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Steve Buscemi was actually a New York City Firefighter before he became an actor.
Larry's home address that Chuck tells to Duncan was Adam Sandler's actual childhood address growing up.
Kevin James' character's name is Larry Valentine. His real life brother is named Gary Valentine.
Dan Aykroyd approached 'Adam Sandler' and respectfully requested to change some of his lines. Sandler thought the material Aykroyd came up with was hilarious, so he was allowed to do so.
When Chuck confuses David Spade for Jessica Biel in the playboy bunny outfit, in the shot from behind it's actually Biel herself in the outfit.
While filming the hearing scene, when Dan Aykroyd made his way to the middle of the room to shout 'Enough,' 'Adam Sandler' and 'Kevin James' cheered him on, thus starting a standing ovation from the extras. According to the director, Aykroyd missed the rehearsal for the scene, so the extras were unaware of what he was going to do. The segment was caught on film and can be found in the extras on the DVD.
During the parade when Chuck and Larry are quizzing each other on different aspects of each other's personalities, Adam Sandler and Kevin James each give their real birthdays when asked.
Will Smith and Nicolas Cage, Smith and James Gandolfini, and Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, all showed interest in the project at some point.
Release prints were delivered to theaters with the fake title "Apple Bottom".
The address on Larry's mail (264 Bay 22nd Street, Brooklyn) is the real address where they shot the exteriors of Larry's house and neighborhood.
Chuck dresses up as Dracula at the fundraiser. Adam Sandler would later voice Dracula in Hotel Transylvania (2012).
The fire companies portrayed in the movie are Engine 506/Ladder 223. In reality, FDNY engines numbered in the 500's are used as spares or are fully equipped on reserve status. Ladder 223 is also another fictional fire company. For the film, the firehouse used was FDNY's Engine 280/Ladder132 - built in 1912 and located in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. The patches and motto used in the movie are the same patches and motto for the real fire companies assigned to the firehouse.
It represents Adam Sandler and Universal's fourth collaboration and their first movie together in eleven years. It is also Sandler's first major film not released by Columbia Pictures since Little Nicky (2000), which was released by New Line Cinema.
Bob Barker can be seen on the TV when Theresa is watching 'The Price is Right'. Bob Barker also appeared with Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore (1996).
Actress/singer Lainie Kazan appeared in one scene as Chuck's mother, but it was deleted. It is included on the DVD.
David Dobkin was originally set to direct, but dropped out to make Fred Claus (2007).

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Dennis Dugan:  The Niagara Falls cab driver.

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