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One day after shooting, Viggo Mortensen went to a pub without washing off his tattoos or even changing out of his costume. He claims that some of the patrons became very frightened of him, assuming he was a real member of Vory v Zakone.
The scene where Semyon demonstrates his musical skills to the little girls was not dubbed. Armin Mueller-Stahl does play the violin in real life, and was a noted concert violinist in his youth.
The nine actors in the Fellowship in Lord of the Rings all got tattoos that said "the nine" in elvish. Even though they promised not to show them on camera, Viggo Mortensen's elvish tattoo is visible on his left shoulder in the scenes where he has no shirt
The tattoos around Nikolai's (Viggo Mortensen) ankles read "Where are you going?" and "What the fuck do you care?" in Russian. Mortensen thought that they were hilarious, that 'one foot doesn't respect the other.'
Naomi Watts discovered she was pregnant with her son Alexander two weeks into shooting this movie. She initially tried to hide it, but costume designer Denise Cronenberg found out about it.
None of the characters who were members of the Vory v Zakone used a gun throughout the movie. The reason for this is that when doing research on Russian organized crime, David Cronenberg discovered that members of the Vory v Zakone typically prefer to use knives instead of guns. The rationale for this is that if Vory v Zakone members were arrested by police and questioned as to why they were in possession of such weapons, the suspects could evade suspicion by claiming that the knives were simply for linoleum cutting.
To prepare for his role, Viggo Mortensen traveled alone to Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Ural Mountain region of Siberia, where he spent five days driving around without a translator. He read books on the gangs of the Vory v Zakone (thieves in law), Russian prison culture and the importance of prison tattoos as criminal résumés, and perfected his character's Siberian accent and learned lines in Russian, Ukrainian and English. During filming, he used worry beads made in prison from melted-down plastic cigarette lighters and decorated his trailer with copies of Russian icons.
For the bathhouse fight scene, the scene was choreographed with the actors instead of stuntmen. The actors had to train in specific fighting styles chosen for their characters and it took two days to shoot on location in London. According to the DVD commentary, both Mortensen and Cronenberg agreed that Nikolai had to fight his would-be killers completely nude.
The full name of Viggo Mortensen's character is Nikolai Luzhin. This is a reference to Vladimir Nabokov's novel "The Luzhin Defense".
The film, shot in England, marked the first time director David Cronenberg shot a movie entirely outside of Canada.
Naomi Watts spent time at the Whittington Hospital for the role as a midwife.
A sequel was planned but never materialized.
Jerzy Skolimowski's character claims to be an ex-KGB agent. In White Nights (1985), he played one.
About five cast and crew personnel worked on both Eastern Promises (2007) and the filmed adaptation of John le Carré's novel, Our Kind of Traitor (2016), the two pictures being made and released around nine years apart, and both featuring story-lines involving the Russian Mafia. They were actor James Payton who was a stand-in for both Ewan McGregor and Viggo Mortensen in Our Kind of Traitor (2016) and Eastern Promises (2007) respectively; fight and stunt co-ordinator'Julian Spencer (I)'; art director / chief draughtsman Dean Clegg; ADR mixer / recordist Mark Appleby; and production coordinator Jo Wallett.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

In the original script, Nikolai revealed himself to Anna as a double agent and Tatiana's baby, Christina was sent to live with her grandmother.
Armin Mueller-Stahl's character Semyon is based on the real-life Russian mafia boss Semion Mogilevich, born June 30, 1946 in Kiev, now Ukraine. Mogilevich did once own a restaurant just like Semyon in the film.
Body Count: 5
Kirill's truck full of black market brandy is disguised as a painter's truck; the tradesman's name on the back is Arthur Clegg. Arthur Clegg was a real London man who was thought to have murdered his newborn granddaughter (and possible daughter-by-incest) by throwing her into the Thames. In the movie, father-by-rape Semyon orders Kirill to murder the newborn by throwing her into the Thames.
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