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Disjointed, But Not Bad
slightlymad229 February 2018
Continuing my plan to watch every Eddie Murphy movie in order, I come to the penultimate movie in his filmography A Thousand Words (2012)

Plot In A Paragraph: After stretching the truth on a deal with a spiritual guru, literary agent Jack McCall (Murphy) finds a Bodhi tree on his property. Its appearance holds the consequences of every word he speaks.

Murphy reteamed with Brian Robbins the director of Norbit and Meet Dave for this movie. Made in 2008, it was meant to be released in 2010, then it sat on the shelf for another two years, before it was finally released. This movie has serious potential to be a great, touching movie, but it doesn't seem to know what it wants to be!! I certainly would it call it a kids flick. It's really silly at times, then profoundly deep at others. In the hands of a stronger director, with a clear goal, this had the potential to be one of Murphy's best. As it is, it is very disjointed!! I'm not even 100% sure if I understood the end.

Partially, this is Murphy's fault. He collaborates with friends rather than strong film-makers. I frequently say that the secret of Tom Cruise's success is that he works with all of the best directors. Murphy is the opposite. He keeps making films with hacks. Who else would make three films with Brian Robbins??

Robbins last three theatrical movies all starred Murphy, and he has not directed anything since this movie.

A Thousand Words only grossed $18 million at the domestic box office.
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A vehicle for Eddie's mimic
Ersbel Oraph3 February 2018
If this movie would be about giving Eddie a chance to use his mimic, than it would have been a great movie. But it's not. Eddie is just a trick to make yet another christmassy movie into theatres. Eddie can be funny. But it's hard with this script: a sort of more christian and family oriented than Liar Liar.
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Sometimes hilarious, but too preachy
gridoon201822 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"A Thousand Words" has some hilarious (the blind man crossing the street) and heartwarming (the scene at the dock) moments, but in the second half the preachiness overtakes the comedy ("find peace with your inner self"). Eddie Murphy is in good form, especially in his pantomime, but his character is a bit sanitized even at the start, and Clark Duke is quite annoying, especially when he tries to imitate him. All in all, it's not the direct hit it could have been, but it's probably one of Murphy's better recent efforts. **1/2 out of 4.
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A 1,000 words
jimenacasillas25 May 2017
To speak a thousand words in a day without meaning is throwing away the opportunity to make a change in the world, your world. To have the hability to speak is a gift we have and earn to make sense in the world. What does the others need from you? What can you give?

Our words can give life or take it. We need to be careful with what we say to make our life easier or harder. Our mouth can open doors or close them once we speak. We just need to be aware of what we say.

What we mean transforms into actions. To make a change in what is happening with the world it can be because we don't listen to what is really happening. Learn to express what you really mean, nobody can contradict us if we really mean it.

Speaking is easy, but to choose whom to talk is what matter most. Depending on what matters the most we tend to mean things to make a difference in our lives. Speak from within not from the outside. https://pensarparaserfeliz.wordpress.com/2017/04/12/a-thousand- words/
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Funny and meaningful, at least when it is good
vchimpanzee18 May 2017
I've enjoyed many of Eddie Murphy's movies over the years, and most of them are quite funny. He continues to show talent, but somehow I felt something was missing, even though Jack's attempts to communicate were hilarious. Ultimately, while this isn't as special as many of his earlier efforts, Murphy is pretty good here.

I didn't recognize Kerry Washington, and maybe it's just as well. Considering that she is currently regarded as one of the best actresses on TV, I didn't see anything here to support that idea.

As Jack's poor assistant Aaron, Clark Duke's performance varies. It may be just me, but I didn't care much for him at first. But he is hilarious trying to act "street" with professional people thinking that's how Jack would talk, and failing miserably at impressing them. And later Aaron is quite good at helping Jack deal with his problems.

This is mostly a comedy, but toward the end it has a deeper meaning and an important lesson, making it more than just the silly mess it started out to be.

I want to point out two more acting performances, one brief and one more significant. John Witherspoon is wonderful as the father of the President of the United States in "The First Family", and while he is only on screen for a few seconds as a blind man trying to cross the street, he shows just as much talent as on his TV series, in a scene that is one of the movie's funniest.

