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mcdowell shines
candle79272 June 2008
I got the chance to watch this film at a festival in Florida with Malcolm Mcdowell in attendance. After the film there was a near standing ovation. Malcolm did such a great job and you could tell by his comments that he really was proud of the film.

To us in this audience it was clear that the film had a "faith" message from the beginning. I think going in to the movie knowing that helped.

I thought it was beautifully shot, well directed (director was at the festival too and was a really nice guy - Malcolm seemed to love him) and really well acted. Does walk the "power of prayer" message. So be warned. Good film though.
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my family loved it!
monkeymomm36 July 2008
After reading some of these comments I don't know what the big deal is.

This is a nice family film with Christian/faith overtones. Big deal. The movie tends to be nothing else.

I am not a religious person but we still enjoyed it. My four kids kept up with it and it was refreshing to see a nice PG rated movie that had no bad content in it and was still a quality film.

I loved McDowell in Time after Time and he is great in this. It also gave Pat Hingle a nice role too.

We loved it.

Took one star off for the lead's accent.
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I really liked this film, it stays with you and makes you think.
Jonathan Olive3 June 2008
The List is the type of movie that stays with you. It continues to make you think and ponder certain aspects of life. After viewing this movie I mostly wondered about the true power of prayer and how much effect it can really have on your surroundings. The List focuses mainly on the power of prayer and choices one has to make and overcome. I loved the way these two subjects were woven into the plot. They are not easy things to put into a film without coming across as preachy. The List takes characters that would naturally speak of Christianity rather than use a character that makes you throw your hands up and say, "Where did that come from!" The List sets out with a very specific goal and accomplishes it with greatness. If you are looking for a solid, well made Christian film then this one is for you.
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Outstanding acting by the cast keeps this mystery/thriller moving
metropolis200411 July 2007
The film opens in a manner reminiscent of Law and Order: Criminal Intent, with a record of various events surrounding the creation of "The List." The uncertainty of these events and their relation one to another foreshadows the mystery facing a young lawyer as he pursues the inheritance left him by his late father. As he does, he faces a similar series of mysterious events, deadly but seemingly disconnected. The solution to his own mystery lies in an understanding of the events that opened the film. This film chronicles the battle between power wielded by the greedy and merciless and power wielded by good and Godly people who surround the young lawyer. He is caught between forces competing for his soul and, in the face of uncertainty, must make a decision that will determine the course of his life. This is a quiet thriller, reflective of the challenges and choices that each of us faces in our own lives. The story is enhanced by truly outstanding acting on the part of all of the case members. -- LRD
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A Christian movie disguised as a mystery thriller
chrichtonsworld6 August 2008
At the beginning we get to see the start of a secret council of some sorts. It all looks very promising from the get go. With some supernatural elements thrown in, the mystery gets more interesting by the minute. The main character who seems like a good bloke gets into trouble because of his claim for money he is entitled to (temptation) and other factors. You really empathize with the guy and you want to know what exactly is going on. Normally a person in his situation would have several options. Somehow he does not have those options. In this movie there only seems to be one solution even when it is clear it is not his fault. Out of the blue he encounters characters who talk about church,prayer and God. And they provide the answer for his problem. It should be obvious at a point in the movie what this solution is. Now let me say that there is nothing wrong with this message. Since it always is helpful. But was it really necessary to disguise this message. This religious element actually ruined the viewing experience for me. While the message is good,it's simplicity can't escape the fact that in real life more needs to happen to resolve issues presented in this movie. The mystery that is presented to us never gets solved. In stead you are forced to deal with another topic that essentially has nothing to do with the plot. Don't get fooled because of Malcolm Mcdowell. The once brilliant actor is adequate,but if you watch closely you will see that he is not serious at all. He really must be desperate for money. Otherwise what would posses an actor of his caliber to act in a movie like this.
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surprisingly great film
bksmyth21 May 2008
Saw this film at a film festival in Georgia. We didn't know what to expect but had heard good things about it. We also heard that there was a faith element to the film which is always a mixed bag.

We were totally surprised. This was a real movie. Great locations, great look and feel (looked up the DP - how did they get him? Thomas Crown Affair!!!!)... and the cast - it is the best Malcolm Mcdowell part I've seen in years.

As to the faith... it is in there but I didn't find it overwhelming and the characters on screen seemed to be real. Walks a very strong fine line about the power of prayer.

I think it will make a great rental and we'll buy a couple of copies when it comes out.
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jonnystan111 May 2007
Adapting a novel is no simple task. Having read the book by Robert Whitlow I must say I am truly impressed. Is it exactly the same as the book? No, but it captures the heart of the book's message and I left the theater satisfied from a thrilling tale of good versus evil.

