment of it. His vile General Shanker is exploiting captured extraterrestrials not only for their cool toys (where do you think iPods and the Internet came from?) but also for technical know-how that he can monetize and weaponize. The space aliens could end up helping to blow up the very Earth they're tying to escape. Add in Ricky Gervais as a smartass computer, George Lopez as a three- eyed slug, and Jessica Sarah Parker, Jane Lynch, Sofia Vergara and Jessica Alba as femmes fatale and non-fatale, and you get a lot to smile about. It could even make you forget that you've seen it all before"
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Much more appropriate for family than Titan AE.
OrionSiriusSagan27 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I like how this movie takes the perspective of extraterrestrials and even comments on current human society. I like how they talk about how on Earth which they called the "Dark Planet" that we have divided up into countries and had wars. The aliens on planet Baab called Earth the "Dark Planet" because no non-humans space travelers have returned from it yet. General Shanker was a xenophobic general and head of the top secret Area 51 who had a tragic back story form his early childhood. Shanker wanted to steal energy sources from Baab to power a super weapon to destroy entire planets in hopes of getting rid of an "alien infestation" because of what happened to his dad and wanting revenge. His plans were eventually foiled.
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Pretty average
TheRetardedVacuum15 February 2013
When I went to the theater I was deciding between this and the new Die Hard movie, I wish I saw Die Hard.

From the previews this movie looked like it would be at least mildly amusing, and it was, VERY mildly amusing in a FEW parts. Other than that it just wasn't funny or amusing or entertaining. All of the humor just felt very forced, if you see this movie you will know what I mean. Although I must say the part where one of the aliens explains that aliens built all the earth technology, not humans, was pretty good in my opinion.

I did like the two earth dudes and from the previews I thought they would play a big part in this movie but they were in it for maybe all of about five minutes, we don't even get their names. It may have been funnier if they were in it more.

Overall this is a pretty average computer-animated family movie that is barely funny and mildly entertaining. There is not a whole lot going on that will really grab your attention, so because of that, I found myself just sitting in the theater impatiently waiting for it to be over.
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What this movie for amazing animation and graphics
Ataur Rahman21 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know why people are hating this movie and it's rating gone below to 6, even just few days ago it was 7+. Any way I find the movie amazing, It surprises me ever since movie started and till ends, everything is top- notch, specially it's technology department, I was amazed to find that movie has better graphics than many established and famous banners. I can say this movie is ahead of it's time in technology. I find story a bit predictable but no regrets as it's specially meant for kids :)

Movies like this must get some special recognition, seems people haven't watched this movie and they are just disliking it to reduce it's rating.
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