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Charlotte Observer
Director Ken Kwapis uses those monster infants perfectly, down to a funny final outtake.
The characters and plot lack even a shred of credibility.
Rev. Robin Williams goes from mildly comic to downright creepy.
Miami Herald
The fact that License to Wed isn't as unbearable as its trailers make it look doesn't mean it's good. It's not. It's just another mediocre addition -- worse than the best sitcoms, better than the worst.
The creepy-faced robot twin babies are funny (for a while); the rest of the film is not. It's like "Meet the Parents" with Dr. Phil as the officiant from hell.
Chicago Tribune
Williams' grimace is starting to look desperate. Then again, no one comes off well in director Ken Kwapis' handling of this greasy screenplay.
The outtakes that accompany the end credits suggest that making the movie was a blast; it's a shame the same can't be said for watching it.
Krasinski and Moore are an adorable couple, but marriage material they aren't, especially since they're given a mere ten minutes to form a full-fledged relationship before Williams breathlessly barges into the picture.
The inert License to Wed shambles along one lame scene after another.
The Hollywood Reporter
Working from a flawed premise with characters lacking credibility and plot turns more moronic than funny, the movie flatlines in about five minutes.
There's bad, there's awful and there's horrible, and then somewhere beyond that, in its own Kingdom of Lousy -- where all the milk curdles and the jokes aren't funny -- is License to Wed, the latest ghastly exercise starring Robin Williams.

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