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Get ready to be tickled from here to Canada, !!
mightymike-18 November 2006
I'll make this short and sweet. This is the best new comedy since "Monk." The writing is superior, and the acting, by actors I don't remember having seen before, doesn't let the script down. I hope they move this show to prime time and never run out of material. Watch this show and you will NOT be disappointed.

The closest comparison to another show I can think of, believe it or not, is "My Cousin Vinny." Without resorting to any spoilers, I can tell you that it's a mixture of seeming drama laced with clever, hilarious bits of dialogue, pun and just plain perfect situational comedy.I chuckled and laughed out loud all through the show, for its genuine originality. You will too.
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the concept behind this show resembles Honey, I shrunk the kids, the TV Show
mmyy8 November 2006
I enjoyed this show but the concept behind it bears an amazing resemblance to a running character on Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, the TV Show. Like most TV shows, Honey was filmed in Canada and the shows writer's spoofed this by introducing a character from the Canadian Secret Service who would show up occasionally and give the Zalinkis a spy assignment which was always filled with plenty of gag take offs of James Bond. One of the jokes was, "Yes, Canada has a secret service, too." Underfunded has the exact same concept. A spoof of James Bond using the Canadian Secret Service and yes, they actually use the same joke. Canada has a secret service, too. The humor is not quite as broad as Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, the TV Show but it definitely mines the same vein.

I liked the episode I saw. Although I wonder if the writers were fans of Honey, I Shrunk the TV Show or they just came up with the same idea. Some countries are just funny like the letter K. Canada is one of them.
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Dear Lord, THERE'S 90 minutes of my life I won't get back!
acaciajules13 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
AND I WANT THEM BACK!!!!!! I've never been more bored by a supposed comedy in my life! I know they're trying to be quirky and funny, but the jokes are obvious and it goes beyond the realm of passable believability.

I mean, what kind of SECRET AGENCY would EVER write a check to their Internet company FROM THE ROYAL Canadian GOVERNMENT?! The jokes are just stupid. while I get they're supposed to be underfunded, this is just ridiculous.

OK, if his father was CIA and such a legend, why the hell is he working in Canada. Who cares if he moved there when he was six?! If he wanted to be a REAL agent, why didn't he join an American agent.

Dude, was that a picture of JAMES BOND on the target the bodyguard (Alex) was shooting at??? OK, watching the whole American spy scene, but OK American's AREN'T that well funded. And they definitely don't have the budget for over 50 agents and 4 Apache helicopters.

On top of which. I'm only 30 minutes into this, and it's soooooooo freaking obvious the wife did it. Hell, I called it the moment we first saw her.

10 MINUTES LATER: OK, the more I see of this, the worse it gets.

And I still can't figure out if the assistant has a crush on him, or just wants something.

DEAR GOD, why was he still listening to his boss when he figured out his boss's issue was financial.

The Viagra joke wasn't funny, and they don't stop people for taking prescription drugs across the border. The hard evidence joke WOULD have been funny, if he had made it as a pun. But it was dumb the way they did it.

Why the heck WOULD anyone work at such an underfunded place. It's obvious that nothing ever gets done there. If he was sooo serious about helping people, being a secret agent, there's no way he would have remained at the agency. ESPECIALLY not for so long.

OK, WHY is this supposedly smart agent, telling a widow who obviously profited from her husband's death, EVERYTHING he suspects. Who cares if she's more connected than he is? He didn't have to tell her EVERYTHING. Ugh.

Um, why would the American Agent, who's obviously so young, be in a position of such power and have direct access to the President.

This movie is like this is Space Balls or Airplane. At least they were TRYING To make fun of those types of movies. This is supposed to be a SERIES?! PSYCH on the other hand, is funny, intelligent, and the jokes are so obvious that it's like they were trying to entertain children. Plus, it's actually good.

I wouldn't be sad if this doesn't get picked up for a series.
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