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25 Mar. 2008
Really Big Brother
Eddie signs up to be a Big Brother, but he is paired up with a grown man who has been in the system for 25 years.
14 May 2008
Raisinette in the Sun
Eddie thinks Kenny is wrong when he turns a case of bad service at a movie theatre concession stand into a racially-motivated incident, but he's afraid to confront him on it.
23 Apr. 2008
When a pregnancy scare rattles Eddie and Joy, they decide that they need to take care of business. The mind games begin as Eddie and Joy scheme to get the other to close up shop on their reproductive organs.
30 Apr. 2008
Sob Story
Joy confronts Eddie about his inability to show his emotions, and they go to a New Age guru to get help.
7 May 2008
Second Marriage Guy
Eddie and Jeff discover that Karl's second wife is really cool, and the two of them begin to fantasize on paper about their second wives.
14 May 2008
Swimming with the Starks
Eddie thinks he's off the hook when Joy decides they should sit this anniversary out.
10 Sep. 2008
Speed Bumps
Joy considers plastic surgery once she discovers that her boobs can no longer get her out of speeding tickets.
17 Sep. 2008
Joy Ride
Eddie gets in trouble when he buys a sports car without consulting with Joy first, and he soon regrets getting rid of his old car.
24 Sep. 2008
When Joy (Joely Fisher) awakens from a bad dream, she looks to Eddie (Brad Garrett) for comfort, only to realize she was better off finding help in dreamland.
1 Oct. 2008
Sugar Dougie
Eddie and Joy try to break up their daughter and her loser hippie boyfriend--until they discover that his family is filthy rich.
1 Oct. 2008
Philadelphia Freedom
Eddie tells Joy that he would be willing to move downtown one day, only so that he can get hotel sex.
8 Oct. 2008
Eddie tries to talk Kenny out of getting circumcised because it would mean that he has to go a musical theatre series with Joy if he does.
8 Oct. 2008
Secret Meatball
Eddie is disappointed when Joy finds out a pathetic "secret" he's been keeping from her for 20 years, mainly because it's the last thing she didn't know about him.

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