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This becomes Tobey Maguire's film to dominate, and I've never seen these dark depths in him before. Actors possess a great gift to surprise us, if they find the right material in their hands.
A heartbreaking film that speaks to the lifelong aftershocks of war, and to the powerful bonds of family and of love.
The film is gripping---an honorable and beautifully acted addition to the tradition of homefront war stories.
Brothers is arguably the most successful remake of a foreign film since Martin Scorsese reworked "Infernal Affairs" into "The Departed" and won the Oscar.
Brothers has the careful observation, measured pace and lived-in feeling of a good European film.
In exploring the complicated nature of family bonds, Brothers is thought-provoking. The wounds inflicted by the cruelty of a troubled parent can prove as painful as battle scars.
It does take half the movie before the story --really kicks in. When it does, it'll knock the air out of you.
The Hollywood Reporter
Irish director Jim Sheridan, who has made his films in America in recent years, now delivers an American remake that hues closely to the original but loses some of its true grit.
Brothers isn't badly acted, but as directed by the increasingly impersonal Jim Sheridan, it's lumbering and heavy-handed, a film that piles on overwrought dramatic twists until it begins to creak under the weight of its presumed significance.
Miami Herald
Brothers is a collection of strong moments that don't add up to anything. The movie is all build-up.
Brothers tries to delve into how war can tear families apart, but only succeeds in showing how miscasting and melodrama obscure good intentions.

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