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Comida Final

The final two chefs face-off to serve the best meal of their lives and earn the coveted title of Top Chef. The finalists will cook an epic four-course progressive meal with the help of three sous chefs, comprised of two...


3 Jan. 2007
This week on Bravo's "Top Chef," the chefs must put their creative minds to the test for the quickfire challenge and use one of the seven colors of the rainbow to create a color themed three-item dish that is not only a treat for the taste buds, but also appealing to the eye.
10 Jan. 2007
Unhappy Customers
In this week's episode of Bravo's "Top Chef," the chefs cook a late night snack with tight constraints. Guest judging is San Francisco restaurateur Mike Yakura.
17 Jan. 2007
Sense and Sensuality
Love is in the air on this week's episode of "Top Chef" as the cooks head to Santa Barbara.
24 Jan. 2007
Finale: Part 1
The final four chefs compete in a two-part finale shot in Hawaii.
31 Jan. 2007
Finale: Part 2
The final two chefs face-off in Hawaii for their final competition.
6 Jun. 2007
4-Star All Stars
Eight former Top Chef contestants -- four from season one, another four from season two -- return for a team cook-off competition. Also, the season three contestants are introduced.
13 Jun. 2007
First Impressions
The top 15 competing chefs are officially introduced, after having served as judges for the previous episode, 4-Star All Stars. A Quickfire Challenge is then announced, where the chefs have 10 minutes to create an amuse bouche from the ingredients which they sampled at their welcome party; a second rule is established: they can only use the implements provided by the caterers. After the Quickfire Challenge winner is picked, the contestants are whisked back to their digs at the Fontainebleau Resort in Miami. The next morning, the chefs face off in the Elimination ...
20 Jun. 2007
Sunny Delights
The 14 remaining chefs compete in a Quickfire Challenge where citrus is the key ingredient to victory. In the Elimination Challenge, the object is to make the best "upscale" dish for a champagne BBQ attended by Miami socialites.
27 Jun. 2007
Family Favorites
13 potential Top Chefs remain. For this episode's Quickfire Challenge, each contestant has 30 seconds to net as much shellfish as they can, then they have 30 minutes to prepare a dish. Chef Alfred Portale of Gotham Bar and Grill is the guest judge, and he alone picks the Quickfire winner. In the Elimination Challenge, the competing chefs must take a range of "family favorite dishes" -- pork chops and apple sauce, sloppy joes, etc. -- and convert them into healthier offerings. They cook for members of the Miami Elks Club Lodge.
11 Jul. 2007
Cooking by Numbers
The 12 remaining contestants cook alongside mixologist Jamie Walker, and then showcase their abilities for members of a Miami gastronomic society, as well as guest judge Barton G. Weiss of the restaurant Barton G.
18 Jul. 2007
Latin Lunch
11 chefs remain, and this week, the Quickfire Challenge puts their dessert-making skills to the test; in the Elimination Challenge, Telemundo's top stars help determine who will advance to the next round. DUO restaurant co-owner Maria Frumkin is the guest judge.
25 Jul. 2007
Watch What Happens
The drama is served hot on Bravo's "Top Chef: New York: Watch What Happens Reunion." Bravo executive Andy Cohen hosts a candid gathering of season one - three's chef'testants and judges - host Padma Lakshmi, head judge Tom Colicchio and judges Gail Simmons and Toby Young. Cohen will answer viewers' burning questions and dish on season one - three's good, bad and overcooked.
1 Aug. 2007
Freezer Burn
The sixth installment of Bravo's "Top Chef 3 Miami" touches on the senses as the chefs compete for immunity and must identify ingredients by sight or taste.
8 Aug. 2007
Guilty Pleasures
A sweet tooth is mandatory in the latest "Top Chef 3 Miami" quickfire challenge, which involves toppings and ice cream.
15 Aug. 2007
Restaurant Wars
In the Quickfire Challenge, the 8 remaining contestants face-off to make the best burger for special guest Daniel Boulud. Then, the chefs pair off into 2 teams of 4 for the Elimination Challenge, "Restaurant Wars," where they have to design the physical space and the 4-course menus for their respective establishments.
22 Aug. 2007
Second Helping
This episode could also be called "Restaurant Wars: Part 2." After unsatisfactory results in the previous episode, the two teams are given a second chance to impress a dining room full of guests at their respective restaurants. The team who wins the Quickfire Challenge (in which the teams are pitted against one another in a contest of kitchen athleticism) is granted the services of guest sommelier Stephen Asprinio, a contestant from the first season of Top Chef. In the Elimination Challenge, the restaurants go head-to-head to see who will be sent home.
5 Sep. 2007
Chef Overboard
The remaining chefs must prove they have aisle style and get creative at the supermarket in the 10th episode of "Top Chef 3 Miami."
12 Sep. 2007
Snacks on a Plane
It was a competition from the get-go as the chefs were awoken to the grumbles of Padma's stomach. She was hungry, and the chefs had to make her breakfast using their Breville blenders. While there didn't really seem to be a bad dish in the bunch, Hung's steak and eggs and Grand Marnier shake was victorious. Padma then informed the chefs that they would be going on a trip. But what she didn't tell them was that the real challenge would occur on the plane itself parked at Newark Liberty International Airport. The chefs worked with the culinary crew at Continental ...
19 Sep. 2007
Manhattan Project
The remaining five chefs finally land in New York City. After taking in the sights and some street meat, they're off to their Quickfire at the famous Le Cirque, where they are greeted by renowned owner Sirio Maccioni. The chefs are treated to a special halibut dish, which they then have to re-create. Hung's dish is deemed closest to the original, while Sara is unable to complete the task -- the first of many problems. The chefs then head to Lee Anne's second home, The French Culinary Institute. There, Padma tells them that they will have to make a dish using chicken, ...
26 Sep. 2007
Finale: Part 1
The four remaining chefs head to Aspen, Colorado for the semifinal and the decision of who the final two will be.
2 Oct. 2007
Finale: Part 2
And then there were two. Find out who can take the heat and who must relinquish the coveted title of Bravo's Top Chef in the final episode of Top Chef 3 Miami.
Oct. 2007
It's a "dish" unlike any other on Bravo's Top Chef: Watch What Happens Special. Host Andy Cohen sits down with the cast and judges of season 3.

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