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Elizabeth David rocked!!
ulht124 June 2006
It gets 8 of 10

because Elizabeth David rocked - but I have not yet seen it because BBC American doesn't seem to require programming skills in their higher ups (and after what all the stations/public did to Benny Hill, they don't deserve him - but thats for another time). Basically, like MFK Fisher in the US, Elizabeth - almost single handed - saved British cooking after WWII by bringing back decent cooking/food preparation and a respect for (particularly) French and Italian Cuisines. Fisher was born about two years earlier than David and both died within a five or less month period in 1992. Both are worth reading and reading about and a biographical film about Fisher would not be at all amiss. Oddly, though they apparently never met, supposedly David disliked Fisher - no idea if Fisher felt the same or not.
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cbjslp17 November 2008
Where can this film be seen? Has it been broadcast on TV? I have several of David's books and also have M.F.K. Fisher. Both their writings are far more than just cooking. They both incorporate a life's philosophy in their literature. I have also found material on the Internet which compares these two women and their works. An ideal at this time after a release date of two years ago, would be perhaps a PBS broadcast of the film. I would be interested in any information about being able to view this film. Catherine McCormack was absolutely outstanding in Braveheart. I understand though that her true passion is the stage. Would love the opportunity to see what she did with the complex character of Elizabeth David.
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