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Season 4

14 Jul. 2007
Perfect Day
Some of Ben's old enemies attack a school bus. Ben easily defeats them, the grateful cheerleader thank him. It's a start of a perfect day for Ben. Or is it? Duplicates of Grandpa and Gwen show up and tell him he's been captured, he's in a dream world, and the culprits are keeping him there so they can get the Omnitrix. Can Ben distinguish between what is and isn't real?
19 Jul. 2007
Divided We Stand
While at the beach, Ben discovers a new alien hero with the power to duplicate itself. Ben must use this new form to defeat Dr. Animo and his army of mutated stinkflies.
25 Jul. 2007
Don't Drink the Water
Hex is after the Fountain of Youth. Grandpa Max and Ben both experience the effects of its waters. They have to stop Hex from getting to the Fountain and regaining his youth and full powers.
2 Aug. 2007
Big Fat Alien Wedding
Ben, Gwen and Max attend a family wedding of which there is much more to than meets the eye.
22 Sep. 2007
Ben 4 Good Buddy
The Tennysons encounter the Road Crew a small gang that harasses people on the highway. The Road Crew manages to steal the Rustbucket. The Tennysons have to get it back.
29 Sep. 2007
Ready to Rumble
Ben breaks Gwen's new laptop and tries to make amends by entering a wrestling contest.
6 Oct. 2007
Ken Ten
Ben's son, Ken, turn 10. As a birthday gift he gives his son an omnitrix, with 10 aliens. Ken soon befriends Devon, a youth with some ties to an archenemy of Ben's.
3 Nov. 2007
Ben 10 vs. Negative 10 Part 1
The Tennyson pick up Cooper, the grandson of a fellow plumber. They hear the Circus Freaks are at Fort Knox and go to stop them. But the Circus Freaks didn't take any gold, and they're not the only ones involved in the caper. When they finally figure out what the real objective is, they find the Negative 10.
31 Aug. 2007
Ben 10 vs. The Negative Ten: Part 2
The Negative 10 is after the Sub-energy, the Tennysons and Cooper make a final stand at Mount Rushmore to keep them from it and taking over the world.
5 Apr. 2008
Goodbye and Good Riddance
The summer finally ends, Ben and Gwen have to go back to their normal lives. Grandpa Max tells Ben to keep the Omnitrix a secret from everyone, even his parents. Ben agrees, but Vilgax arrives and he'll stop at nothing to get the Omnitrix.

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