Perhaps even more impressive is the "production value" of the picture. Often low-budget films can really look cheap on screen only to be sent crashing and burning by even cheaper acting. Malcolm McDowell and Chuck Carrington lead the way for an ensemble cast of characters that truly captures the "Old-Money, Deep South" of Charleston. I was particularly impressed with scenes by Pat Hingle (of Gunsmoke fame, as well as Batman) and Will Patton which provided the most touching moments in the film.

I was always concerned that this movie would end up preaching to the audience (like most movies I have seen of this genre). The List is not that movie. A few of the characters talk about their faith and their belief in prayer but it is just a part of who those people are in the greater story of The List. It was nice to see someone on-screen portrayed as a selfless, compassionate human willing to sacrifice themselves for others WITHOUT TURNING TO VIOLENCE (a rare character in Hollywood).

So grab some popcorn and a coke—pull up a chair-- and enjoy this fantastic little Indie- flick!!
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good family film
ruffinpete17 June 2008
I rented this film to watch with my family. It was really refreshing to watch something together and not worry about language or content.

The kids loved the film too and particularly liked Hilarie Burton. Malcolm Mcdowell was great as well.

I thought the direction and cast were great and the message - we all need to believe in the power of prayer - was timely.

This was a great rental.

As to some of the negative comments - it seems like any movie that mentions God is labeled propaganda.

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A very good film based on an excellent book
sschroder13 September 2007
A movie rarely top the novel it portrays, especially when the novel is as well written as The List. But this movie adaption stays faithful to the story with a few added interesting twists and turns. If you love civil war history, mysteries, or trying to understand the spiritual dynamics behind every day life, you will be intrigued and entertained by this beautifully shot movie. Malcombe McDowell is especially convincing as a wealthy southerner and Hillary Burton is surprisingly good as the female lead. Watching The List moves the observer to laugh out loud as well as question what new clue will appear that will help unravel the mysteries swirling around Rennie, the lead character. None are fully answered until the end of the film. I heartily recommend it.
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Great southern film.
sthrn56715 January 2008
Heard about this film from a bunch of friends. Didn't know much about the story going in and man was I blown away.

Great cast (McDowell is as good as he's been in recent years... and Hilarie Burton. Where did she come from?), beautifully shot (trust me... I live in the South and this one captures it in all it's beauty) and a really intriguing story. Lot's of great inside Southern jokes. The theater was packed and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Pat Hingle and Will Patton both do great in small roles. My wife cried many times too.

If it is not playing in your area, I'd recommend you rent it the day it comes out.
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Enjoyable Movie
daveinlondon-124 August 2007
My wife and I and son stayed at the Ballentine Resort in Charlotte. We saw the film. And I have to say I enjoyed this film from start to finish. Malcolm McDowell is an amazing actor. I sure would not want him mad at me. Tim Ware (I think he was in Remember the Titans) and Hillary Burton (she is cute) are outstanding. I liked the plot, and the camera work is really good. How about that section of Will Patton at the church near the graveyard? Could that have been done any better? Will Patton did a super job. I love the film cuts in the church. I also enjoyed the opening scenes back in the 1800's; I think it said it was in Georgetown South Carolina. Overall, a really good movie, with good acting, good editing, and good music.
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a must see
moochypax3 April 2008
I just completed watching "The List" and I must say, the acting is beautiful, the script is powerful, the setting is breathtaking...if people don't view this remarkable film, they are really missing doesn't hurt either that Chuck Carrington is the lead character and is absolutely mesmerizing.All of the actors are phenomenal..small films like these are often not viewed by the masses, but I have yet to see a big budget film with as powerful a message as the one that is given in The List or as strong as actors. Go see The List if you want to see a film that is captivating and actually carries some depth to it. Malcolm McDowell, Haylie Burton, Will Patton, and Chuck Carrington are all perfectly cast and all portray their characters beautifully. If you don't shed a tear, than you will certainly walk away with a powerful message in you heart.
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The List is excellent
craayers25 April 2007
Those that have read Robert Whitlow's book by the same name will love this movie. The adaptation went straight for the reason why the book is a bestseller. But even having read it, the movie had some unpredictable moments. Hilarie Burton has you loving the character of Jo Johnson from the start and it is easy to see why Renny falls in love. Malcolm McDowell plays the perfect Larrochette, the leader of the List, so impressed with "true power". And Will Patton has a powerful scene. Chuck Carrington was a believable Renny in his first starring role. You will definitely identify with him and pull for him to successfully negotiate the pitfalls of the List. I was also impressed with Tim Ware as one of the List members. This film has the flavor of a legal thriller. At the end, you will take away something that stays in your soul. This was an excellent movie which I would go to again when it gets released later this summer. Gary Wheeler (Director)has done it again.
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The film is based on Robert Whitlow's novel The List about a young lawyer looking for his rightful inheritance from his wealthy father.
yvette5729 April 2007
This movie will keep you at the edge of your seats. The story is one of the most captivating I've seen on film. The costumes, setting, and actors draw you in. You feel as if you are in the shoes of those characters trying to solve the mysteries of the past and figure out how it fits into the present. It is a story of good verses evil and standing up for what is right no matter what the cost. I highly recommend this film to all movie-lovers. You will not be disappointed, but will tell all of your friends to see it too. We have all had to make tough decisions and have felt the turmoil this young lawyer feels as he tries to figure out what course to take.
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This film is 10 star all the way!
tinyft1021 April 2007
I had the incredible opportunity to see an advance screening of "The List" this morning.