And Ruby Dee as Jack's mother who is losing her memory gives the movie's standout performance. She doesn't say much early on, but later she has a brilliant scene. It's not so much that she is losing her mind. She seems quite normal and intelligent except for the fact she can't comprehend that the man in the room with her is not her husband.

I was also impressed by a couple of scenes which I didn't quite understand. Either Jack's young son has gotten older and is telling his father he misses him, or Jack is seeing his younger self. The boy in the scene does quite well.

It's not a bad movie, really. Just don't expect anything like Murphy's past successes.
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Extreme disappointment
floyd beck8 May 2017
Definitely not a family film. Numerous profanities, including an F word, and pornographic. The daycare scene presents a gratuitous promotion of gay couples. It is extremely sad, because the premise of the movie is creative; a man leaves a small taint of blood when he touches a tree and gets a sliver. The selfish, verbose man, insensitive because he talks incessantly and refuses to listen to others, finds out he is now connected to the large tree and each word he utters results in a leaf dropping. He is warned that he will die when the last leaf has fallen. Unfortunately, the director chose to mix creativeness with porn, resulting in a worthless film.
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Interesting story, but predictable
Goran Poposki13 September 2016
Contrary to what i expected, this movie was surprisingly better than my previous expectations. I expected a bland-ish comedy with little to no interesting story.

But, there are times when things happen that not quite what you expected. Same goes for this movie, the story was much more in depth than i had expected, actual character backstory was present all the time. And with Eddie Murphy as the main character, the only problem here would be the writing. And by that i mean the story was quite predictable. Don't i'm not gonna spoil it for you.

Apart from that its a pretty interesting movie, and its worth a watch.
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not good enough
phoenix 220 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Remember that movie with the lawyer who couldn't lie? Well, meet the book publisher who can't talk. Mixed up with some spiritual theories, the movie tells the story of a publisher who lied constantly and talked constantly as well, in order to get what he wanted. He was good in twisting everything to his own benefit, until a tree appears in his yard that looses leaves with his every word. And when the leaves have all fallen, the man will die. Of course that will bring some funny moments with the man trying to find ways to talk without talking, and continuing his life as it was, while trying to accept what is happening to him. The fun part comes manly from Murphy, who delivers in an okay scale, though the script didn't help him in that area. Of course, after the laughter comes the self reflecting moment. We knew that the film was aiming somehow deep, with the mother who couldn't recognise her son, but still, the whole "journey" through the soul and past takes about ten minutes in total. So 2 out of 10.
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Tree of life
adi_200228 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Eddie Murphy plays the role of a man who one day discovers that a tree has appear in his front yard and with each word he says, a leaf will fall down from the tree and if all falls he will die. Now he must find a way to stop this process in order to save his life and marriage but this could be a problem because he has to explain this bizarre event without speaking and it is hard to do it using words and be understood, so how to do this like a mute and not be considered a crazy man?

For me this was an enjoyable film because it came with something different then other comedy movies although this wasn't really a funny one, I don't remember me laugh till I can't stop, but more like a drama about love and self-knowledge. Dialog was not cheesy, idea is smart and the movie is nice, it can light up your after-noon like it did to me.
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Eddie at his worst
Davis P23 March 2016
This is by far Eddie Murphy's worst film ever! I have no clue why he ever agreed to star in this mess. And Kerry Washington is a good actress, so I don't know why she ever signed on either, they both deserved better than this. This movie has literally 0 laughs, none whatsoever. If you loved movies like Beverly Hills cop or maybe trading places, then do not be deceived, this movie is nothing like those, it's the very bottom of the barrel bad. The dialogue is poor and very lazy, and it doesn't really look like anyone have a crap about this movie while filming. There is no energy, no fun, nothing worth holding your attention. So yah just skip right on over this one. 1/10.
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There are some funny parts in a by-the-numbers movie
daveygandthekeyboard2 February 2016
Eddie Murphy plays Jack McCall, a literary agent who doesn't read, who evaluates books by reading the first 5 pages and the last 5 pages. He is a selfish, self-absorbed, smooth talker with a good wife (Kerry Washington) a son, a house, and a decent life. He attempts to land a big client, a New Age guru named Dr. Sinja (Cliff Curtis) which somehow leads to the plot development that fuels the movie: a tree lands in his backyard which loses leaves every time he says a word. And somehow (not sure it is explained how he would know this) the death of the leaves on the tree will also lead to his own death. And boom, we have the title and the plot of the movie. He has a thousand words left, and the whole rest of the movie to figure out how to prevent this, or at least stave it off, to mixed results.

