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Chicago Reader
The show ends with a moving declaration of faith by the star, who was raised in the church, but there's no denying that his funniest moments spring from impulses that are less than charitable.
Entertainment Weekly
Harvey's stand takes place live in front of 16,000 believers at Bishop T.D. Jakes' church event MegaFest, and the intriguing novelty of the movie comes from watching one of the R-rated Original Kings of Comedy try to go the whole night without swearing.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Harvey's a gifted physical mimic who demonstrates the comic waddle of the church usher with fallen arches, as well as the poor parishioner etiquette of grabbing too many communion wafers.
Village Voice
Despite more audience cutaways than the State of the Union Address, the movie's largely a you-had-to-be-there affair--except when the star does an uncanny imitation of a double-wide churchgoer scooting through a narrow pew.
The film's first half, at least, is full of good comedy, no matter what the crowd.
Charlotte Observer
The film is a straight concert appearance: No backstage material after a brief introduction, no footage of him in any other context. He's certainly smooth, engaging and likeable onstage, but you won't learn anything about him you didn't already know.

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