It is the story of a man who finds himself at a cross-road when he learns of his fathers' death, and the secrets he left behind. Renny Jacobsen has some hard lessons to learn in love and life on his incredible journey to the Lord.

The performances were Powerful, Chuck Carrington (of Jag fame) was outstanding in his role as Renny a young man from the south faced with some hard life decisions. The beautiful and talented Hilarie Burton (One Tree Hill) brought a charm to the role of Jo, that anyone who has read Robert Whitlow's novel of the same name, knows her character required. The portrayal of Desmond Larochette by Malcom McDowell was spine tingling, and Pat Hingle a Hollywood Icon for over 50 years (TV and film from Gunsmoke and beyond) was magnificent, but it just might have been Will Patton (Remeber the Titans, Armageddon) that stole the show.

The writing was RIVITING, Robert Whitlow is an incredible writer, and in the tradition of John Grisham his book has been adapted for the big screen with all the passion, and attention to detail that you would expect.

The music was Great, as was the cinematography.

I left the theater with chills up and down my spine, Robert & Gary (Wheeler - Director), God bless you both. You have struck GOLD!
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great rental!
fourhor22 July 2008
We rented this film as a family and absolutely loved it! We didn't know anything about it going in (our daughter loves Hilarie Burton) but we were blown away.

It looks beautiful.

We live at the coast and it 100% captures our area.

What a surprise to see a film that so clearly talks about the power of prayer! Great performances and we thought it was by far the best film we've seen Hilarie in.

Much better than anything we've rented recently. If you love family/faith movies - give it a shot
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good adaptation of a great novel
ncheerios17 July 2008
Loved the book The List. It was one of the first that I read by Robert Whitlow.

While most novels are better than the films, I felt this was just about as good. What I mean is that it is more polished than the novel but probably isn't as in depth or pack as much punch.

I thought the locations were great. The cast superb. Burton, McDowell and Patton led the way.

As to the negative reviews... go figure. This is a nice PG rated family film about prayer.

It is that simple.
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Potentially good plot was weakly developed.
ed4becky7 September 2007
I found the plot development weak in this movie. The evil power and it's enticements were not played out in any meaningful way, and some of the dialog was hokey.

I thought at first it was an art film, but felt at the end it was just low budget (not bad, just low budget). Some of the character motivations were doubtful and/or not fully developed.

Malcolm McDowell was at his best as a Southern aristocrat.

Turned out to be a religious film, and walked the 'prayer as magic power' line. I am not opposed to religious messages, but I have seen better ones. I thought the ending a little lame and incomplete.

The girl was cute!
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Please read before watching
skyrme-15 June 2008
Unless you are an Evangelical Christian then make like an Egyptian and avoid like the biblical plague.

Awful - why oh why does IMDb list the most favourable reviews at the top of the list - it was due to one of these that I have just wasted the end of what started out as good evening on this claptrap.

The plot premise started out strong enough - I was drawn into the film and was interested right up to the point where the Bible sermons took over. What a waste.

This film has so incensed me that I have registered with IMDb for the first time just to complain about it - I hope at least that by doing so I save someone else's evening.

Hay - what a Christian act on my part ;-)
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The story line seemed interesting... it's really, really not.
Of_Many_One22 August 2008
It started out with an interesting premise. I always like Civil War stuff and ancient secret societies. The more the film progressed, the more I realized that this was a B movie at best. In the latter half, it quickly became a C movie, then D, then F, then "I wish that this wasn't a rental so that I could put it in the microwave!" I can't say that the acting in all cases was awful, just most. The writing, however... I never read the book. Maybe the book is well written. The screenplay was written by a 10 year old. It was ridiculously shallow, the dialog drab and uninteresting, the characters about as interesting as a 5 pound bag of fertilizer. I really hated this movie, as did my wife. I am a Christian and I have no problem with movies that promote or support Christianity. This movie did a great disservice to the cause. Awful, terrible, worthless. If you liked it, I strongly recommend Superman 4.
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needs to figure out what it's point is
chodieb7 September 2008
I just finished watching this movie. It wasn't ridiculously bad, but I'm really disappointed with it. I'm not really sure why someone would make a movie like this. It was marginally entertaining, but I feel like the people making it had a lot of disagreements on what they were making. Monday, the writer was in charge; Tuesday, the director; Wednesday, the guy who gets the coffee; etc. It almost seems like they really wanted to make a couple different movies, but only had the time and money to make one.