Clark Duke plays MacGee's assistant, and is pretty hilarious—I like the part where Murphy has him doing the talking in a big meeting, which of course is a total disaster. There are funny moments with Murphy trying to come up with ways to avoid using words: while doing his job, while trying to keep things straight with his wife, while ordering a drink from the confused but well-meaning Starbucks Clerk (Jack McBrayer). To avoid unnecessary speaking, he uses pantomime, he uses talking dolls, he makes drawings, but sooner or later he comes down to his last few leaves on the tree, which he must use wisely…There is also a sort of touching relationship with McCall's Alzheimer's suffering mother, and some back-story about the strained relationship with the deceased father. It would be OK if it didn't fit so neatly into the formula of this kind of movie which requires there to be redemption for the movie to be tidily resolved.

The whole premise is not meant to be taken seriously, but even with that said, this is pretty thin. It is a pretty standard by-the- numbers Hollywood movie, along the lines of Liar, Liar. It's not horrible. Clark Duke is pretty much the best thing in the movie, and I have to say, Eddie Murphy seems to do the best he can to make something with this pretty crappy plot. If the movie fails (which it kind of does) it is not the fault of the performers. It's just not a very good movie because it's not a good script.

I watched this movie as a captive audience at my last jury duty service. I made a deal with myself that if I did not get picked, I would review this movie. I didn't get picked. So here you go.
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What a surprise...
Paul Magne Haakonsen29 December 2015
I happened to come across this movie by sheer luck as it was showing on TV, I gave it a chance since I saw it being an Eddie Murphy movie. And I will say that I am very glad that I did so, because this might be the best Eddie Murphy movie ever, or at the very least it is his most touching of movies.

The story turned out to be rather interesting and refreshing from the usual movies that Eddie Murphy is in. The story is about a man's fate tied to a tree, and with each word he speaks a leaf falls from the tree, slowly killing it and in turn also endangering the man.

I was really surprised at the level of impact the story had, and it mixed drama and comedy together quite well. But near the end of the movie the story really stepped up and into character. And I think some might actually need a tissue at hand at that point.

The cast did good jobs with their given roles, and it was nice to see Eddie Murphy unfold his talent in a combination of drama and comedy, proving that he is much more than a goofy laugh, a handful of jokes and one-liners. This is really a movie that made Eddie Murphy shine Again.

Regardless of if you are a fan of Eddie Murphy or not, then "A Thousand Words" is definitely worth watching because it is a beautiful story put to film. I am rating it seven out of ten stars and must applaud Eddie Murphy for his performance in this movie.
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A Thousand Words for Murphy.
Python Hyena21 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
A Thousand Words (2012): Dir: Brian Robbins / Cast: Eddie Murphy, Kerry Washington, Clarke Duke, Cliff Curtis, Allison Janney: Condemned with negative reviews yet it still manages to speak to me with a message of communication. Eddie Murphy plays a publisher who talks his way through deals until a book guru makes him own up to his promises. A tree suddenly uproots in his backyard in an effect so horrendous that it resembles one of those inflated castles seen at birthday parties. Anyway, with every spoken word a leaf falls to the ground leaving Murphy to make his remaining words count. The concept is appealing with a terrific stage for Murphy who must charade his way through everyday communications. This is highly formula but the ending actually pulls through with a satisfying surprise that speaks louder than words with its spring time appeal. Director Brian Robbins previously made Varsity Blues, and this very well may be his best since. Murphy survives the silent gestures but Kerry Washington as his wife is standard fare with her complaining for his time and the need for a bigger house to raise their kid. Cliff Curtis as the book guru is a complete idiot. Why this curse pursues Murphy is not explained and Curtis is no road map on the matter. Clark Duke as Murphy's assistant is the one ambitious supporting player trying to communicate unsuccessfully for Murphy while saving him from himself. Allison Janney also makes an appearance and reminds us that she was a scene stealer in other films. Great message regarding the words we speak that uplift as oppose to descend to the ground. Score: 6 / 10
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Loopholes, but good pass-time view
ramyakamath24 March 2015
Eddie Murphy does a great job at portraying Jack. He has beautifully brought out the desperation of the character to talk. Cliff Curtis has a calming presence on the screen, just like a spiritual guru. Kerry Washington, playing Mrs. McCall and Clark Duke as Jack's 'moron' assistant, Aaron could have had a stronger presence, but do justice to whatever screen-time they get.

