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The Hollywood Reporter
A long but powerful true-life drama of 1970s German terrorists features masterful storytelling and bravura performances.
The end result is an electrifying, morally complex story of the evil that men (and women) do in the name of the greater good.
The result is an exciting, infuriating, combative experience.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Has been criticized as endorsing or condoning violence, but that assessment is unfair and inaccurate. If terrorism is to be eliminated, it must be understood, not oversimplified.
Fascinating history, very good movie -- but demanding, and its lack of easy answers will frustrate some. Lessons about 21st century terrorism are implicit, but not overly stressed.
San Francisco Chronicle
For a thoroughly fascinating, true glimpse into the horrors that vanity and self-delusion can wreak, take some time to see The Baader Meinhof Complex.
Swift, brutal, lurid, often overheated, and occasionally comical, but it's also a serious, well acted, and unromantic exploration of the rise and demise of a terrorist gang whose radicalism ultimately reached beyond the young men and women who set it in motion.
If Edel's Oscar-nominated film drags in its final 40 minutes, it's a function of the director's fidelity to the facts - and the fact that the founding trio (and the film's stars) have become prisoners of the state, confined and confused.
The film would have benefitted by being less encompassing and focusing on a more limited number of emblematic characters -- Meinhof and Herold, for starters.
For two and a half hours, Edel lays out the bombings, kidnappings, and murders committed by the Baader-Meinhof group, which mutated into the RAF. He catches the violently delusional self-righteousness of their antifascist fervor, but as individuals these cultish guerrillas remain opaque.
Time Out New York
This isn't revisionist history; it's a key moment in political radicalism reduced to an empty pop-cultural posture.

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