Someone else commented that the acting was really good, but I'd have to disagree. Then again, if the actors were able to keep a straight face during the filming, perhaps they're better actors than I give them credit for.

The back of the DVD gives the impression that the movie would be a mystery... something along the lines of a historical Law and Order or National Treasure. It starts off like that, but then, out of nowhere it takes a turn towards a bad episode of the Twilight Zone, or... what was that other show that wasn't as good... A bad episode of The Outer Limits.

My main complaint about the movie is that it is just so played out. There's the evil guy with spiked white hair. There's the love interest, who, when she first appears, the wind actually blows through her hair. Seriously. Once you realize it's a Christian movie, the end is also pretty easy to spot.

The cinematography was poorly done, especially in the opening scenes - way to put your best foot forward. It wasn't atrocious for most of the movie, but there was the occasional ridiculously bad shot of an old lady, praying, arms up in a dark room while lightening is striking - the sort of thing that just makes you a little bit embarrassed to be watching the movie.
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Simply the worst 'movie' i have ever seen.
Stevepbs30 September 2008
How sad there is no option to post a mark lower than 1. I watched this piece of nonsense and could barely believe what i was watching. Every single part of the film was awful. Music, acting, direction, story, everything, simply everything. I actually found myself laughing out loud at various points in the film. I particularly loved the bit where our hero is dashing through the hospital in soft focus slow motion, and knocks the clipboard out of the nurses hand, because, .............well. Just because. Product placement? Crucifix's (crucifi?) everywhere. If you are of a Christian persuasion and very easily satisfied, you may like this movie. If you do like this movie, you really need to get out more.
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Steer clear
timpreston27 September 2008
The IMDb plot summary in no way describes the essence of this film. It should have read 'Be prepared to be catapulted back to the prison of the 3rd pew from the back of your family's church at 8 years old, listening to the preacher drone on about God's will while all you can think of is getting back home to your Lego'.

It starts off well intentioned, building intrigue by planting some real and surreal clues such as Renny's 'how did the cut on my thumb heal so fast?' moment. It then slowly morphs into a Christian jamboree, sacrificing its plot completely in a wash of evangelistic-induced babble. I believe I counted the use of the word 'pray' about 53 times in a five minute span near the end. After the 31st, I tried to twist the context of the word to its synonym, 'prey'. Sadly, this little mind game of mine made the film at least bearable for the last 20 minutes. Plus it made me laugh whenever a character would say 'prayer' ('preyer' to me) as it became totally zany. Indeed, even my Catholic wife sunk in her chair from boredom, almost to the point of ending up on the floor.

For all the salivating Christians who ranked this film 8-10 stars, I suggest sticking with your theology-reinforcing safety standards like Circle Square, The Ten Commandments, anything from Narnia, Jesus Christ Superstar and the like. Stay away from more cerebrally challenging subject matter in films such as Jesus Camp, The God Who Wasn't There, What Would Jesus Buy, or the soon-to-be released Religulous.

Maybe Robert Whitlow's book is better.
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totally worthless
godwottery0314 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
didn't know anything about the film or that it was based on a best selling book.Tried guessing from the opening scenes what it would be about,best guess,buried treasure and a death list.That lasted about 15 minutes when i got the sneaky suspicion that the film was crap.I'll not bore you with how bad the plot and acting were but anyone who gave it more than two stars must work for the film makers.I watched until the hero jumped into his corvette to rush to the hospital.He had his on his suit,shirt and tie arrived at the hospital in jeans and a t/shirt.Couldn't even get the continuity right. I got the Christian theme,hard to miss it .
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Very disgusted
pjnbarb30 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I believe in keeping religion out of government and out of the movies. When I want a sermon, I'll go to church, but I don't want one from a movie. I don't mind some supernatural themes, (after all, religion is about as supernatural as you can get!) but this movie had so much preaching in it that I was really annoyed. The landlady reminded me of witches that of seen in other movies. The bad guy even looked like he had horns.

And what a silly ending: the hero went into the meeting and yelled at all of those old men, and that broke the spell. If only life were that simple. I think that when movies are that stupid, they ought to be distributed with a warning: DANGER! PREACHING CONTAINED HEREIN!
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