In a serious philosophical concept designated to get the viewer to rethink of his attitude towards his priorities in life, the subtle comic timing seems to be a nuisance, draining out the thought-factor from the plot. Emotions are something that are lacking screen-time here and at the end, one may just wonder how the problem and the climax were related, if at all.

The story contains quite a few loopholes here and there, but if you are looking for a movie to pass time and not to plant seeds of deep thought in your mind, A Thousand Words is a good choice.
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Not Murphy's Worst, but It's Certainly not Good,
FilmBuff199410 March 2015
A Thousand Words is a very mediocre movie with a poorly written storyline and a talented cast that are wasted with this script. The concept isn't great to begin with, but I feel it is easily something that could have worked if it had writers that really knew comedy, with much more emotion and scenes that make us feel for the characters as well, I couldn't help but think how this would have turned out if Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were involved, as they are able to take ridiculous concepts and turn it in to gold, and they easily could have made this much better. It's certainly sad to see Eddie Murphy in yet another awful comedy, I love him as both a comedian and an actor no matter how bad the roles he chooses are, and the movies biggest issues was that his character wasn't able to speak, you are simply asking for failure when you write a script for Murphy in which the main concept is he can rarely speak. Contains little laughs or any real reason to care for these characters, you would definitely be better off avoiding A Thousand Words.

After a tree is put in his back garden, a man learns that he only has a thousand words left to say before he dies.

Best Performance: Eddie Murphy Worst Performance: Kerry Washington
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How about 2 words? Zero Stars!
Adam Foidart28 February 2015
"A Thousand Words" isn't really the kind of movie that makes you angry but there's nothing good about it whatsoever. The film is profoundly misguided with jokes that don't seem to be aiming for any particular audience, the plot itself is ludicrous and Eddie Murphy is probably at his most irritating ever. Maybe you can detect why this movie is so bad from the premise. Eddie Murphy plays fast-talking book agent Jack McCall who doesn't read books, he just sells them. He tricks a spiritual guru into letting McCall's firm represent his latest enlightening tome, which ends up being five pages. McCall is upset at the guru for pulling a fast one on him so the guru puts a curse on McCall in return. A tree grows in McCall's backyard and whenever he utters a word, a leaf falls off the tree. When the last leaf falls, McCall will die. But wait a second! How is McCall going to do his job and take care of his wife and newborn son without talking? Perhaps through... wacky antics? In all fairness, the guru in the film doesn't actually place a curse on Jack McCall (that would have been more interesting). The tree sort of just appears out of nowhere because the universe hates the man. Why? Because he spends time at work providing for his family, isn't enthusiastic about moving out of the beautiful house with the pool he currently lives in and hates his no-good father who abandoned him and his mother when he was a child.

The real problem is that there is not one single person that acts like a genuine human being here. Let's say that you WERE afflicted with this kind of curse and that you couldn't talk anymore. What would you do? Would you go to your psychiatrist just to stay quiet? Would you go to work? Would you go to restaurants and try to order food? Of course you wouldn't, but Jack does. His life is literally on the line and he tries to go about his day like nothing's going on. If you didn't already dislike the character because he's a liar and a jerk, you won't like him because he's an idiot.

Everyone in this film is a badly written moron. Two prime examples are his assistant Aaron (Clark Duke) and his wife Caroline (Kerry Washington). The moment that Caroline notices that Jack isn't speaking to her, she immediately assumes that they are having all kinds of problems. He can't answer her questions and was too stupid to write down on a piece of paper exactly what is going on and keep it with him at all times so here come the contrived assumptions. She thinks his silence means at various points that a) he doesn't love her anymore b) they need to spice up their marriage c) he doesn't want to move out of the house d) he doesn't care about the safety of his son. It's one of those movies where apparently these two people have just met despite being married because there is no trust whatsoever. Next is Aaron. They desperately try and make this character funny and it never works. Clark Duke does his best "black guy" impersonation for Jack and predictably, he screws up all of the business deals. I suppose it makes sense that the dumbest guy in the office hired the stupidest intern to assist him, but it isn't funny, it's infuriating.

