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marwashabbar22 November 2006
I wouldn't say that this is a masterpiece however it isn't that bad either. i believe that this movie has concentrated on the fragility of the human mind and it's ability to shatter and be affected by the slightest things in life. i personally wouldn't call this movie one of my favorite because i thought the story wasn't strong enough and although it carried a message but the message wasn't delivered effectively. the overall acting was spectacular. The actors and actresses adopted their characters very well especially Mena Shelbi - i thought she ruled in that movie. it's worth a watch but don't get your expectations too high because you might be disappointed.
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Fair Enough
noraalex6 January 2007
well, when i saw the trailer , i was soo excited to see the movie. I waited a full year until it comes to our cinema in gulf and it didn't. I bought a DVD and i watched it! well, to be honest, it was not as much as i expected. First i found that weja, the movie name, and the main game in the movie comes only in one scene, the first scene when the actors were playing for fun. When we saw the trailer of the movie we thought that all movie comes around this game and that would be a different kind of movies. but i was disappointed that Weja took merely a scene. This scene changed the life of all actors ,which was a little bit exaggeration that their lives, all of them, have been changed because of a "game", an illusion!. Regarding acting, i would say that it was not their best. Mena was good, Hani was again the angel. Others were fairly OK!.The end of the movie was very disappointing as viewers are watching a full struggle and suffer from the heroes ,so at least they deserved an end,a good one!, which never came and left the watcher very disappointed and lost. Yet, i would also say Bravo to Khalod Yousef, our director that we are really proud of having him for such kind of new movies and we need more fro movies that arouse our minds and hearts.
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