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Season 1

Widget's Wild Ride/Attack of the 50-Foot Fleegle
Widget's Wild Ride: It's time for the Wuzzleburg Derby and Wubbzy is ready to race, but first Widget wants to make some imaginative improvements to his car. Gotta Dance: Widget wants to be a ballerina, but learning how to dance isn't easy. Will one of her inventions help?
Gotta Dance/The Wubb Club
Wubbzy decides to move into the Wubb Club, but everything goes wrong on his first day living there. / Widget and Walden create a huge clubhouse for Wubbzy's newly formed club.
Eggs Over Easy/The Flight of the Flutterfly
Gidget the Super Robot: Widget builds a robot version of herself, but gets jealous when Wubbzy and Walden spend time with it. Eggs Over Easy: Widget wants to help Wubbzy decorate and hide Easter eggs, but her invention turns rotten.
Monster Madness/The Very Last Leaf
A strange, elephant-like creature shows up at Walden's house when he's playing his Hoopty Horn. But what is it?
Wubbzy Bounces Back/A Dash for a Dolly
Wubbzy wants to buy a Hammerin' Holly Dolly for Widget's birthday, but they're hard to find. / Wubbzy, Widget, and Walden decorate the Christmas figgety-fig tree for the Wuzzleburg lighting ceremony, but they have to find a way to save the event when Widget's generator stops working.
The Snow Shoo Shoo
Wubbzy, Widget, and Walden search for the Snow Shoo-Shoo when they don't see it in its usual location on top of Mount Zubba Bubba. / Wubbzy and Widget try to fix Walden's polar bear sculpture when Wubbzy crashes his sled into it.
Widget Gets the Blooey Blues/Escape from Dino Island
Widget Get The Blooey Blues: When Widget's invention turns out to be a failure, Wubbzy and Walden try to cheer her up. The Super Fixers: Widget can't get enough of her favorite television shows, but her friends worry she's watching too much. Will their superhero act convince her to come play outside?
1 Feb. 2007
Magical Mess Up/Tea for Three
Wubbzy's Magical Mess-up: Moo Moo warns Wubbzy not to try any magic while he watches the workshop. But Wubbzy can't resist giving his wand a try. Tea for Three: Wubbzy enlists his friends' help when he decides to throw his very first tea party.
11 Dec. 2007
Mt. Fizzy Pop/Zoo Hullabaloo
Mt. Fizzy Pop on Dino Island is about to erupt milky-milk on the town of Wuzzleburg, so Wubbzy, Widget, and Walden try to stop it. / Wubbzy, Daizy, Widget, and Walden must find a new place for the Wuzzly bears to live when their bamboo-boo trees get cut down for a playground.
13 Dec. 2007
The Super Fixers/Fly Us to the Moon
Wubbzy and Widget dress up as spacemen after Walden sees a light that looks like a spaceship. / Wubbzy, Widget, and Walden wake up the Man on the Moon after he oversleeps and doesn't drive the moon across the sky.
4 Apr. 2008
Where's My Wiggle Wrench?/You Gotta Have Art
Wubbzy takes up painting, but can't find a good subject to complete his masterpiece. / Wubbzy is trying to win a trophy for breaking a record but he keeps getting interrupted by people who need his help.
9 May 2008
Follow the Leader/The Wubbzy Shuffle
Follow the Leader: A family of baby chirpees mistake Wubbzy for their mother after they find themselves separated from her. The Wubbzy Shuffle: Wubbzy isn't being very nice about losing at games. When he uses special gadgets to cheat, he creates a victory dance called the Wubbzy Shuffle. After finding out, Widget and Walden decide to teach Wubbzy a lesson about playing fair.

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