Murphy never speaks, so he jumps around miming what he wants to say just so everyone around him can misunderstand in the most ridiculous ways. Jack goes to the Starbucks, tries to order and leaves with CDs, muffins and at least a half dozen drinks. How do you misunderstand directions for coffee into a $68 order? When McCall points towards his head and mimics a gun motion (for three shots) I thought he was telling the clerk that a) he wanted to kill himself out of frustration, which I really sympathized with or b) he wanted the guy taking the order to drop dead, which I was hoping would happen.

Who is this movie was made for? You'd think with the nutty premise that it would be for children, but no. Murphy giving the finger, Aaron talks about strippers and sex in the office, Caroline dresses up like a dominatrix and there's quite a bit of cursing. Maybe it's for adults then? But what kind of adult would be tolerant of Eddie Murphy acting like a mime on acid for an hour and a half? Any adult would also be able to see through the obvious moments of forced sentiment made to have you forget how unlikeable the main character is and would not tolerate this brain-dead story.

I'm convinced that the people who edited the movie and added the special effects knew that this was an absolute train wreck and they did everything in their power to subliminally manipulate the audience into not burning down every print of this film. From the very beginning, if you look closely you can see that in the title of the film "A THOUSAND WORDS" as it fades out, the letters "USA" takes slightly longer to disappear. Coincidence? Maybe. But I think it's yet another subliminal attempt to make you "like" this film. Further proof comes with the ending, which is overly melodramatic and forces in a "nice message" that has no place in this story. It's such a predictable, lazy conclusion that you won't believe they went there.

Like I said, the movie isn't quite as infuriating as say... wearing a suit made of poison ivy, but this movie flat-out sucks. It's cheap, it's manipulative, it's overacted, it's generic, it's not funny. Ever. I can't think of anything good about it, and can't fathom anyone having a good time with it, so it gets the lowest review possible, a 0/5. (On DVD, June 2014)
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Good movie that miss something
shreekara-19959 July 2014
"This Life is very simple and beautiful it's we who actually make it very complex and a mess, well if it is managed or lead properly it becomes a boon that you would have never expected to get from anybody"

"A Thousand Words" is an absolutely amazing movie; it's just everything about forgiveness, calm, politeness and peace. If you are totally focused on perusing the upper social mobility in turn neglecting all those sweet things that makes your life, then your striving is of no use, live for what you really want to, don't simply mess up your life with unnecessary complication, wow! its absolutely what I realized watching this movie, life is the best opportunity you get than any other chance you seem to consider as a great opportunity, so live it to its full, give up all those unnecessary hatreds, jealousy, anger, arrogance that mess up with your life and makes worse, be calm and analyze the reason behind your immediate outburst, when your mind is in peace it gets the chance to take a right decision, enjoy your living, make this world a better place to live in, make others to be happy in this one entire mysterious wonderful system called EARTH.

To mention about the making of this movie the person to be mentioned is Eddie Murphy, he is perfect with his fine combination of performances, he truly stole the show, Cliff Curtis had given proper justice to his role but the presentation makes the movie raw, screenplay could had been bit more better with some more essence of intense emotional,this movie seems to be missing something.
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A man of few words
Prismark1013 June 2014
The trouble with this film is that it is a mixture of Liar, Liar and Yes Man and they were already successful both featuring Jim Carrey.

Jack McCall (Eddie Murphy) is a literary agent who uses his spiel to get book deals for his clients and willing to stretch the truth to do it. He is trying to get a book deal from a New Age self-help guru, Dr Sinja (Cliff Curtis) who sees through his deceit. Later that night, a Bodhi Tree magically appears in his backyard. Jack discovers that for every word that Jack says, a leaf will fall off of the tree. When the tree runs out of leaves, the tree will die and so will Jack.

In time Jack finds that even written words count towards his limit and if anything happens to the tree will also affect Jack. When Jack tries to cut it down with an axe, an axe wound appears on him. When squirrels climb the tree, it tickles him.

Jack has to deal with life as a man of few words which causes chaos at work and with his personal life. Of course over time Jack becomes a better person as he deals with some past issues in his life regarding his father. You cannot help but smile when he gives the Beatles White album to the Starbucks's worker or finally reads the script from a valet parking attendant and signs him up (the actor playing the attendant is also a writer.)

