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Lord of the Rings RTS online game

Author: jch0325 from AbdulaOblongata(lookformeonline)
8 February 2007

Best RTS game I've played in a long time. The expansion is also great. Probably the best game since the classic Starcraft. The first game follows the races of men, elves and dwarfs as they fight the forces of evil. you can also play an evil campaign to destroy the good races. they expansion adds a new race, Angmar, the Witchkings army. you can play the Angmar campaign in the expansion as well as an epilogue where you play as men. online aspects of the game are all great. it feels really smooth and runs with minimal lag. the chat monitor edits all curse words typed by the other player online, so if you have a younger kid that wants to play the game you don't have to worry about them seeing foul language. the online game online will also keep stats of all your past game, from how many units you killed to what your favorite unite is. the AI for the computers in the game is better than any other RTS game that i have ever seen.

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Author: hobbo_bob from Lowestoft, suffolk, England
1 August 2008

The best RTS made so far. The feeling is just sensational when u get your troops to attack and you're about to win the music plays and sends a shiver down your spine. The single Player campaign is awesome it shows you what is happening else where in middle earth like the dwarfs protecting there mountains and forts from saurons evil and the elves protecting rivendell and and their forests.you can also play as evil and be goblins with a variety of heroes and units. The skirmish is great fun if you want to practise for online or the campaign also there's a war of the ring mode its a turn based strategy when u get to place your troops and based on the map of middle earth u have to take the enemys region. The online is the best thing u can play with up to 8 players in one game either 4 v 4 or 2v2v2v2 or what ever you want there are loads of maps to choose from and you can apply your own rules for your own game choose your force you want to battle with like elves, dwarfs, men or be the evil forces with mordor, isengard or the goblins Each Force has its own group of heroes you can buy with your resources there are many to choose from

this game is my favourite game on pc and my favourite strategy still even though its been out for two years now.

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