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Natalie Portman hosts this episode and Fall Out Boy is the musical guest. The Cold Opening is a Message from President George W. Bush(Will Forte) who addresses the public on issues of secret White House activity and Vice-President Dick Cheney's(Darrell Hammond) hunting accident. Natalie Portman's Monologue consists of her tackling questions raised by "Star Wars" nerds in the audience. Repeat of Nelson Baby Toupees commercial from January 21, 2006, which spoofs Hair Club For Men commercials. Three over-psyched Jamba Juice employees (Portman, Seth Meyers, Horatio Sanz), have had so much of their own high-energy protein drinks, that they can't stop themselves from offering free boost supplements to their customers. Larry King(Fred Armisen) interviews a group of trans-gendered people who are in the middle of their sex change procedures. TransAmerica star Felicity Huffman(Kristen Wiig) is one of his guests. In the third installment of The Needlers, Dan(Meyers) and Sally Needler(Amy Poehler...

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