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13 Jan. 2006
Washington B.C.
Ben confronts an evil genetic manipulator who feels just as he does - sorely deprived of recognition and rewards for his astonishing capabilities.
14 Jan. 2006
The Krakken
After pretending to be a monster in a nearby lake to scare Gwen, a real lake monster appears. Now Ben is hard-pressed to get anyone to believe him, but not for long.
21 Jan. 2006
Permanent Retirement
The group stops in a retirement community to visit Aunt Vera, but Ben finds the aged residents to be quite a bit more physically dynamic than one should ever expect.
28 Jan. 2006
Grandpa tries to help Ben by setting up a training area. He also tries to teach him to think about his selections and his moves. In the mean time, Vilgax sends some bounty hunters after the Omnitrix.
4 Feb. 2006
Tourist Trap
Feeling gypped at a boring mid-west tourist attraction, Ben's payback ruins several exhibitions. One exhibit, though, turns out to be a lot more than anyone bargained for when it releases a relentless electrical prankster named Megawatt.
11 Feb. 2006
Kevin 11
Ben meets a teenager named Kevin in an arcade. He has the ability to absorb any form of energy. They team up, only for Ben to discover that Kevin is only interested in using Ben's Omnitrix to do bad.
18 Feb. 2006
The Alliance
One of Vilgax's upgraded robot trackers bonds with a lady criminal, turning her into a cyborg to hunt down Ben.
25 Feb. 2006
Last Laugh
Ben's secret fear of clowns absents him from the big top just as an evil soul-sucking clown goes into his act, but Gwen, Grandpa Max and the rest of the town aren't as fortunate.
18 Feb. 2006
Lucky Girl
Following an altercation in a witchcraft museum, Gwen acquires a potent charm that grants enough extraordinary good luck for her to proclaim herself a new superhero - Lucky Girl.
11 Mar. 2006
A Small Problem
Ben is too short for a ride at a water park, so he uses the Omnitrix to sneak in. An alien enthusiast captures Grey Matter and wants to announce it to the world, so he contacts The Organization, which wants the alien for its own plans.
18 Mar. 2006
Side Effects
Ben's cold affects his alien transformations, leaving Wildbeast virtually blind, Four Arms with putrid puss pockets and Heatblast far from able to warm up. Not good when there's a bug-manipulating maniac threatening a city.
25 Mar. 2006
Vilgax himself finally comes after Ben. As Ben finds Vilgax to be more than he and his alien selves can handle, Grandpa Max reveals a secret past when he seeks help from a hidden base beneath Mount Rushmore.
29 May 2006
The Tennysons encounter Phil, a former Plumber like Grandpa Max. Even though the Plumbers have retired, he still seems to find work that only a Plumber can handle. Is it just coincidence?
30 May 2006
The Big Tick
Ben discovers a new alien in the Omnitrix. As he tries to figure out the alien's abilities, a meteor crashes nearby. A giant tick emerges. It's already destroyed several other planets. Now Earth is next.
31 May 2006
Apparently, Ben's aliens have been creating havoc across the country. Have they, really? As Federal agents come gunning for him in San Francisco, Ben gets the lowdown from a former friend.
4 Jun. 2006
Gwen 10
In a what-if tale, Ben wakes up back at the start of summer vacation (with full memories of the coming weeks) and finds himself not the one to whom the Omnitrix affixes itself.
7 Jun. 2006
Grudge Match
Kevin and Ben become part of an alien abduction where they find themselves enslaved and forced to take part in televised galactic gladiatorial games.
13 Jun. 2006
The Galactic Enforcers
Ben is enthralled as a team of galactic superheroes trail two supervillains to Earth who are looking for the other chemical half of a solar-system-destroying explosive.
21 Jun. 2006
Camp Fear
The Tennysons come upon a children's summer camp besieged by large, carnivorous fungus.
6 Jul. 2006
Ultimate Weapon
Texas oil drillers unearth the Mask of Apuk, key to the most powerful and destructive weapon ever created - the Sword of Echtua.
12 Jul. 2006
Tough Luck
Charmcaster breaks her Uncle Hex out of prison to help him find the Keystone of Bazell and punish the one who got him imprisoned - Lucky Girl.
18 Jul. 2006
They Lurk Below
Being special guests at the first underwater resort excites Ben and Gwen till they meet the owner's snobbish grandson and a plethora of vicious undersea aliens.
25 Jul. 2006
Ghostfreaked Out
One of Ben's aliens decides to leave the Omnitrix and take over the world but needs to merge with Ben to become whole.
25 Aug. 2006
Dr. Animo and the Mutant Ray
Despite Gwen and Grandpa Max's warnings over toying with the Omnitrix, Ben messes around with it until - oops! - he breaks it and his aliens start coming out as fused hybrids.
9 Oct. 2006
Back with a Vengeance
Ben manages to unlock the master code on the Omnitrix, allowing him to change at will. It comes in handy now that Vilgax and Kevin 11 are teamed up and coming for him.
25 Nov. 2006
Ben 10,000
Gwen and Ben find themselves abducted into the future in order to help their future selves with a problem, but Dr. Animo keeps them busy by reanimating Vilgax.
2 Dec. 2006
Midnight Madness
Ben falls under the hypnotic spell of a wicked hypnotist, whose evil grand scheme for ill-gotten gains gets an unexpected boost from some alien help.
9 Dec. 2006
A Change of Face
While in Salam, Charmcaster tries to switch bodies with Ben but winds up with Gwen's instead.
11 Dec. 2006
Merry Christmas
While traveling through Death Valley, the Tennysons come across a winterland anomaly, where Grandpa Max is forced to become Santa Claus and the kids start becoming elves.

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