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Too Good

Author: caribgirl101 from United States
25 March 2006

Yesterday, after being at an all day symposium, I needed a good laugh and I got one. At first, My intention was to see "Inside Man" or 16 Blocks." but when I saw Steve Harvey's name, that did it for me. I was right. I laughed hard and loud because I connected with most of what he was saying. Also, I have been battling with the concept of "how to be a Christian." Watching Steve helped me to stop being so hard on myself. He bears his soul and he speaks to the idea that, as human beings, we are not perfect. I advise everyone to check this movie out. It emphasizes and sustains the reality of the true nature of human beings. One thing I am certain of after watching this film is that God, in his wisdom, "ain't through with me yet." Mitzie

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Thank You Steve

Author: kkathycathey from United States
12 August 2006

I watched Don't Trip and I Tripped. Steve was great he was preaching talking to me he had me looking eyes wide open he had me laughing he had me saying hum then all of a sudden I was crying. I felt he touch me as if he was guided by the HOLY SPIRIT,he was preaching AMEN! I'm use to his all around very funny humor but this was very different for me. Steve Harvey has shown me the GODLY person that he is and I guess always been THANK YOU Jesus. God has been good to him,me and you to if you just listen. He had Ricky Smiley playing that organ it just made things seem to clear as to how we are and how we are led and how we react to things as God's children. The saddest for me was we have lost how to communicate with our children. It's so true I see it Parents ain't parents no more. I see kids talking to their parents with such disrespect it would be nice to smack em in the mouth and up side the head until the white meat show. I did and will still check mine just give them that GOD FEARING LOOK. Thank You STEVE HARVEY

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Yeah for Steve Harvey

Author: pforce4 from United States
29 May 2006

Finally, someone coming back in from the outside in order to give people a fresh look of what's going on within churches and finding a way to make you laugh about it.

Hopefully we can laugh about it, but grow from it and be better examples. Perfect timing, perfect examples, perfectly preformed.

It is good to see someone from Hollywood's lime light come out and talk before people without regret. You have to take off your blinders for this one and really listen and absorb what is being said.

This DVD deserves support and thus does TD Jakes for allowing Steve to do this.

I am a Steve fan for this one.

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Little Christians!"

Author: Gatto Nero from United States
10 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I just saw this the other day.

Man was I surprised! Here was a "G/PG" rated Steve Harvey comedy act! I'm so use to seeing and hearing a "R/XXX" rated Steve Harvey! But he was doing a performance for church folk, so it was understandable.

I have always thought many comedians can be (and are) funny without resorting to being vulgar and "ghetto".

But it seems that being "nasty and dirty" seems to be the "norm" and somehow relates much better to some level with some people.

It seems that being that "real", makes a somewhat better "connection" with the masses.

With this act, Harvey confirmed that you can still be funny while keeping it "clean".

Other comedians like Sinbad, Bill Cosby and countless Christian comedians can keep it "clean" and still be funny.

I believe it has to do a lot with religion and also how and where you were raised and educated.

To some extent , it has "paid-off" for Harvey since now he hosts the "Family Feud". (hint: there is a family in the title for a reason) But then some people can see that as a "sell-out", Like Eddie Murphy for example. Who now has resorted to doing Disney movies!? What happen to the comedian that Eddie was, like in '48Hrs or Trading Places'? I don't know maybe money does actually rule in the end.

Anyways, without really "spoiling" the ending of Harvey's performance on this act, I'll just say that what a way to end a show! It is as close to a "religious" experience that you'll get with the titled "Pastor/Reverend" Steve Harvey! :D

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Comedy I can watch with my children

Author: rob_krash from United States
29 June 2006

I was at the live recording for this DVD and I have to say it was outstanding.

Some might say, "Steve Harvey cusses all the time during his stand-ups. How in the world can he do this?"

I like Steve Harvey and watch his syndicated show regularly. Although Steve does a lot of his stand ups with profanity(HBO special, Kings of Comedy, Def Jam, etc.), he is also known to be funny without it(Me and the Boys, Steve Harvey Show, Showtime at the Apollo, Big Time) It just shows the versatility of the comedian to give a command performance in an event such as MegaFest.

Steve brought a fresh outside look into the happenings of most black churches and we can laugh about it because it's true.

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Maybe I'm in the wrong demographic?

Author: Brandt Sponseller from New York City
15 July 2007

I like to watch DVDs with as little information about what I'm about to see as possible. I like to avoid preconceptions and expectations and just let the material unfold before me like life does.

In this case, as soon as I put the DVD in the player, I knew I was in store for some stand-up comedy from Steve Harvey. I didn't know anything about Harvey personally. I'd seen him in at least one film, Johnson Family Vacation (2004), and I thought that was okay, but not very good. I'd never seen his stand-up. However, I usually enjoy stand-up a lot, so I was ready for a good time.

In this case, my "avoid preconceptions" strategy backfired a bit. For at least the first 10 minutes of Don't Trip, I was trying to figure out what the hell the deal was--I felt like I had stumbled into a timeshare sales pitch or multi-level marketing meeting by accident--when you know there's some ulterior motive occurring, and this isn't just a collection of more or less random people interacting in a general way.

I didn't know Harvey was religious, so the comments at the beginning of the DVD threw me off a bit, but okay, he likes to mention God at his shows. But then he kept doing religious material, which seemed very odd to me. I didn't know he was _that_ religious. And I wasn't really laughing at anything. That's a bad omen for stand-up. Yet there was this huge audience at his show. It took me awhile to figure out that this was filmed at a religious "festival" (a gospel "Megafest"), and apparently Harvey was just one of the acts.

I suppose I'm just in the wrong demographic for this. I'm not at all religious. I'm an atheist, one who doesn't mind arguing religion, and one who has actually convinced some religious folks to change their views. I prefer Anton La Vey's (the founder of the official Church of Satan) ethics to Christian ethics. I'm a hedonist. I've done things that can be interpreted as anti-mainstream-religion and pro-Satanist in my own artwork (even though it's not meant quite that simply). To me, religions basically amount to mythology and superstition (and I think it's fun to interact with mythology in various ways).

On the other hand, I like experiencing everything, and that includes religious films and religious music. I loved The Work and the Glory (2004). I thought The Second Chance (2006) was very good (and I love Steve Taylor's music, by the way). I thought The Last Sin Eater (2007) was okay. I thought people were unduly harsh on The Gospel (2005), which I thought was a pretty good film. I love all kinds of gospel music--The Winans, Mahalia Jackson, The Staple Singers, Aretha Franklin's gospel, The Carter Family and Johnny Cash's gospel, Dr. Charles G. Hayes--I don't think there's any gospel I do not like. So it's not as if I won't like something just because it's religious.

But I just didn't find most of Don't Trip funny. There were some parts that made me chuckle. And a couple times, when Harvey got serious, I thought he had something valuable to say (such as the speech about not discouraging your children's ambitions). Unfortunately, just as often, Harvey came across to me as something of a jerk. But maybe he was just trying to be funny. I don't know. The people in the huge audience (about 16,000) sure seemed to find him hilarious--at least given the way the audience reaction shots were edited into the film.

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