The film is charming and involving its just not very funny or involves the usual Murphy persona or Jim Carrey style slapstick. Murphy is reined in here which turns off his usual fans and the story is derivative because we have seen it before but its enjoyable in its own right.
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Comedy with a profound message
Gordon-116 March 2014
This film tells a successful but arrogant literary agent who has only a thousand words left to speak before he dies.

I was surprised by how good "A Thousand Words" was. It successfully mixes comedy with a truly profound message. The comedy aspect shows Eddie Murphy's upbeat side, and he even imitates to be a bird. Even if he can be annoying at times in the film, his connection with the dying tree still strikes me as very thought provoking. It is sad that much of his words are wasted, which gives Jack and the viewers a chance to reflect on what is truly important in life. I find this incredibly touching. It's unusual for a comedy to have such a profound message, but "A Thousand Words" does it so well.
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Not bad
toni-cooke1826 February 2014
The movie had a unique message. I can't help but love Eddie Murphy's acting. His smile itself is contagious! His facial expressions tell a thousand words, which is ironic seeing in this movie he cannot speak!

What made the movie for me was the actor Clark Duke, who plays Aaron. I found the onset chemistry between the two entertaining. I would like to see more films featuring Clark Duke, he is rather cry in his comedy, but still very funny.

The film had of course a soppy ending.. but overall the message within the film was a good one.

Eddie Murphy has received a lot of negative criticism over the years, but I still think his acting is great.. just some of the films he has starred in haven't been so good.

Glad I watched, but it's not a film I would watch again.
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Eddie Murphy Shines!
namashi_115 January 2014
'A Thousand Words' is a fair watch, where Eddie Murphy, a superb actor, shines in the central role.

'A Thousand Words' Synopsis: After stretching the truth on a deal with a spiritual guru, literary agent Jack McCall finds a Bodhi tree on his property. Its appearance holds a valuable lesson on the consequences of every word we speak.

'A Thousand Words' has an entertaining first-hour, but an ordinary second. The humor is pedestrian at times, but some sequences are funny, thanks to Murphy's impeccable sense of comedy. The Screenplay doesn't offer wholesome entertainment, but its passable nonetheless. Brian Robbins's Direction is so-so. Cinematography & Editing are good.

Performance-Wise: Eddie Murphy is a comedic force. He's the life of the show. Clark Duke is first-rate. Kerry Washington is impressive. Cliff Curtis & Ruby Dee are adequate.

On the whole, 'A Thousand Words' rests on Eddie Murphy's undeniable talent.
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Eddie's best effort in quite awhile
SnoopyStyle1 September 2013
Eddie Murphy keeps trying and trying. This one kinda works... sort of. Jack McCall (Eddie Murphy) is a talkative self-obsessed man. He lies and ignores others. After meeting a spiritual guru, he finds a tree in his backyard that drops a leaf for every word he speaks. Will his professional and personal lives crash and burn, or will he find enlightenment?

Once again, he does his unlikeable douche character. And for the first hour, there are too many unlikeable self-centered characters in too many fake annoying situations. But the last 30 minutes is a heart-warming feel-good affair.
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Why only rated 5?
taemin40730 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I would recommend this movie to anyone, really. I hesitated at first when my friend recommended this to me, I thought it would be only another empty laugh comedies, like Identity Thief (yeah, sorry).

I gave ten out of ten, because movies like this are quite rare, giving great moral value and wisdom, meanwhile made us laughing our ass off. Eddie Murphy is so lovable, conjoined with his shy assistant who is quite cute.

This movie really taught me, it is more important to listen first and understand the circumstances, rather than assuming and then spitting out meaningless words.
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Just perfect
Ashwin Nandihalli17 July 2013
Just watch it its fun. But you will end up getting lot more out of it. That equals sixteen words :). I need to have at least 10 line to qualify this to be a review. :) That's how much we are crazy about using words. I don't speak not just needed but lot more. Lot more loosing the essence of it and some time making a nonsense of it. The beauty of this movie is its making me weigh my every word. And not say a thing that's not needed. A movie with such a depth. Yet told in a simplest and most humorous way. You will get tears laughing and tears again knowing how beautiful life can be when i talk less and mean more. No movie is not at all heavy as this review.:)That's more than 10 lines
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