Longford (TV Movie 2006) Poster

(2006 TV Movie)

Plot Keywords

prisoner murder
prisoner's rights prime minister
parole child murder
house of lords prison
man with glasses one word title
ex convict women's prison
victim tv news
tv camera tv announcer
trial train
telephone call tape recording
tape recorder sunglasses
subjective camera spirituality
solicitor soccer ball
sex sexual abuse
sex shop serial killer
secretary saint augustine
sadomasochism restaurant
reporter remorse
religious conversion religion
redemption radio show
psychopath protestant
prologue prison visit
prison guard prison escape
priest prayer
pornography porno magazine
politics politician
park old man
obsession newsreel footage
newspaper murder of girl
murder of boy mother daughter relationship
moor moor murders
montage microphone
mental illness medication
mass mass murder
manchester mailman
magazine love
limousine letter
lesbian lawyer
kite flying justice
judge jogging
reference to jesus christ jazz music
interview husband wife relationship
humiliation holy communion
helicopter heavy breathing
heath head scarf
frisk forgiveness
food flashback
flash forward father daughter relationship
family relationships eucharist
estate escape
emphysema earphones
earl dog
death david frost
cruelty crucifix
court courtroom
confession confessional
compassion common law marriage
cigarette smoking church
christmas christian
children child killer
cave catholic
catechism call in show
cafe cabinet minister
bus bookstore
bench beads
author attorney
apology afterlife
1980s 1970s
1960s 10 downing street
yorkshire religious faith
murderess child murderess
character name in title

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