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Claudio Carvalho8 October 2008
When Bellick finds the hole in the storage room, DB hits him with a shovel and drops him in the hole, but is stabbed in the stomach. The P.I. team decides that they need to break-out that night, but the key of the infirmary is still an issue. Meanwhile Veronica discloses that many calls of Quinn's cellular where made from a US$ 2,000,000.00 real estate in Blackfoot, Montana, and she decides to travel to the place to investigate. However, Nick receives a call from Abruzzi and threatens Veronica with a gun. Vice President Caroline Reynolds is pressed by her powerful associates to convince President Richard Mills to refuse the law of alternative energy, but Richards is no longer supporting the corrupt Caroline. Michael decides to ask for help to Dr. Sara Tancredi for his escaping; she becomes disappointed and depressed, and decides to go to a bar in Chicago. When she is near to drink again, she sees that her father will be the Vice in the campaign of Caroline to the White House and she meets him to ask if he read Lincoln's process. Michael in despair uses an unexpected escape plan-B.

I am impressed how good "Prison Break" is. In "Tonight", the change of plan for breaking-out from Fox River is certainly the greatest twist. I felt very sorry for the disappointment of Sara with Michael and also for Warden Pope, who is a good man, and a great sympathy for the thoughts and motivations of C-Note, DB and Sucre for escaping; however, Abruzzi, T-Bag and the rat Tweener deserve to stay forever in Fox River. My greatest disappointment however is with the traitor Nick. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "A Segunda Fuga" ("The Second Escape")
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Luv Singh8 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Well from the very first episode you would start wondering how these guys gonna escape eventually.With slew of twists,It becomes unpredictable.

And when you watch this episode "Tonight" ,It leaves you spellbind. D-cooper kills anxiety by hitting Bellick very hard. and soon their plans reduces to tonight from 3 Days. It becomes more gripping.

Even though you aren't fond of chemistry or romance between, MiSa (Michale & Sara) does splendid job to make you love their every presence together.

The conversation between Sarah & Scofield will melt your heart. You would ask yourself if this is their last scenes together??You cannot simply miss this.

Who would have imagined how Scofield would get his brother to infirmary.Superb twist with feeling sorry about Pope.

And the outstanding background scores when each of the escapee shown recalling their dream moments which is gonna be true soon. Best of the this episode.

You gotta believe me . Disclaimer: "Its killing me to know you aren't gonna believe" "Was It all an act"

There could be better TV series but have not found any as addictive as Prison Break.
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